Durand Cup 2019: Real Kashmir 4-0 Army Green- As it happened

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FT| (3', 39' Chesterpaul Lyngdoh, 33' Singham Singh, 90' Vicky Meetei) Real Kashmir 4-0 Army Green


16:55 (IST)10 AUG 2019

90+3' PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! It has finished 4-0 here at the Kalyani Stadium in favor of Real Kashmir who totally outclassed Army Green. Chesterpaul Lyngdoh and Singham Subhash Singh made brilliant use of the flanks and Danish with his presence in the midfield created a lot of trouble for the opposition too. Chesterpaul had a brace, Singham Subhash Singh scored one, and Vicky Meetei put the icing on the cake to set the defending champions of the Durand Cup back home packing. This is Abhishek Kundu saying goodbye to all the fans. Do login to Sportskeeda to get the latest Durand Cup and other Indian Football updates. 

16:51 (IST)10 AUG 2019

90+2' GOOOOAAAALLLLL! And, it is the super-sub Vicky Meetei. Danish Farooq pulls the string and sets him through one-on-one with the goalie. The tired Army Green defenders didn't even bother to track him and with the outside of his foot places the ball past the goalie. 

16:50 (IST)10 AUG 2019

90+1' Singham Subhash Singh with a brilliant turn and takes a first time shot. But, an equally brilliant dive means the scoreline remains 3-0/ 

16:49 (IST)10 AUG 2019

90' 3 Minutes added on from the fourth official. 

16:49 (IST)10 AUG 2019

90' No, nothing comes out there. Real Kashmir are on their way for an easy victory. 

16:48 (IST)10 AUG 2019

89' Army Green have a throw-in in the dying minutes of the game. Can they get a consolation?

16:46 (IST)10 AUG 2019

87' Muhammad Hamad, the guy from Lonestar Kashmir, with a brilliant tackle in the right-wing to avert the danger. Nothing going in the way for Army Green here. 

16:45 (IST)10 AUG 2019

86' End to end stuff. Lallawmkima takes a shot from just outside the box but the effort is skewed here. 

16:44 (IST)10 AUG 2019

85' SAVE! Singham Subhash Singh is one-on-one with the goalie but he hits it straight into the goalie's body and Army Green players huffs and puffs to clear the danger. 

16:43 (IST)10 AUG 2019

84' Real Kashmir's Syed Altamesh tried to curl the ball into the goal from the outside of his right boot but the ball is too high and Army Green have a goal kick. 

16:42 (IST)10 AUG 2019

83' CHANCE! Lyngdoh had acres of space here and decides to set Singham Singh through on goal. But, the Manipuri player is a tad late and the ball goes to the feet of Army Green defender. 

16:41 (IST)10 AUG 2019

81' MISS! Chesterpaul Lyngdoh misses a golden chance to get his hat-trick. Chesterpaul is one-on-one with the goalie but the angle is narrowed down. He collects the ball, fumbles, and the ball is back on the feet of Lyngdoh. In an empty net, the Meghalaya player hits the side netting. 

16:39 (IST)10 AUG 2019

80' Army Green players are getting tired now. The hot and humid weather has taken everything out of it. 

16:38 (IST)10 AUG 2019

78' Chesterpaul Lyngdoh is going to be the man to watch out for in the I-League this season. Mark that. The more I see of him, the more I get impressed. 

16:36 (IST)10 AUG 2019

Today's official attendance is 1266. 

16:36 (IST)10 AUG 2019

77' Army Green makes their second change. 

OFF- Nitin
ON- Shafeel PP

16:35 (IST)10 AUG 2019

76' OFFSIDE! Chesterpaul tries to break the off-side trap on his way to connect a beautiful pass from Danish Farooq but he mistimes his run and the assistant raises his flag. 

16:34 (IST)10 AUG 2019

74' MISS! How did Subhash Singham Singh miss that? On the counter, Army Green's goalkeeper comes out of the line but misses to get hold off the ball. Subhash Singh takes too much time to take a shot in the empty goal. His eventual shot is weak and loses the venom on its way to the goal. Easy pickings for the goalkeeper. 

16:31 (IST)10 AUG 2019

72' CHANCE! Chesterpaul breaks down the left-wing, no one to mark him, and he low crosses the ball for Subhash Singham Singh. However, an Army Green wins the ball in the dying minutes and averts the danger. 

16:29 (IST)10 AUG 2019

70' And, Real Kashmir makes their final change.

OFF- Ritwik Kumar Das
ON- Altamesh Sayed

16:28 (IST)10 AUG 2019

69' Army Green are trying the direct route here. They are down by two men and that is the only logical way they can score a goal but it is coming to no use. 

16:26 (IST)10 AUG 2019

66' Danish Farooq is seeing more of the ball in the second half so far and crosses in a ball this time from the right-wing but the goalkeeper punches it away. 

16:23 (IST)10 AUG 2019

64' Counting on the two-man advantage, Real Kashmir wins a corner after Danish Farooq's cross from the left wing is cleared by an Army Green defender. But, it comes to nothing. 

16:22 (IST)10 AUG 2019

62' Real Kashmir makes their second change. 

ON- Vicky Meetei
OFF- Arun Nagial

16:20 (IST)10 AUG 2019

61' Real Kashmir FC averts the danger momentarily. Army Green now have a corner. The Snow Leopards break on the counter but Limbu gives a backpass to the goalie seeing an onrushing Danish Farooq. 

16:20 (IST)10 AUG 2019

60' And, Army Green gets a free-kick from just outside the box. Arun Nagial goes in the book for bringing down Deepak Singh. The wily Manipuri is proving to be a menace for Real Kashmir

16:18 (IST)10 AUG 2019

59' Real Kashmir makes their first change. 

OFF- Bazie Armand
ON- Khalid Qayoom

16:17 (IST)10 AUG 2019

58' Army Singh's Deepak Singh falls down inside the penalty box but the referee says get up. No foul there and Real Kashmir breaks on the counter, which comes at an end after a skewed effort from Ritwik Kumar Das. 

16:15 (IST)10 AUG 2019

56' Army Green's Deepak Singh does a couple of stepovers and takes an outswinging shot from just outside the box but it is no threat whatsoever to the Real Kashmir goalkeeper. 

16:14 (IST)10 AUG 2019

55' And, Army Green gets another red card! This time it is Laishram Singh who gets the marching order for pushing and shoving Ritwik Das. Bazie Armand gets a yellow card for indulging himself in the melee but Real Kashmir will not mind that. 

16:12 (IST)10 AUG 2019

52' RED Card! And, Army Green has seen Sajesh Muttath sent off. No hesitation from the referee. He elbowed Chesterpaul and the referee is not happy with it. Army Green are three goals and a man down. =

16:08 (IST)10 AUG 2019

49' Army Green's Nitin flies in a cross from the right-wing but there is no one to connect it and the ball goes out for a goal-kick. 

16:07 (IST)10 AUG 2019

48' Lyngdoh sets Danish Farooq free but the Army Green defender averts the danger. Real Kashmir have started right from the way they left in the first half. 

16:05 (IST)10 AUG 2019

Substitution for ArmyGreen

IN: Ramandeep Singh
OUT: Roel Lepcha

16:05 (IST)10 AUG 2019

46' PEEP! Subhash Singham Singh gets us underway here at the Kalyani Stadium in Kolkata. 

16:04 (IST)10 AUG 2019

We are back for the second half. 

15:50 (IST)10 AUG 2019

45+1' And, there goes the half-time whistle. Real Kashmir deserves every bit of the 3-0 lead here. The wingers Chesterpaul Lyngdoh and Subhash Singham Singh have shown no mercy so far and Bazie Armand as a box-to-box midfielder hasn't allowed Army Green players to penetrate through the center. The Army Green boys need to come up with something different in the second half. Remember, if they lose, they are out and we will have a guaranteed new champion in this Durand Cup. 

15:47 (IST)10 AUG 2019

45' And, Army Green's Vibin flies a scorcher from 30 yards out but the shot is off target. Real Kashmir's Lachenpa dives for the cameras nonetheless. 

15:44 (IST)10 AUG 2019

42' Army Green's plans of playing a high line have been spoiled so far. The wingers Singham Subash Singh and Chesterpaul Lyngdoh have tormented them and need to come up with a different plan when the teams change sides. 

15:40 (IST)10 AUG 2019

39' GOOOOAAAAALLLLL! And, Chesterpaul Lyngdoh gets his second of the day. Bazie Armand takes a shot from the outside the box. But, he misconnects it and it turns out to be a low cross for Chesterpaul. The Real Kashmir player was totally unmarked and puts the ball through the legs of the goalkeeper to make it 3-0 here. 

15:39 (IST)10 AUG 2019

39' Danish Farooq helps the team break through but Ritwik Kumar Das' cross is poor and the danger is averted. 

15:39 (IST)10 AUG 2019

38' No, Real Kashmir guys avert the danger and are now on the counter. 

15:38 (IST)10 AUG 2019

37' Army Green have a corner now and would love to go into the tunnel with a goal. 

15:34 (IST)10 AUG 2019

33' GOOOOOOAAAAALLL! And, Real Kashmir doubles the lead through Singham Subhash Singh. Bazie Armand lobs a long diagonal ball from the left to right side of the field. He beats his marker and unleashes a scrappy shot. The ball hits the inside of the upright to trickle and cross the line nonetheless. Real Kashmir 2-0 Army Green here at the Kalyani Stadium. 

15:32 (IST)10 AUG 2019

31' And, Real Kashmir wastes another golden opportunity to double the lead. Subhash Singh instead of passing it towards Danish Farooq lays it backward and Army Green defenders clear the ball. Subhash Singh's first touch let him down actually. 

15:30 (IST)10 AUG 2019

29' Real Kashmir still have the game in their hands but Army Green are trying to claw their way back into the game. Their only plan to score a goal is, however, to lob the ball towards Lallawmkima which has done no wonders so far. 

15:28 (IST)10 AUG 2019

26' CHANCE! That should be a 2-0 for Real Kashmir. A serious miscommunication between the goalie and the defender and Lyngdoh steers himself through on goal. But, a last-ditch tackle from Nitin saves the day. Lyngdoh is like the slippery fish in the game. None of the Army Green players are able to track him down. 

15:26 (IST)10 AUG 2019

25' WASTED! Subhash Singh tries to find Danish Farooq in the second post with his free-kick but cannot get his foot at the right time. 

15:25 (IST)10 AUG 2019

24' FOUL! And, Army Green's Vibin goes in the book. Farhan Ganie with a beautiful diagonal to set Lyngoh free in the right-wing. The diminutive Meghalaya winger beats Vibin but goes down just outside the box. A free-kick from a dangerous position. 

15:23 (IST)10 AUG 2019

21' And, Real Kashmir survive a scare this time. Sajesh beats his marker and delivers a deadly low curler from the right-wing but Loveday clears the deal acrobatically to maintain the lead. 
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