FIBA U-18 Asian Championship: India Vs Korea - Live Scores & Updates

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5:09 left in Q4, India 77-115 Korea


07:13 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Considering the Koreans are the 16th ranked squad in the world, this was a very respectful performance put up by the Indian lads.

With the action complete, this is Yash Matange signing off. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda Basketball for all the live updates and action with regards to India's performance at the 2018 FIBA U-18 Asia Championships. 

07:11 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Full-Time! India lose 89-119 to Korea!

India are now 0-2 through 2 games in Group D while the Koreans are 2-0. That loss in the first one must really be pinching right now. Chinese Taipei and Syria are set to play later today and most likely it will be India and Syria playing for the third and final qualification spot tomorrow. 

07:09 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Koreans, even the bench, way too quick for the Indians. They take the lead back to near the 40s, 39 in fact!

07:08 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

India's scoring in the inconsequential final quarter has brought the lead to around the 30s. 

07:02 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

84-117 with 4:10 to go. 

Mathematically, it's down to Syria (considering Syria lose to Chinese Taipei later today) and India for the third and final team that will come out of Group D.

07:00 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

5:09 left in Q4, India 77-115 Korea

07:00 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

This is U18 FIBA garbage time basketball going on right now. 

Lot of sloppy passing, careless turnovers, ambitious long 3s and so on. 

06:56 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Back-to-back 3s from India but the lead still hanging around 40!

06:55 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

And now, Princepal Singh checks out of the game. 

06:54 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Still no bucket after 1 minute of action in the 4th Q

06:54 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Both teams turn it over to start the final quarter. 

06:53 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

The Indians seem to have emptied their bench as well. Princepal Singh still playing though. 

06:52 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

A rather inconsequential 4th Q set to begin!

06:51 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

In the third quarter, India got outscored 20-35!

06:51 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

India scoring in spurts but the Korean bench did more than enough to keep the lead at 40!

06:50 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

End of Q3, India 64-105 Korea

06:49 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

With most of Korea's bench out on the court right now, lot of sloppy passing on both ends. 

Scores have only changed by a couple of points for both teams in the past 2 minutes. 

06:46 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Indians score again but simply not enough here! 

Down by 39 right now. 

06:45 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

It's 99-58 right now with 2:47 to go in the third quarter. 

06:45 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Korea now piercing gaps and playing some clinical basketball here. Expected for the 16th ranked squad in the world!

06:44 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Another one for India, a mid-range jumper but yet another 3 for Korea. 

06:44 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Indians get one more bucket to fall but they have been outscored 22-10 in the third quarter when the lead was already 26!

06:43 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

90-52. Things getting out of hand here!

06:42 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Korea beginning to crush the hearts here, leading 86-52. 

Now, it's 88-52

06:42 (GMT)6 AUG 2018


06:42 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Make that 31!

06:41 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Pricepal Singh gets a jumper to fall from the post but Korea really turning on the boosters now. 

They've gone on a 9-2 run to take the lead 29!

06:40 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

7:22 minutes left in Q3, India 50-75 Korea

06:39 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Korea applies the pressure again with a 3! 

Now, a 25-point (75-50) lead. 

06:39 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Both teams exchange baskets and then India throw away a golden chance to get the lead under 20. 

06:38 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Indians can't score either but Korea come right back and get their first bucket of the second half. 

06:37 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

It looked like a turnover by Korea but actually Indians had committed a foul. 

Korea can't score again, though. 

06:37 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

India, meanwhile, begin strong with a mid-range jumper. 

06:36 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

And uncharacteristically, Korea begin with a air-ball from three-point range. 

06:36 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Second half is underway!

06:33 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Both teams are back on the floor, warming before the second half tips-off!

06:25 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

HALFTIME! India 44-70 Korea

06:25 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

India get a 3 to fall but Korea score yet another one before the halftime buzzer sounds. 

06:24 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Some really ugly empty possessions here by India. Korea score yet again in transition. It's now 68-41.

06:23 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Off of yet another empty possession via India, Korea score again. 

06:23 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

And Korea knock down yet another 3. 

06:22 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

India's #9 gets fouled and he makes both FT's. Lead back to 20. 

06:22 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Out of the timeout, Korea get another bucket to fall. The lead is now 22!

06:21 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Everytime India look like they might catching some momentum, Korea knock down few dagger 3s and snap that momentum. 

They do that now again. It has suddenly turned to 39-59, back to a 20-point lead with 2:29 to go in the second quarter.

06:20 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

India stop that trend with a steal and bucket in transition. It's now 39-54.

06:19 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Both teams exchanging buckets right now!

06:18 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Indians now respond with a 3! 

06:18 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Indians get one to go but Korea comes right back with another 3!

06:17 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Make that 19! India have let it slip again. 

06:17 (GMT)6 AUG 2018

Worse, they foul Korea's #5 on a layup attempt. 

He makes both. It's back to a 16-point lead!
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