FIBA U-18 Asian Championship: India Vs Syria - Live Scores & Updates

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FULL-TIME! India 100-59 Syria | India wins the do-or-die game and advances to the knockout stages.


07:37 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

FULL-TIME! India 100-59 Syria

07:37 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

He makes 1-of-2 and India reach the 100-point mark. They win the game by 41 points. 

As mentioned earlier, they advance to the knockout stages of the tournament and are most likely to face New Zealand tomorrow. 

07:36 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

AND more free-throws! 

3.8 seconds left on the clock. 2 FT's for India's #7.

07:35 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Just 7 seconds left! 

India is all set to register first win and advance to knockout stage of the tournament.

07:34 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Syria knock down a 3 and now a timeout again? 

Are we forgetting what the score is? 

07:34 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Now timeouts are delaying the inevitable. 15.6 seconds left and India are up by 43 (99-56)

07:32 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

A VERY VERY long fourth quarter considering the disparity in the scores. 

Lot of fouls has led to plenty of free-throws, thus time stoppage. 

07:25 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

2:14 minutes left in Q4, India 96-50 Syria

07:23 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Last 4 minutes to go, it's no surprise that both teams have their benches on the floor.

07:22 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

4:11 minutes left in Q4, India 96-44 Syria

07:20 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Rajeev Kumar again! 

He sits down after that bucket. He finishes the night with 32 points on 57.1% shooting. 

07:14 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

6:37 minutes left in Q4, India 91-41 Syria

07:14 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Rajeev Kumar is stealing the show yet again. He gets fouled on the 3-point attempt. 

07:11 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Far an inconsequential quarter, both teams have started strong in the first 2 minutes. 

India 10-5 Syria. 50-point lead right now for India.

07:09 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Rajeev Kumar has almost played the entire game and his scoring hasn't stopped. 

He now has 28 for the game on 55% shooting from the field. 

07:05 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

A 45-point lead heading into the final quarter should be enough for India. 

Similar to yesterday, a rather inconsequential fourth quarter needs to be played out. Only this time, it's in favor of India. 

07:05 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Highest scoring quarter for either team. Scoring splits in Q3: 

India 30-14 Syria

07:04 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

End of Q3, India 79-34 Syria

07:02 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Rajeev Kumar scores again. 

AND AGAIN! 5 points in a hurry from the #10. India now lead by 45 behind 26 from Rajeev.

07:00 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Now, make it a 40-point lead as India's #99 makes 1-of-2 from the FT line. 

06:59 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Timeout called!

06:58 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Make that 37 as India score 6 points in a hurry with 2 3s

06:57 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Syria get another corner 3 to fall but India still lead by 32. 

06:55 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Princepal Singh has checked into the game for the first time in this half. 

06:55 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Some high pressure defense by India now. They get the ball back but can't extend the 32-point lead. 

06:54 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Rajeev Kumar to the FT line and he makes 1-of-2. 

06:54 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

A much closer quarter than the earlier two. This one stands at 10-8 through the 5:30 minutes of Q3.

06:52 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

A fancy post move by Harshwardhan, extends India's lead to 31 (59-28)

06:52 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Abhishek Sharma makes that 8 points for the quarter!

It's 57-28 now. 

06:51 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Syria get a 3 to drop, this one from the corner. It's now 26-point game! 

Really sloppy stuff from India. Not the defense but their offense. They have only scored 6 points in 4:30 minutes this quarter.

06:49 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

More free-throws for India as #8 Abhishek Sharma gets fouled. 

He makes 1-of-2.

06:48 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Syria's #5 makes both FT's to cut the lead back to 28. 

06:47 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Syria can't score and India are running once again. 

Rajeev Kumar gets fouled. He makes 1-of-2 from the line to make it a 30-point game. 

06:46 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Beautiful pick-and-roll execution from Rajeev Kumar and Harshwardhan. 

They extend India's lead to 29!

06:44 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

8:21 minutes left in Q3,  India 50-23 Syria

06:44 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

India exhibiting some excellent zone defense once again. 

06:43 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

India lead by 27 with 8:43 left in Q3.

06:43 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

It's 50-23 right now.

06:43 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Syria get their first three-pointer to fall. 

In response, India have Harshwardhan headed to the line. He makes 1-of-2.

06:42 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

India get it back after a Syria turnover, only to give it right back. 

06:41 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

India begin with an empty possession. 

They have started the half without Princepal Singh and #77 Arivind Kumar.

06:40 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

The second half is underway! 

India to start the proceedings. 

06:37 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Both teams back on the floor from the locker rooms. 

India seems to have this game in the hand. Will Syria spring up an unexpected surprise or are India just playing the clock to advance to the next round? 

06:31 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

HALFTIME!  India 49-20 Syria

06:31 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Not a great half from India. They played better against Korea yesterday but it doesn't matter when you allow only 7 points in the second quarter. 

Here are the quarter splits from the first half. 

Q1: India 25-13 Syria
Q2: India 24-7

06:29 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Beg your pardon, it's a 28-point lead with 34.8 seconds to go. 

06:29 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

Harshwardhan to the line now. He makes 1-of-2 pushing India's lead to 27!

06:28 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

As we say that, Syria score 3 points in less than 10 seconds. 

06:28 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

India in no rush to bring back their starters. Playing through Matthew right now. 

Possibly preserving the players for the game tomorrow? 

06:27 (GMT)7 AUG 2018

2 FT's coming for India's #99. 

He makes 1-of-2. India now leading 44-15. 
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