Fed Cup 2018: India vs China, Live Match Updates

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China beat India 2-1.


10:27 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

With this, we come to the end of our coverage of the Fed Cup match between India and China. But do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more updates from around the world of sports.


10:25 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

As Wang and Yang win the third and deciding rubber, they have now secured a 2-1 win for China.

10:24 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

But it's too little too late! Yang and Wang secure a victory for themselves, and for China, as they clinch the tie break of the second set 7-1. 

With this, the Chinese duo notch up a 6-2, 7-6 victory in the tie.

10:21 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Raina/Thombare manage to get one point back. 6-1!

10:20 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

6-0! Match Point, China!

10:19 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Its a completely dominant display in the tie break. Wang/Yang are now 5-0 up!

10:19 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Yet another point, and Wang/Yang inch closer to the win. 4-0!

10:18 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

And they get two quick points to race into a 3-0 lead! Things look bleak for the Indian duo!

10:17 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Yang/Wang get the first point. 1-0!

10:17 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

But the Chinese pair is not ready to give up! They break stright back, to level the scores at 6-6.

Its the dreaded tie-breaker, now!

10:14 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

It has been a thoroughly exciting set so far, and Raina/Tombare have managed to go a break up at a very crucial stage! Now, its just a matter of them holding serve, to clinch the set.

Raina/Thombare lead 6-5!

10:01 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Thombare closes off Raina's service game with a fine volley off the net, as the Indians draw level.

The score is tied at 4-4!

09:58 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Wang and Yang seem to have gained their nerves back, as they hold their serve.

Wang/Yang lead 4-3!

09:57 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

But the Indians have broken back! The scores are now level at 3-3!

09:49 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

A closely-contested game here, but the Chinese pair have been able to get yet another break against their Indian counterparts. Ankita Rania and Prarthana Thombare need to break back as quickly as possible, if they want to say in the match.

Wang/Yang lead 3-2!

09:39 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

And both the sides hold their respective serves yet again, to keep the scores level. This is turning out to be a fierce encounter!

Score's level at 2-2!

09:34 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

But Wang and Yang strike back, as they hold their serve with relative ease.

The score's level at 1-1!

09:24 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

We're all set for the second set, as Ankita Raina gets the proceedings underway with a double fault.

However, Raina came back with good serves, and managed to win the first service game of the set.

Raina/Thombare lead 1-0!

09:23 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Big win for Wang and Yang in the first set, here! They have completely dominated the proceedings, and have managed to clinch this set 6-2, with two breaks of serve.

Wang/Tang win 1st set 6-2!

09:19 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

The Chinese duo has shown excellent tactical net-play here, and have managed to break yet again.

They now lead 5-2!

09:18 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Yand and Wang hold serve again. They are inching closer towards clinching the first set!

Yang/Wang lead 4-2!

09:13 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Raina and Thombare hold serve yet again and narrow down the gap between them and their Chinese counterparts.

Wang/Yang lead 3-2!

09:10 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Both the teams hold their respective serves, and the score now stands at 3-1. Thombare and Raina need to get a break quickly, if they want to make a comeback in this set.

Wang/Yang lead 3-1!

09:03 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Wang/Yang maintain their lead as they hold their serve.

The Chinese pair leads 2-0 in the first set.

08:59 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Wang/Yang have already take the early break, and are in a 1-0 lead.

08:58 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

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08:58 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

And we're back for the doubles match!

Ankita Raina and Prarthana Thombare take on Yafan Wang and Zhaoxuan Yang in the decider.

08:24 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Doubles will start in some time.

08:24 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Next up is the doubles match. It will decide the winner of this tie.

Raina will team up with Prarthana Thombare and will face Yafan Wang and Zhaoxuan Yang.

08:15 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Raina defeated a player ranked 133 spots above her in the world rankings. This was her first win over Zhu after three tough losses in 3 sets.

08:11 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

India and China are now tied at 1-1 in the overall tie score

08:10 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Masterful display by the Indian No. 1 over the China No. 1

08:10 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Zhu dumps a backhand into the net.

And Raina WINS!!!!!

6-3, 6-2

08:09 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Zhu sends a first serve return long.

Match points to Ankita

08:08 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Raina is urging herself on after every point.

Playing very relaxed. 


08:06 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Ankita will now serve for the match at 5-2 after Zhu comfortably held her serve.

08:03 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

A huge scream from Raina as she holds to 15.

It's a 5-1 lead for the Indian

07:59 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

This has been such a controlled display from Raina....not going for too much... Playing percentage tennis and getting the rewards.

07:58 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

And Zhu sends the ball into the tramlines!!

The Indian gets the BREAK and leads 4-1

07:57 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Yet another backhand return gives her a second break point after Zhu made a deuce

07:56 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

A backhand at Zhu's feet gives Raina yet another break point.

07:55 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Zhu gets her first BREAK of the match.

She now trails 1-3

07:54 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Zhu started returning early with a lot of pace and depth and that put pressure on the Raina serve.

07:47 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

And Zhu double faults to concede the break to Raina.

Ankita leads 3-0 with two breaks of serve.

07:46 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Zhu sends a backhand into the net and it is another break point to Raina

07:45 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Raina has been successful at making Zhu collapse into a heap of errors.

07:44 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

This has been a fantastic display from Raina.

Anticipating well, moving well...ticking all the right boxes.

She holds her serve and leads 2-0

07:39 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

And Raina BREAKS!!!!!

1-0 to Raina in Set 2

07:39 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Raina makes her intentions clear. She wants a break here.

She rushes to the net and carves out a break point.

07:37 (GMT)7 FEB 2018

Advantage to India.

Can she finish the job in two?
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