East Bengal vs Tollygunge Agragami, Live Score and Commentary, CFL 2017

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East Bengal 5-0 Tollygunge Agragami, Full-Time


16:50 (IST)19 SEP 2017

Thanks for joining us. We will be back again with more CFL action.That's all for today folks!

16:49 (IST)19 SEP 2017

With today’s victory, East Bengal clinched the much-needed 3 points to climb to the top of CFL 2017 table on goal differences. EB established their dominion right from the start as they dictated the pace of the game. A wonderful header from Wilis Plaza gave the hosts a lead in the first half.
The second half was all about EB toying with the Tollygunge defense. A comprehensive and overall performance added by Willis Plaza’s hattrick helped seal a comfortable victory for the Red and Gold Brigade. The win will provide a much-needed confidence to the EB camp ahead of the mega Kolkata derby against arch-rivals Mohun Bagan on 24th September

Agragami, on the other hand, will have work to do as they go back and try to figure out what went wrong.

16:40 (IST)19 SEP 2017

90+5'- Referee blows the long whistle as today's match comes to an end. EB register a comfortable victory ahead of next week's derby

Wilis Plaza declared Man of the Match

16:39 (IST)19 SEP 2017

90+3' Cavin Lobo maintaining the pressure for EB upfront to deny the visitors much chance to bring on any attack

16:38 (IST)19 SEP 2017

90+1'- Red Card

Poor tackle on Joby Justin by Gautam Khujur. Khujur loses his calm and gets into a confrontation with Cavin Lobo.
Receives his second yellow as TA is reduced to 10 men in the final minutes

16:36 (IST)19 SEP 2017

90'- 3 minutes added on

16:36 (IST)19 SEP 2017

88'- A deep lob from Agragrami into EB's box. No product as foul awarded to the hosts

16:34 (IST)19 SEP 2017

86'- Chance for Tollygunge. Nabin Hela follows a through ball inside the box but before he could reach, Tanmoy shielded brillianlty and made sure that the ball went wide.

16:31 (IST)19 SEP 2017

83'- Goalll!!!

What a spectacular show of football.
Laldanmawia Ralteque finally gets on the scoresheet after being close to scoring several times. A wonderful flick from the header by Ralte as the ball hits the post to glide into the net

16:29 (IST)19 SEP 2017

82'- Goaaalll!!!!!!

It's showering goals at the EB ground for the hosts. Nikhil Poojary scores for East Bengal to put Tollygunge out of the equation

16:26 (IST)19 SEP 2017

79'- Substitution

Khalid Jamil willing to test his bench strength as he gets on Joby Justin and replace Wilis Plaza

16:26 (IST)19 SEP 2017

78'- The EB defense has stuck to their job throughout the match and did incredibly well to restrict the visitors any major chance

16:24 (IST)19 SEP 2017

TA looking for some inspiration from the bench as Hembram goes out to make way for Hela.

16:23 (IST)19 SEP 2017

75'- Heera makes an inside cut on the left plank and play Bawar who releases a through to the forward. Gurwinder Singh shields and keeps the danger away

16:22 (IST)19 SEP 2017

73'- Beekay Bowar takes the free-kick but his shot went above the crossbar.

16:20 (IST)19 SEP 2017

71'- Foul
Hira goes down as the EB defense catches his boot. Gets a free kick in a lucrative area as they aim to reduce the lead.

16:17 (IST)19 SEP 2017

70'- Chance!!

Ralte finds himself in front of the goal again. Surabuddin sent a brilliant through ball towards Ralte who once again missed the chance to score from a one on one situation. Hits the side netting

16:16 (IST)19 SEP 2017

69'- A decent ball into the box for Bowar but misses the header as Barreto collects it. Danger averted

16:15 (IST)19 SEP 2017

68'- Chika Mali makes a crucial tackle in the box to deny Plaza his fourth

16:14 (IST)19 SEP 2017

67'- Yellow Card
Hira gets a yellow for a mistimed tackle on Arnab Mondal.
Mondal shows wonderful gesture to stop him from showing the yellow. 

16:13 (IST)19 SEP 2017

65'- Chance
Ralte times his run brilliantly to beat the offside trap and gets one on one with the keeper. TA keeper Sourav does good to make a dive on the right side to prevent his team from embarrassment.

16:12 (IST)19 SEP 2017

64'- Substitution
EB is more or less confident of a win as Khalid Jamil is evidently saving players for next week's Kolkata derby. Surabuddin Mullick comes on as Al Amna gets substituted

16:09 (IST)19 SEP 2017

62'- Gooaalll!!!  Hattrick!!

Wilis Plaza has justified his selection to the team. An absolute poacher who knows exactly where to be. Puts the ball in the net with ease to complete his hat-trick

East Bengal played several passes in the middle of the pitch before Al Amna sends a through ball towards Chullova on the left side. Chullova cuts in brilliantly inside the box and passes it to Plaza who just had to push the ball into the net.

16:07 (IST)19 SEP 2017

60'- First substitution for Tollygunge. Anthony Soren comes in place of Phoolchand Hembram.

16:07 (IST)19 SEP 2017

58'- Substitution
The hosts adamant to hold onto the lead as Kevin Lobo comes on for EB.
Gabriel Fernandez makes way

16:07 (IST)19 SEP 2017

57'- Chance for Tollygunge. Vashum enters the box from the right side and sends
a diagonal pass but none of his teammates were in position. The ball goes out.

16:03 (IST)19 SEP 2017

 A through from Hembram to Heera but the latter could not run his time to perfection

16:01 (IST)19 SEP 2017

52'- EB looks evenly poised after the second goal. The midfielders are coming in deep to soak the pressure and provide a defence stability.

15:57 (IST)19 SEP 2017

50'- Goaaaalll!!!

Amazing display of skill as Wilis Plaza gets on the scoresheet to give EB a cushion to their lead. Dribbles past 3 defenders inside the box and makes a crisp finish to corner of the net

15:55 (IST)19 SEP 2017

48'- Corner from Md.Rafique as they eye for the second goal. Short corner but the danger is cleared

15:53 (IST)19 SEP 2017

46'- EB have a spring in the leap as they surge forward. Nothing fruitful yet.

15:52 (IST)19 SEP 2017

The teams take the pitch after a 15-minute breather. The second half is about to start and we’re off at the East Bengal ground.

15:38 (IST)19 SEP 2017

The referee blows the whistle for half-time. EB has established their dominion right from the start of the game. TA looked good initially but has since been losing the momentum. The visitors will need to be more clinical in the final third to give a challenge to EB. The hosts, on the other hand, will come down in the second half as a more confident team and aim to find another quick goal to cushion the lead and put TA out of the equation. 

We will be back live with the coverage of this action-packed fixture in 15 minutes. Stay tuned.

15:35 (IST)19 SEP 2017

45+2'- Post!!!

Ralte takes a brilliant shot on the outstep to beat the keeper. Sadly hits the woodwork to deny a cushion for EB

15:34 (IST)19 SEP 2017

45+1'- Chancee!!

Al Amna blasts the ball but gladly for Sourav, the ball sails way past the post!!

15:33 (IST)19 SEP 2017

45'- 2 minutes added on?
Will it be sufficient for the visitors to pull back the equalizer

15:33 (IST)19 SEP 2017

43'- Almost on the brink of half-time as EB has completely drawn off the pace from the game

15:31 (IST)19 SEP 2017

42'- Nikhil Pojary cuts in from the left flank, tries to dribble past a defender but he was blocked.

15:31 (IST)19 SEP 2017

41' Nikhil Poojary has been really impactful for the host. His sudden outburst of pace is troubling the TA defense. EB doesn't look desperate for another goal to cushion the lead and is mostly playing possession

15:27 (IST)19 SEP 2017

37'- Yellow Card!!
Foul! East Bengal earns a free-kick after Gautam Khujur brought down Rafique. Khujur shown the yellow.

15:26 (IST)19 SEP 2017

37'- Baretto haven't been tested yet. The visitors will need to create more chances on goal if they aim to stop the Kolkata giants. No real sign of threat yet

15:24 (IST)19 SEP 2017

35'- Tollygunge looking desperate for the equalizer. They are tying to create opportunities from the middle of the pitch but lacking men up front.

15:23 (IST)19 SEP 2017

33'- The Red and Gold Brigade are dominating possession and the pace of the game. The midfielders are coming deep and the game looks evenly poised for the hosts

15:22 (IST)19 SEP 2017

32'- Tollygunge is pushing more men forward ever since conceding the goal and are pressing hard  to find the equalizer

15:19 (IST)19 SEP 2017

29'- Chancee!!!

Wilis Plaza was looking to get on the scoresheet again. Amna sends a brilliant forward ball to Plaza and a sudden outburst of speed finds the Trinidadian one on one with the keeper. Hits right to the hands of the keeper.  Danger averted!!

15:16 (IST)19 SEP 2017

26'- Gooaaaaal!!
Wilis Plaza score right at the end of the minute from the corner. Plaza takes a soaring leap to convert the corner and give EB a much-needed lead

15:15 (IST)19 SEP 2017

25'- Corner
Nikhil Poojary speeds through the left flank and finds Almna on the overlap. Tackle on the Syrian.
Corner for EB

15:14 (IST)19 SEP 2017

24'-A wonderful through ball from Gabriel but Ralte fails to keep it under control as the ball runs out for a goal-kick 

15:12 (IST)19 SEP 2017

23'- -It's been a good battle so far. TA hasn't let EB play their usual attacking game today.The visitors have been on the attack these past few minutes as EB struggle to keep the ball 

15:10 (IST)19 SEP 2017

21'-Tollygunge's Goutam Khujur suffered an injury while trying to head in Bowar's free-kick.
 EB trying to play through aerial balls to break the Tollygunje defense. 
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