FC Goa vs Persepolis FC Live Score, Commentary, and Updates - 2021 AFC Champions League

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 24, 2021 00:21 IST

FT| FC Goa 0-4 Persepolis FC (Shahriyar Moghanloo, Mahdi Torabi, Isa Alkasir, Kamal Kamyabinia)


00:21 (IST)24 APR 2021

The referee blows the final whistle and the full-time scoreline reads FC Goa 0-4 Persepolis FC. Here is your host Abhishek Kundu signing off. Do take care and bye-bye. 

00:20 (IST)24 APR 2021

90+3' There is the first shot on target by FC Goa. Jorge Ortiz Mendoza's effort from outside the box is tipped away by Persepolis goalkeeper. And, that's it. 

00:19 (IST)24 APR 2021

90+2' WIDE! Omid Alishah swings a cross from the right flank and Vahid Amiri is left unmarked inside the box. However, the latter's shot is inches wide. 

00:17 (IST)24 APR 2021

90' Three minutes to be added on. 

00:15 (IST)24 APR 2021

88' Shahriyar Moghanloo, who scored the opening goal, is adjudged to be the Man of the Match. 

00:12 (IST)24 APR 2021

85' Ortiz concedes possession to Persepolis and the Iranian side bursts forward. However, Naveen Kumar comes to the rescue as the sting of the final shot is taken off by a deflection from an FC Goa defender and Naveen comfortably collects the ball. 

00:09 (IST)24 APR 2021

81' Persepolis are taking things slowly now by playing back-passes among themselves. 

00:06 (IST)24 APR 2021

78' Makan Chothe gets his head to a cross from Jorge Ortiz Mendoza. But, his effort trickles out of play. FC Goa are going forward but the final touch is lacking from the Gaurs. 

00:03 (IST)24 APR 2021

76' Glan Martins and Ortiz Mendoza play a series of one-two passes to get the ball in the final third. But the move ends with Brandon Fernandes attempting a cross which is intercepted by a Persepolis defender. 

00:00 (IST)24 APR 2021

73' OFF THE WOODWORK! Rebello heads out the initial free-kick but Persepolis come back strongly on the rebound. A Persepolis striker gets his head to the ensuing cross but his effort hits the woodwork before being hastily cleared by FC Goa defenders. 

23:59 (IST)23 APR 2021

72' Persepolis make another change.

OFF- Hossein Kanani
ON- Vahid Amiri

23:58 (IST)23 APR 2021

71' Sanson Pereira brings Omid Alishah down on the pitch and Persepolis win a free-kick in a dangerous position. 

23:57 (IST)23 APR 2021

70' SAVE! Mohamed Ali loses the ball in the final third and a Persepolis striker takes a shot from distance. However, Naveen Kumar dives full-fledged to tip the ball out of play. Where was this Naveen Kumar in the first half?

23:56 (IST)23 APR 2021

69' Shiri crosses the ball from the right flank and Sarlak gets his head to it. But, his effort is high. That was almost 5-0 for Persepolis. 

23:54 (IST)23 APR 2021

67' MISS! Persepolis FC are trying to be too clever here. Rather than aiming for the goal, Mehdi Abdi lays the ball for an onrushing player. However, the ultimate shot is high and wide. 

23:52 (IST)23 APR 2021

65' FC Goa make a double change.

OFF- Redeem Tlang, Ishan Pandita 
ON- Makan Chothe, Brandon Fernandes

23:51 (IST)23 APR 2021

64' FC Goa's Ishan Pandita is adjudged offside. The youngster is clearly tired there. 

23:50 (IST)23 APR 2021

63' Persepolis FC make another change.

OFF- Isa Alkasir
ON- Mehdi Mehdikhani

23:48 (IST)23 APR 2021

62' Princeton does well to shepherd the ball out of play and help FC Goa win a goal-kick. 

23:48 (IST)23 APR 2021

61' Jorge Ortiz Mendoza takes it and the ball is cleared by a Persepolis FC defender. 

23:47 (IST)23 APR 2021

60' Redeem Tlang wins the first corner for FC Goa in this match. 

23:46 (IST)23 APR 2021

59' FC Goa have made a couple of more changes.

OFF - Amarjit Singh Kiyam, Devendra Murgaonkar
ON- Glan Martins, Jorge Ortiz Mendoza

23:45 (IST)23 APR 2021

58' GOOOAAAL! Persepolis FC score another goal. That's a howler. Mohamed Ali fails to clear the ball properly and Kamal Kamyabinia pounces on it like a vulture to toe-poke the ball into the back of the net. It is going from back to worse here for FC Goa. 

23:44 (IST)23 APR 2021

58' FC Goa make a change as well.

OFF- Ivan Gonzalez
ON- Mohamed Ali

23:43 (IST)23 APR 2021

57' Persepolis FC make a change.

ON- Mehdi Abdi
OFF- Shahriyar Moghanloo

23:42 (IST)23 APR 2021

56' Ivan Gonzalez is down in the pitch. That doesn't look good if you are an FC Goa fan. 

23:42 (IST)23 APR 2021

55' Shiri with a cross from the right flank and Donachie answers it with a towering headed clearance. 

23:40 (IST)23 APR 2021

53' Ishan Pandita takes a shot but his attempt lacks conviction as the ball rolls into the hands of the Persepolis FC goalkeeper. 

23:37 (IST)23 APR 2021

48' Shojaei crosses the ball from the left flank but FC Goa's goalkeeper Naveen Kumar collects it comfortably this time. 

23:35 (IST)23 APR 2021

47' GOOOAAAL! It is 3-0 now for Persepolis. Isa Alkasir scores this time, He goes past Sanson Pereira and beats Naveen Kumar from a one-on-one situation. It has been one-way traffic so far and it looks like it will continue being so. 

23:33 (IST)23 APR 2021

46' PEEP! The referee indicates the start of the second half. 

23:33 (IST)23 APR 2021

Persepolis FC make two changes in the half time.

OFF- Jalal Hosseini, Mehdi Torabi
ON- Kamal Kamyabinia, Ehsan Pahlavan

23:22 (IST)23 APR 2021

23:18 (IST)23 APR 2021

There is the half-time whistle. And, the scoreline reads 2-0 in favor of Persepolis FC. 

23:18 (IST)23 APR 2021

45+2' Sanson Pereira clears his line as FC Goa concede another corner-kick. Ali Shojaei swings the ball in the near post and Ishan Pandita nods the ball out of the penalty box. 

23:17 (IST)23 APR 2021

45+1' Persepolis FC win a corner kick. They take all the time in the world to place the ball and swing the ball in the centre. But, an FC Goa defender clears the line. 

23:16 (IST)23 APR 2021

Two minutes added on. 

23:13 (IST)23 APR 2021

43' GOOAAAAAL! Mahdi Torabi takes the penalty and aims towards his right. Naveen fails to guess it and dives on the other end. Persepolis FC 2-0 FC Goa. 

23:11 (IST)23 APR 2021

42' Persepolis FC win a penalty! Naveen Kumar fails to collect a looping cross and ends up fouling Alkasir inside the box to retain possession. 

23:11 (IST)23 APR 2021

41' Redeem Tlang fouls Mehdi Shiri. 

23:10 (IST)23 APR 2021

40' Nothing comes out of it as FC Goa defenders clear the danger. 

23:10 (IST)23 APR 2021

39' Persepolis FC are playing with ten men on FC Goa's end. Amarjit with a shoulder barge on Alkasir and Persepolis win another free-kick in a dangerous position. 

23:08 (IST)23 APR 2021

38' OFFSIDE! Shojaei is judged offside for failing to time his run. FC Goa breathes a sigh of relief there. 

23:07 (IST)23 APR 2021

37' Ivan Gonzalez slides a lunging challenge to prevent Persepolis' Omid Alishah from swinging a cross. 

23:06 (IST)23 APR 2021

35' Persepolis FC play lovely one-touch passes among themselves and reach the FC Goa penalty box. But, Amarjit Singh Kiyam sticks out his boot to clear the danger. 

23:04 (IST)23 APR 2021

33' Naveen Kumar slipped there but recovers just in time to pass the ball to James Donachie. Shahriyar was lurking to get a touch there. That could have been costly there. 

23:01 (IST)23 APR 2021

31' Milad Sarlak takes a shot at goal from distance but it is wide and out of frame. 

23:00 (IST)23 APR 2021

30' FC Goa concede another free-kick in a dangerous position. This time it is James Donachie who fouls Alkasir. 

22:59 (IST)23 APR 2021

29' Persepolis FC are appealing for a penalty but the referee is not interested. It looked as if Ivan Gonzalez was grappling with Hosseini at the far post. FC Goa are lucky to escape with it. 

22:58 (IST)23 APR 2021

28' Persepolis FC win another corner as Leander D'Cunha blocks Ali Shojaei's cross from the left flank. 
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