Fed Cup 2018: India vs Kazakhstan, Live Match Updates

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Kazakhstan def India 2-1


10:20 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

That's all from us here at the RK Khanna Stadium for today. Good bye!

10:19 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

And they have done it! The Kazakhs win the tie 2-1.

10:19 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

That's a bad miss by Thombare. The Kazakhs now have a match point.

10:16 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

The Indians delay the result further as they manage to break the Kazakhs for the second time this afternoon. 5-4, now. Is there a comeback scripted?

10:15 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Ankita holds her serve and makes it 5-3.

10:10 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Can Ankita hold her serve and delay the inevitable?

10:10 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

The Kazakhs have been implemented their plans to perfection today. They hold yet again and take a 5-2 lead.

10:08 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

But the Indians are broken yet again. Some flashes of good tennis here and there...where is the consistency? They trail 2-4 in the second set.

10:01 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

That was some terrific play from both Ankita and Thombare as they break for the first time in the match. Still, the Kazakhs lead 3-2.

09:59 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

The Kazakhs break yet again. Thombare's serving has been a little off today.

09:52 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

But Gozal and Zhibak are unperturbed. They manage to hold the serve without breaking a sweat. 2-1.

09:50 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Ankita holds her serve and for the first time in the doubles match, India have won a game! 1-1.

09:47 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Gozal and Zhibak start the second set on a winning note. 1-0.

09:42 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

And, India crumble in front of the mighty Kazakhs. They lose 6-0 in the first set. The absence of Sania Mirza is indeed hurting them a lot.

09:35 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

The Kazakhs look like they are in a hurry to wrap up the match. They do not drop a single point as they hold yet another serve, 5-0.

09:33 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

And that's yet another break. Gozal and Zhibak lead 4-0.

09:31 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

The Kazakhs are looking like they are on their way to yet another break here.

09:28 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Gozal and Zhibak hold their serve without any problems whatsoever. 3-0.

09:25 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

The Kazakhs have broken early in the match. They lead 2-0.

09:21 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Gozal and Zhibak now have two break points early in the opening set.

09:20 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Thombare will serve now.

09:19 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Goza and Zhibak hold the game and take a 1-0 lead.

09:18 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

The doubles match gets underway with Kazakhstan serving first.

08:46 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

The tie is now evenly poised at 1-1.

The doubles match will decide the winner of this tie.

In doubles, Raina and Prarthana Thombare will face the Kazakh pair of Gozal Ainitdinova and Zhibek Kulambayeva.

That's a pretty unheralded team from Kazakhstan.

Can India ride on Ankita's confidence and pull off an upset?

We'll find out in some time.

Stay tuned!

08:41 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

In the tie decider, Ankita Raina and Prarthana Thombare will take on Gozal Ainitdinova and Zhibek Kulambayeva in a doubles match. The winner of this tie will win the clash!

08:42 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

That was really, really gutsy from the India No. 1.

She wasn't feeling well in the second set and called for the doctor. Then she came back and conceded an early break in the initial stages of the decider.

But she never gave up! What a fightback and what a massive effort!

Just raised her level when it mattered the most and got the win for India!

08:39 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Ankita is ranked 253rd and Puntintseva is placed at 81st in the world rankings.

That means Raina has UPSET a player ranked 172 places above her!!!!


08:36 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

For the second day in a row, the champion in Ankita Raina rises and wins the singles match for India!!

And for the second day, she defeats a higher-ranked player!!

08:34 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

And that means Ankita has broken and WON this match!!!

08:33 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

And the fighter in Ankita rises!

Ankita carved out a break point and Yulia sent a forehand that just went long, as deemed by the umpire.

08:28 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Can Ankita break here?

08:28 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Very, very good from Ankita!

Yulia made it 30-30 but an inside-out backhand went wide.

Ankita capitalized on that and played some fantastic rallies and holds for 5-4

08:23 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Yulia passes a stern test here.

Ankita came up with excellent down the line forehands and dropshots to trouble the Kazakh and forced a deuce on the latter's serve. But the Indian failed to earn a breakthrough.

It's even at 4-4

08:15 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

And Ankita is playing pretty aggressively now and isn't hesitating to charge towards the net.

The set is suddenly very different from what it was even a few minutes back.

Ankita holds and leads 4-3

Pressure is back on the Kazakh, who has been baring her frustration in the last few points.

08:13 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Ankita shows she is a feisty girl. Didn't give up at all even after the early setback. With aggressive returns, she got the BREAK back!


08:06 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

And Ankita shows her resilience in a marathon service game.

Staved off an enormous challenge and holds.

Trails 2-3

07:58 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Smooth sailing for Yulia now in this set.

She looks very focussed and determined.


07:52 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

But a poor service game from Ankita shifts the momentum totally in favour of the Kazakh.

Raina got broken to love.

It's 2-1 to Putintseva

07:50 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Ankita pounced on the returns and took 2 points off the Yulia serve but the Kazakh holds, anyway.


07:46 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Raina has held her serve 


07:43 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Raina is serving first in this set

07:43 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Raina is back on court and the third set under way!

07:36 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Let us hope Ankita feels better and can take the court.

07:33 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Ankita is seemingly not feeling well and has called the doctor.

07:32 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Putintseva takes the game and the set 6-1

We are into a decider!

07:28 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

And Yulia doesn't waste time in converting the break point.

With a second break of serve, Putintseva leads 5-1

07:27 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

But she messes up a volley and gives Yulia another break point.

07:26 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

But with a great volley and a fabulous backhand, Ankita saves both break points.

07:25 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Ankita is struggling with the depth of her shots now and faces a couple of break points.

07:21 (GMT)8 FEB 2018

Raina has mellowed a bit since that setback and Yulia has all the momentum with her right now.

Comfortable service hold for Yulia and she leads 4-1
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