Everton vs Manchester United Live Score and Commentary, Premier League 2017-18 (EVE vs MUN)

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Everton 0 - 2 Manchester United (Martial 57', Lingard 80')


00:54 (IST)2 JAN 2018


A superb second-half performance from United - with Paul Pogba taking his game to a whole different level - blew away Everton and it's a much deserved three points to end that dreary three-draw run and a great way to start 2018. 

A cathartic win for United and the smile on Jose Mourinho's face tells it all. 

Thank you for reading.. 'twas a pleasure. Anirudh Menon signing out, and wishing you all a happy new year once again. 


00:51 (IST)2 JAN 2018

93' Everton pass it prettily around the edge of the United box - but nothing doing. 

00:50 (IST)2 JAN 2018

92' Juan Mata is taken off to great applause for Axel Tuanzebe. Now, that's game management. 

00:49 (IST)2 JAN 2018

91' OOOO! Davies swings it in, Keane rises highest but sends his header wide. On target, that would have been rather interesting. 

Three minutes added on. 

00:48 (IST)2 JAN 2018

90' Everton win a corner, can they make a match of it?

00:46 (IST)2 JAN 2018

88' Matic hugs Schneiderlin off the ball.  This being football and not Greco-Roman wrestling, Marriner blows for a foul. Everton move forward and Holgate sends another ball into the far post area - but it's a bit too heavy. Goal kick United.

00:44 (IST)2 JAN 2018

86' It's death by a thousand passes here for Everton. Till Luke Shaw sends one into the stands, Mourinho takes the opportunity to get his chocks on the field - Blind coming on for Lingard. 

00:43 (IST)2 JAN 2018

85' United are passing the ball around. They will want to manage this game well now 

00:41 (IST)2 JAN 2018

83' Yellow for Holgate as he gets a yellow for smashing into Lingard on the counter. It's a bad one, and Paul Pogba, captain of Manchester United, takes exception to that. 

00:39 (IST)2 JAN 2018

81' Everton have replaced Niasse with Calvert-Lewin. 

00:39 (IST)2 JAN 2018

Lionel Andres Lingard uses Rashford's and Pogba's runs on either side of him before cutting in and curling an absolute stunner of a shot right into the far top corner. WHAT A GOAL. WHAT A PLAYER. 

00:38 (IST)2 JAN 2018


00:38 (IST)2 JAN 2018

79' The corner comes to nothing, but Pogba wins a freekick off Holgate - via the Everton lad's arm. United play it short and Pogba once again tees up Lingard but this time his shot is hopeless. Rashford has another pop, but that's equally hopeless. 

Doesn't matter, though, 'cos...

00:37 (IST)2 JAN 2018

78' This game has burst into life all of a sudden....UFF! LINGARD! Pogba once again rips open Everton's right flank and tees up Lingard. The Englishman toe-pokes it powerfully at the corner and it takes a supremely good save from Pickford to keep it at 1-0

00:35 (IST)2 JAN 2018

77' McCarthy then ends up fouling Lingard and Mourinho takes the opportunity to take off Martial and bring on Marcus Rashford. If Martial walked off any slower, he'd have gone backwards in time. 

00:34 (IST)2 JAN 2018

76' Everton look an entirely different side at the moment and are putting United right under the cosh. 

00:34 (IST)2 JAN 2018

75' WOOF! IT'S GOTTEN FEISTY! McCarthy flies into Mata and wins the ball back before renowned hatchet-man Juan Mata smacks into the Irishman.... OOOH! McCarthy had a little kick-out at the Spaniard after the first of those tackles - lucky to get away with that is the Irishman. 

00:32 (IST)2 JAN 2018

74' Martial is bullied off the ball at the other end and is send crashing into the hoardings - the Frenchman lies there holding his elbow in pain, whole at the other end, Lennon does superbly to win a corner off Jones. 

00:31 (IST)2 JAN 2018

73' Everton come screaming back, Holgate bullying Pogba with ludicrous ease - and cuts the ball back into the box where McCarthy's shot is blocked. Before Vlasic's cross ends up in De Gea's gloves. 

00:30 (IST)2 JAN 2018

72' Everton are hassling and harrying much better now and Goodison Park has raised their collective decibel level in response. Vlasic runs at Shaw but can't get the better of him. 

00:29 (IST)2 JAN 2018

71' OH MAMMA MIA!!! A crunch McCarthy tackle sets Everton off and Holgate swings in a peach of a ball that is headed just wide by Niasse from six yards out. He should have done better, should Niasse. 

00:28 (IST)2 JAN 2018

70' The home side finally enjoy a spell of possession that ends with Holgate screaming into the Everton box... United clear that, but....

00:27 (IST)2 JAN 2018

69' Shaw plays a quick give-and-go with Lingard but Holgate does ever so well to slow him down enough to allow Pickford to race off his line and gahter. 

00:25 (IST)2 JAN 2018

68' Martial allows them one with a poor piece of control of a splendid Marcos Rojo crossfield ball. 

00:25 (IST)2 JAN 2018

67' Mata tries to pick out Martial from the right flank but Williams rises highest to clear. United are seeing all of the ball right now and Everton are finding it exceedingly hard to get a touch

00:23 (IST)2 JAN 2018

65' OOOOOOOOO! THAT WAS SO CLOSE! Williams misplaces a ball to Lingard that starts of a counter attack that ends with Martial pinging in a fast cross from the left that just about grazes Pogba's head. A centimetre to this side, and that was 2-0

00:22 (IST)2 JAN 2018

63' OH MY WORD PAUL POGBA HAS GONE ONTO ANOTHER LEVEL. He sashays into the box between two Blue shirts before a few stepovers inside the box sends Keane's head into a tizzy, and it takes some sharp reflexes from Pickford to keep him out

00:20 (IST)2 JAN 2018

62' Big Sam rings in the changes as James McCarthy comes on in Rooney's stead and Aaron Lennon comes on for Yannick Bolasie. 

00:20 (IST)2 JAN 2018

61' Pogba is running the show from this left flank of his. He picks out Lingard with an incredible disguised pass but the Englishman can't make the most of it. He then repeats the trick for Martial - who is also hassled out - before Pogba's ball to Mata runs out of play

00:18 (IST)2 JAN 2018

60' United flow forward once again and with it 4 v 4, Lingard reads Pogba's run completely wrong and kills the move. United get the ball back soon enough, though, and Lingard wins them a corner. 

00:17 (IST)2 JAN 2018

59' The danger with this is that United can counter into space - Pogba and Herrera try to do exactly that but the latter's bundled over by Bolasie. 

00:16 (IST)2 JAN 2018

58' Everton now have to look for a response and have to move that big blue bus forward from a distinctly parked position. 

00:15 (IST)2 JAN 2018

OOOO LA LA TONY! Paul Pogba, who's hugging the left touchline, cuts in and tees up Martial. The young man takes a touch, and simply caresses it into the top corner. What a shot. What a goal.

That had been coming. 

00:14 (IST)2 JAN 2018


00:14 (IST)2 JAN 2018

56' UFF! United overload the left and switch it back into the middle where Matic plays a lovely little dinked ball into Lingard - but it's taken off his forehead by an excellent Keane header. 

00:13 (IST)2 JAN 2018

55' OH MY LORDS! Pogba and Lingard play a lovely one-two that allows the Frenchman to maraud into the Everton box; and he tries to pick out Martial with a pass across the face of goal but misses him by the proverbial whisker 

00:12 (IST)2 JAN 2018

54' Everton are barely touching the ball now as United strangulate them farther and farther back into their own third..

00:11 (IST)2 JAN 2018

53' Shaw screams down the left flank and plays a superb ball into the six-yard box that is take off Herrera's foot by an excellent Martina tackle. This has been a game of some excellent blocks, I must tell you

00:10 (IST)2 JAN 2018

52' Mata curls an interesting looking ball into the box but Holgate does superbly to make sure a curious Luke Shaw doesn't get to the end of it. 

00:09 (IST)2 JAN 2018

51' OH MY WORDS! JUAN MATA, MY LORD! The little Spaniard jinks inside and whacks a splendid shot at goal that has Pickford beaten, but can't the better of his far post and it thuds off it. 

 United are stepping up the ante, here

00:08 (IST)2 JAN 2018

50' Some intricate passing from Herrera and Mata - looking to open up the disciplined masses of blue - breaks down when Morgan Schneiderlin puts a lanky leg in.

00:07 (IST)2 JAN 2018

49' Everton have ten men behind the ball - and are playing with a six-man backline. United, meanwhile are playing with what feels like a front six. 

00:06 (IST)2 JAN 2018

48' Nothing comes from the corner, except for Rojo sending a speculative volley some ten miles into the air after the initial set-piece and a follow-up cross had been cleared

00:05 (IST)2 JAN 2018

47' OOOOO! JUAN MATA! Shaw makes the best of a ricocheted pass from Pogba before teeing up Mata at the edge of the box. The Spaniard arrows one at Pickford and the Englishman does well to tip it over. 

00:03 (IST)2 JAN 2018

46' Everton give the ball back immediately from kick-off and United look to pass the ball around a little. 

00:03 (IST)2 JAN 2018


No changes from either side, as Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton walk down the steps and into their seats. What legends, those two, 

23:48 (IST)1 JAN 2018


Under some atrocious weather conditions, both teams have played out a half of football that's barely risen over average and has mostly been full of scrappy passes and sloppy touches. 

Bring out the hairdryer, Jose? 

23:47 (IST)1 JAN 2018

47' Herrera will clear it.

23:46 (IST)1 JAN 2018

46' Martial misplaces a ball to Bolasie and Niasse does well to frustrate Jones and draw a foul down the left flank> Rooney will take it... 

23:45 (IST)1 JAN 2018

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