FIBA World Cup 2019: Angola vs Philippines - Live Score & Updates

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FINAL WHISTLE: Angola 84-81 Philippines in overtime


09:41 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Aguilar attempts a trey from downtown but he fails as the clock winds down. Angola win!

09:41 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Morais is fouled but he only makes one of his two free throws.

09:40 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Pogoy makes a trey coming out of the timeout!

09:39 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Philippines call time.

09:38 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Domingos is fouled By Ravena and he scores 1 of his 2 free throws.

09:36 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

CJ Perez misses a wide open free throw attempt and that seems to be it for Philippines.

09:35 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Domingos misses his shot but Moreira gets the putback to go. Angola lead by 4 with a  minute to go!

09:34 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Blatche gets two free throws to go now.

09:32 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Moreira gets an easy bucket to fall after Perez fails to make his layup attempt.

09:31 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Reggie Moore connects from deep after Ravena misses his jumper. Angola lead by 2 now.

09:30 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Pogoy fouls Morais who makes both of his free throws.

09:28 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Andray Blatche is fouled and goes 1 of 2 from the free throw line.

09:27 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Pogoy scores with a reverse layup to start the scoring in overtime.

09:24 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

CJ Perez throws up a trey from deeeeep but misses. We're going to overtime.

09:21 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

CJ Perez gets a trey to fall and it's all tied again!

09:18 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Morais gets to the rim and lays it in. He is also fouled and makes the free throw. Angola lead by 3 with 52 seconds to go!

09:17 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Pogoy gets a layup to fall but is called for a traveling violation.

09:15 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Morais gets a trey to fall and scores are tied now!

09:15 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Ravena goes 1 of 2 from the FT line.

09:14 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Ravena now gets fouled while trying to drive to the basket.

09:13 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Goncalves gets a reverse layup to fall.

09:13 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Kiefer Ravena misses a driving layup but Aguilar is there for the putback slam!

09:11 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Pogoy now attempts a trey from the right wing and connects! Philippines lead by 2 now!

09:10 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Blatche retaliates with a 2-pointer of his own.

09:10 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Concalves makes a long two-pointer.

09:08 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Timeout Angola.

09:08 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Blatche passes to CJ Perez who drains a trey and Philippines only trail by 1 point now!

09:04 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Philippines have played some hard basketball in the 4th quarter so far and have managed to reduce the lead to just 4 points now!

08:53 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

At the end of 3rd quarter, Angola lead Philippines 56-46

08:53 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Angola make the final bucket of the 3rd quarter and the lead is now back to 10 points.

08:52 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Bolick attacks the basket and finishes with a finger roll after Blatche misses a wide open trey attempt from the left wing.

08:51 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Some ball movement from Angola sees Conceicao pull up for a wide-open trey attempt from the right wing and he scores to increase Angola's lead to 10 points.

08:48 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Leonel Pauls scores with a 360 degree jam after CJ Perez turns the ball over!

08:47 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Moore gets fouled now and he makes only 1 of 2 free throws.

08:45 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

CJ Perez makes things happen for the Philippines again as he drives and scores near the rim. he also gets the foul and scores the resultant free throw.

08:42 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

CJ Perez scores 5 straight points for Philippines as the lead is now down to 5

08:37 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Antonio and Joaquim make back to back treys as Angola's lead balloons to 10 points. Angola call time.

08:33 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Joaquim replies with a bucket of his own from inside the paint.

08:33 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Blatche works underneath the basket against Joaquim and finishes with a bank shot to start the scoring in the 3rd quarter.

08:22 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Best performers from the first half

Valdelicio Joaquim - 11 points, 3 of 5 shooting, 2 rebounds

Andray Blatche - 13 points, 9 rebounds, 2 steals

08:17 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Angola lead Philippines 38-34 at half time.

08:17 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

CJ Perez gets a 3-pointer to fall from the left wing in transition as the 2nd quarter comes to a close.

08:14 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Moore misses both of his free throws but Paulo gets the offensive rebound.

08:13 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Blatche goes to work in the low post and passes to Bolick who fails to drain his trey. Pogoy fouls Moore underneath the basket and Philippines are in the penalty now. 

08:11 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Reggie Moore scores from the outside for Angola

08:09 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Robert Bolick scores a layup in transition after Joaquim misses a shot from close range for Angola.

08:06 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Robert Bolick gets a shot to fall from downtown now.

08:05 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Bunga gets the ball to Moreira and he scores from underneath the rim on the turnaround shot.

08:03 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Conceicao now gets a trey to fall and Angola lead by 7

08:02 (GMT)4 SEP 2019

Big offensive board for Moreira who banks it in.
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