Durand Cup 2019: ATK drop points to Indian Navy in Group B

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FT| (87' Prabir (P)) ATK 1-1 Indian Navy (Harikrishna 19')


20:28 (IST)5 AUG 2019

90+7' Britto PM is adjudged the 'Man of the Match' and there is the final whistle. It has finished ATK 1-1 Indian Navy. And, no one can be happier than Mohun Bagan fans here. Their team needs only a win against either of the teams in their next fixture and they will be through to the semi-finals. Here is Abhishek Kundu saying good-bye. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda as we bring you extensive coverage of the Durand Cup, Calcutta Football League, and other Indian Football matches. 

20:25 (IST)5 AUG 2019

90+4' And, we have another Indian Navy player down. It is Aoop who is down this time and even a couple of ATK players are down with a cramp. 

20:22 (IST)5 AUG 2019

90+3' Indian Navy with their final change.

ON- Navjot Singh
OFF- Jijo F

20:22 (IST)5 AUG 2019

90+3' OFFSIDE! Ankit Mukherjee is acres offside. Time is running short for ATK. 

20:21 (IST)5 AUG 2019

90+2' Now, Jijo F is down injured. They have done so much injured and it is logical to think Indian Navy players would get injured. 

20:20 (IST)5 AUG 2019

90' Five minutes added on. Plenty of time for ATK to make a comeback. 

20:18 (IST)5 AUG 2019

87' Prabir Das steps up to take the spot-kick. And, he makes it one-all. The 'keeper dives towards his left but Prabir places it in the right. Game on, now. 

20:16 (IST)5 AUG 2019

86' PENALTY to ATK! A handball by Vivekananda. And, ATK has got a golden opportunity to equalize.

20:15 (IST)5 AUG 2019

85' Finally Cavin Lobo surges forward but his eventual pass is cleared away for a corner kick, from which ATK can do nothing. 

20:14 (IST)5 AUG 2019

84' Another Indian Navy player Pradeesh goes out on a stretcher. Only six minutes remains on the game. Can Indian Navy hold on to the lead with tired legs?

20:11 (IST)5 AUG 2019

82' Indian Navy with another change. The goalscorer comes out on a stretcher. Had a fantastic game today.  

OFF- Harikrishna
ON- Benno Ba

20:10 (IST)5 AUG 2019

81' SAVE! A fierce strike from Ashish Pradhan from just outside the box but the 'keeper was at the right position at the right time and keeps the scoreline intact. 

20:09 (IST)5 AUG 2019

80' ATK makes their final change. A defender for a winger. 

OFF- Komal Thatal
ON- Ankit Mukherjee

20:07 (IST)5 AUG 2019

78' Well, Cavin Lobo is playing the holding midfielder role. Nothing will come out of it. He needs to go further up in the field. 

20:05 (IST)5 AUG 2019

76' SAVE! And, Indian Navy's player takes a free-kick from way behind and Britto PM is one-on-one with the 'keeper but his first-time effort is thwarted away by ATK's Avilash Paul. 

20:04 (IST)5 AUG 2019

74' Indian Navy doing playacting from the last five minutes. Army Red tried something similar against East Bengal and they failed. But, going by the run of play, I won't be surprised if Indian Navy succeeds against ATK tonight. 

20:01 (IST)5 AUG 2019

72' OFFSIDE! Indian Navy tries to lob a long ball all the way from the defense line to the striker but the assistant raises his flag. 

19:59 (IST)5 AUG 2019

69' No, it is Samte who takes it. But, the left footer's shot kisses the netting from above and Indian Navy have a goal-kick now. 

19:58 (IST)5 AUG 2019

68' ATK again have a free-kick from a dangerous position. William is fouled just from outside the box. And, this time Cavin Lobo steps up to take it. Can he bring ATK back to the game?

19:56 (IST)5 AUG 2019

67' And, ATK finally brings in Cavin Lobo. Much needed change from the ISL outfit.

ON- Cavin Lobo
OFF- Malsawmzuala

19:54 (IST)5 AUG 2019

65' SHOT! Jijo F flies a belter from just outside the box seeing the ATK 'keeper out of his line. But, his shot is inches above the crossbar. 

19:53 (IST)5 AUG 2019

64' TACKLE! Harikrishna tries something similar this time against ATK's Salam Ranjan Singh but the Indian international stands strong. 

19:52 (IST)5 AUG 2019

63' Indian Navy's Harikrishna doing everything here. He shrugs off Anil Chavan's challenge but takes the ball near the byline and makes the angle much narrower. His eventual shot is of no danger to the ATK 'keeper. 

19:49 (IST)5 AUG 2019

61' No, not at all. Gopi Singh flies the ball away. The Indian Navy players didn't even bother to jump as they knew it was flying away nonetheless. 

19:49 (IST)5 AUG 2019

60' ATK have a dangerous chance to get back into the game. They have a free-kick from just outside the box. The exact spot from where Jaime Santos Colado scored for East Bengal. Can Gopi Singh do the same for ATK?

19:48 (IST)5 AUG 2019

59' CHANCE! Another teasing cross from Indian Navy's Harikrishna but Avilash Paul plucks it from the air. 

19:47 (IST)5 AUG 2019

58' Things are getting tougher for ATK. They have no control in the midfield so far. They need someone like Cavin Lobo in the game. Why isn't he still on the pitch?

19:43 (IST)5 AUG 2019

55' ATK makes its first change.

ON- William
OFF- Ashish Jha

19:42 (IST)5 AUG 2019

53' Britto makes an excellent run and is one-on-one with full back Prabir Das. The latter wins it and the forthcoming cross is collected comfortably by the goalkeeper. 

19:39 (IST)5 AUG 2019

50' ATK are taking it too long to build on the counter. They need to quicken things up here. 

19:37 (IST)5 AUG 2019

47' The reason why Indian Navy are up front here because they are playing as a team. ATK players, on the other hand, are trying to take everyone at once, playing selfish. They are successful in going past one or two players. But, the third player steals the ball and they again go on the backfoot. 

19:34 (IST)5 AUG 2019

46' Welcome back to the second half in the ATK vs Indian Navy match here at the Durand Cup. ATK gets the ball rolling here. 

19:17 (IST)5 AUG 2019

45' PEEP! PEEP! Half time whistle blows here and it is advantage Indian Navy. ATK needs to do some serious thinking if they want to get something out of this game. 

19:16 (IST)5 AUG 2019

44' Indian Navy are now just rolling the ball amongst themselves. They are happy going 1-0 in the half-time. 

19:14 (IST)5 AUG 2019

43' Prabir Das with a good cross from just in front of the halfway line. But, Indian Navy defenders are better in the air and the danger is averted. 

19:12 (IST)5 AUG 2019

41' Another wasteful effort. This time from Samte. ATK needs to buckle up in case they want to get a point. 

19:10 (IST)5 AUG 2019

38' Indian Navy guys are controlling the midfield. Won't be surprised if ATK ends up losing the game. This group is proving to be a group of death. Only one from Mohun Bagan, Mohammedan, ATK, and Indian Navy will advance. 

19:07 (IST)5 AUG 2019

35' ATK have a free-kick. And, Ashish Pradhan wastes it. He goes for glory from 45 yards instead of giving a cross. All the players are frustrated here. 

19:05 (IST)5 AUG 2019

33' CHANCE! Abhishek with a wonderful free-kick and finds the widest player. He cuts it in for another Indian Navy player, the goalkeeper collects it, fumbles, an Indian Navy striker takes a shot but ATK's Prabir Das makes a goal-line clearance. All drama here at the VYBK Stadium in Kolkata. 

19:01 (IST)5 AUG 2019

29' Indian Navy have fallen all back. ATK are finding it tough to break them. Indian Navy, on the other hand, are finding it easy to attack on the counter. So far, the game is proceeding as Indian Navy wants. 

18:58 (IST)5 AUG 2019

27' Pradeesh is one-on-one with the ATK goalkeeper but Avilash Paul puts his body on the line to keep the scoreline 1-0. 

18:57 (IST)5 AUG 2019

26' ATK have a corner but Malsawmzuala's cross is collected comfortably. 

18:56 (IST)5 AUG 2019

25' A teasing cross from the left-wing but an Indian Navy player clears the ball momentarily. Prabir Das latches on the rebound but his effort sails way above the crossbar. 

18:55 (IST)5 AUG 2019

23' Well, ATK are just lobbing the ball upfront meaninglessly. Indian Navy is having no problems in clearing the danger. They need to buckle up otherwise they are not getting a goal back. 

18:52 (IST)5 AUG 2019

19' GOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLL! And, guess what? Indian Navy has taken the lead. Sarabjit passes the ball towards Harikrishna who beats the offside trap, takes out the 'keeper with his first touch, and cushions the ball into the back of the net. 

18:44 (IST)5 AUG 2019

14' ATK are all lively in the final third but is unable to find the final pass. It is still 0-0 here. 

18:43 (IST)5 AUG 2019

12' Goal-line clearance! ATK's Prabir Das heads goalbound and the goalkeeper is down but Indian Navy's defender heads it away. 

18:41 (IST)5 AUG 2019

11' A long ball from Salam Ranjan Singh towards Komal Thatal but the defender steals the ball away. 

18:40 (IST)5 AUG 2019

9' A teasing ball from ATK's Yumnam Gopi Singh but the 'keeper collects it comfortably. 

18:38 (IST)5 AUG 2019

7' Well, Indian Navy have more supporters here than ATK! Didn't expect that. 
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