East Bengal 2-2 Mohun Bagan, Kolkata Derby, CFL 2017, As it happened

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East Bengal 2-2 Mohun Bagan, Full-Time


19:08 (IST)24 SEP 2017

That's all folks!! Thank you for joining us on our Live commentary of the Kolkata derby.

19:08 (IST)24 SEP 2017

Full Time!!

It's all over at the Kanchenjunga stadium as the Khalid Jamal led East Bengal side scripted history by winning the CFL for a record 39th time. With the victory, the Red and Gold's registered their eighth consecutive league win. 

MB started the match looking the better team and went ahead, courtesy an own goal from EB's Carlyle Mitchell. Despite the initial threat, EB pulled back the equalizer well within the first half.

The second half witnessed a lot of drama and action. MB went up ahead after winning a penalty but their goal was neutralized as referee Ranjit Bakshi favored a penalty appeal from the Red and Gold's. Al Amna made a calm finish to the bottom of the net as he guided EB to win the coveted title on goal difference.

East Bengal's Gurwinder Singh becomes the only player in history to win eight consecutive CFL titles.

Laldanmawia Ralte declared Man of the Match

18:56 (IST)24 SEP 2017

90+5'- Substitution
Ralte goes out Brandon makes way 

18:55 (IST)24 SEP 2017

90+3- Al Amna holding the ball to draw the pace of the game and let the clock run out. Wins a free kick to his favor after being brought down. 

18:54 (IST)24 SEP 2017

90+2'- A poor foul as Cavin Lobo is tripped in the misfield by Kingsley. Cavin Lobo dribbles past Kingsley but the Bagan defender committed a foul from the back. Free-kick East Bengal. Rafique takes a short free-kick, Lobo attempts a shot at goal but ball goes straight to Shilton.

MB will need to be more cautious in the final minutes

18:53 (IST)24 SEP 2017

90'- 5 minutes added on. 
Can the Mariners find the back of the net and stop EB from winning the CFL for a record 39th time? 

18:51 (IST)24 SEP 2017

88'- What a chance!!! Kamo attempts a half volley but the ball goes just above the cross bar.

18:49 (IST)24 SEP 2017

87'- We reach the penultimate minutes of the game. MB will need to score if they have to win the coveted title. Both teams down to 10 men now. 3 minutes of regulation time left as the Mariners look desperately for a goal.

18:48 (IST)24 SEP 2017

86'- Red Card (YellowX2)

The second red of the game. And this time it's Surabuddin Mullick for his tackle on Chesterpaul Lyngdoh

18:46 (IST)24 SEP 2017

85'- The match finally resumes after a couple minutes of stoppage. 

18:45 (IST)24 SEP 2017

81'- Red Card (YellowX2)

MB captain Kingshuk Debnath goes off after he receives a second yellow for his foul on Surabuddin. The Green and Maroon players lose their calm as they get involved in a scuffle with the match officials.  

18:40 (IST)24 SEP 2017

79'- Substitution
Khalid Jamil makes a tactical change as Surabuddin Mallick comes on to replace Nikhil poojary 

18:39 (IST)24 SEP 2017

78'- Arijit Bagui finds Lyngdoh on the right flank but MD. Rafique does good to keep the danger at bay

18:37 (IST)24 SEP 2017

76'- Offside!!

Wilis Plaza adjudged offside after he fails to time his run to perfection

18:37 (IST)24 SEP 2017

75'- We reach the final quarter of today's Kolkata derby. Both teams are tied at 2-2 as both teams are trying hard to break the deadlock

18:36 (IST)24 SEP 2017

71'- East Bengal looking dangerous at the moment. Rafique sends a through ball towards Amna but the Syrian failed to keep the ball. Throw in Mohun Bagan

18:31 (IST)24 SEP 2017

69'- Kamo takes a long-range shot but the ball sails way past the goal. The Mariners need to be more clinical in the final third. 

18:30 (IST)24 SEP 2017

67'- A lot of turnover in possession as both teams try to find the gap to loop in a goal.

18:28 (IST)24 SEP 2017

65'- Goalll!!

The Syrian makes a calm finish as he sends Shilton Paul diving the wrong way. 
All square as the teams are back to level pecking. 

18:27 (IST)24 SEP 2017

65'- Al Amna behind the ball. 

18:26 (IST)24 SEP 2017

62'- Penalty!!!

What a turn of events. EB win a penalty after Raynier commits a mistimed tackle on Ralte
Can the Red and Gold's army find the equalizer yet again? 

18:25 (IST)24 SEP 2017

61'- Substitution
MB gets their first change underway. Nikhil Kadam goes out to make way for Chesterpaul Lyngdoh

18:23 (IST)24 SEP 2017

60'- Yellow Card!!

Kingshuk Debnath takes one for the team after he brings down a speeding Wilis Plaza. 
Set piece for EB

18:21 (IST)24 SEP 2017

59'- Substitution!!

EB makes their first change as Cavin Lobo gets on for Gabriel Fernandez

18:20 (IST)24 SEP 2017

58'-Amna once again tries to cut inside the box from the right flank but Kingsley clears it. 

18:20 (IST)24 SEP 2017

56'- Chullova makes an ambitious attempt from 30 yards out but couldn't keep the shot control. EB will need to be clinical in the final third if they have to find the back of the net.  

18:18 (IST)24 SEP 2017

55'- Handball by Kingshuk Debnath. Set piece for EB from a lucrative region.
Fernandez tries an encore of the first half but puts more power on his delivery as the ball sails out of play.

18:18 (IST)24 SEP 2017

54'- Chance for East Bengal! Willis Plaza attempts a header from a cross but the ball goes straight to Shilton. 

18:15 (IST)24 SEP 2017

51'- Wonderful passage of play from MB as they play swift passes in the midfield to create space. The attack yields a corner for the Mariners. 
Raynier overshoots the corner as the EB defense takes a deep breath. 

18:13 (IST)24 SEP 2017

49'- Chance!!!
A screamer from Kamo but the ball sails past the post. Kamo shoots wide from an easy position. Kromah architected the move with a back flick. Kamo was one on one with Barreto but his shot went wide.

18:11 (IST)24 SEP 2017


Kromah makes a calm finish from the spot to convert the penalty and to put MB ahead for the second time in the match

18:10 (IST)24 SEP 2017

47'- Penalty!!!

Mitchell gets on the book for another wrong reason after being booked with a yellow and gives away a penalty in the process. Mitchell commits a poor tackle as he brings Kamo down in the penalty box.

18:07 (IST)24 SEP 2017

46'- Ralte takes a spring in leap but no end result.

18:06 (IST)24 SEP 2017

The teams take the pitch after a 15-minute breather. The second half is about to start.

17:53 (IST)24 SEP 2017

Referee Ranjit Bakshi blows the whistle as the first half comes to an end. All square as the teams ends the half tied at 1-1. The Mariners were lucky to grab an early lead courtesy an own goal by Carlyle Mitchell. The Green and Maroon army will need to be more ruthless in the second half to kill the game. 

The Red and Gold's, on the other hand, has shown great character to pull back the equalizer prior to the half. The Mariners will have more work to do as a draw would ensure the title for their arch-rivals. We will be back live in live action after 15 minutes. Stay tuned.

17:51 (IST)24 SEP 2017

45+2'- Chancee!!!!

Raynier Fernandez does good to create space as he launches a screamer but the ball shaves past the goal. 
Danger averted as the teams stay tied at 1-1

17:49 (IST)24 SEP 2017

45+1'- Another chance for Mohun Bagan from a counter attack. Azharuddin's shot blocked by Barreto.

17:47 (IST)24 SEP 2017

45'- 2 minutes added on

17:46 (IST)24 SEP 2017

43'- Goaal!!!!!

EB equalize right on the brink of half-time. A wonderful curling delivery from Gabriel Fernandez from the set piece as the ball beats the MB wall to find Chullova on the extreme corner of the box who gently guides it to Ralte. The Mizoram footballer makes a calm finish into an empty net to get EB back into the game. 

17:44 (IST)24 SEP 2017

41'- Yellow Card.

Shilton De Silva receives a yellow for a poor tackle on Gabriel Fernandez. A set piece from a lucrative region. Can the Red and Gold's find the equalizer before halftime?

17:42 (IST)24 SEP 2017

39'- Offside
Kamo called offside as he fails to time his run to perfection

17:39 (IST)24 SEP 2017

35'- Yellow Card!!

Md. Rafique penalized for his mistimed tackle on Raynier Fernandez

17:37 (IST)24 SEP 2017

34'- MB duo of Kromah and Kamo link up brilliant as they threaten EB with another goal. Kamo lunges a screamer towards goal but Barreto keeps it out. Corner for the Mariners

17:36 (IST)24 SEP 2017

32'- Chance!!

Nikhil Poojary splurges through the midfield and plays a subtle through to Al Amna. The Syrian goes for goal from a tight angle but finds the hands of Shilton Paul. Khalid Jamil will be expecting his team to convert the chances upfront

17:34 (IST)24 SEP 2017

31'- Gabriel Fernandez fins ample space just outside the box but launches a poor delivery as the ball runs out for a throw in

17:33 (IST)24 SEP 2017

30'- We reach the half an hour mark as the Mariners are leading with a one-goal margin. A lot of turnover in possession but both teams need to be more clinical to find the back of the net.

17:32 (IST)24 SEP 2017

28'- Mohun Bagan comes close to score from the second corner but Mahmoud Al Amna clears the ball to avert the danger.

17:30 (IST)24 SEP 2017

26'- Chacnee!!!

Nikhil Kadam plays a dangerous ball into the box from a short corner, but the EB defense stands robust to the attack

17:28 (IST)24 SEP 2017

24'- Kamo enters the box dangerously and dribbles past two defenders but before he could take a shot Mitchell clears the ball. 

17:26 (IST)24 SEP 2017

22'- MB is decimating EB with pace with lightning speed counter. Nikhil Kadam splurges through the right flank but Kamo fails to keep the lay off on goal
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