FIBA World Cup 2019: Serbia vs Philippines - Live Score & Updates

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FINAL WHISTLE: Serbia 126-67 Philippines


13:42 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

13:39 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

While the Philippines did play with more determination today, they still suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of the mighty Serbians, who look set to make a deep run in the World Cup. Gilas Pilipinas will now be looking to restore some of their pride as they face Angola in a tie they should win on paper. Serbia, on the other hand, will play Italy to decide who tops Group D.

That's it from me, Raunak Jaiswal, as I sign off on behalf of Sportskeeda Basketball. Be sure to keep checking the site for more dedicated FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 coverage! I leave you with some highlights from the game.

13:34 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Top performers from the game

Nikola Jokic - 11 points, 5 of 5, 7 rebounds. 7 assists
Bogdan Bogdanovic - 17 points, 3 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals
Nemanja Bjelica - 20 points, 7 of 7 shooting

CJ Perez - 16 points. 6 of 11 shooting, 3 assists
Paul Dalistan - 15 points, 6 of 13 shooting, 2 steals

13:21 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Serbia make 75% of their shots from the field while Philippines could only make 37.3% of the same.

13:20 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Serbia beat Philippines 126-67. This 59-point loss is the biggest ever for the Philippines in the World Cup.

13:19 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

That's the final piece of action as the clock winds down and Philippines are put out of their misery.

13:18 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Marjanovic gets the bucket to fall and is fouled in the process. He makes the and 1.

13:17 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Blatche fouls Marjanovic as the latter tries to dunk the ball. Blatche is fouled out. Marjanovic misses both free throws but Bjelica gets the offensive board.

13:16 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Micic and Simonovic connect on the alley oop with the latter flushing it home.

13:15 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Dalistan gets fouled and makes both of the resultant free throws.

13:15 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Micic scores another trey as Serbia now lead by 56 points.

13:11 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Pilipinas call time.

13:10 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Serbia score on the transition again after a bad shot by Pilipinas.

13:10 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Micic connects with Milutinov on the alley oop.

13:09 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

CJ Perez makes a trey from the left wing with the shot clock winding down.

13:07 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Japeth Aguilar throws it down after the entry pass from Blatche.

13:06 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Dalistan and Raduljica exchange jump shots.

13:05 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Micic makes a reverse layup near the rim.

13:05 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Perez draws a foul in shooting motion. He makes both free throws.

13:03 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Unsportsmanlike foul by Dalistan on Guduric. He makes one of the resultant two free throws.

13:01 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Aguilar tries to flush a jam but is fouled. He goes 1 of 2 from the charity stripe.

12:59 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

This is the first time in history that Serbia have scored 100 points in two back to back games in the World Cup.

12:58 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Aguilar's layup attempt is slotted by Marjanovic. Bircevic gets the rebound and throws the ball ahead to Guduric who slams it home. They breach the 100-point mark.

12:57 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Ravena misses his stepback jumper but Aguilar tips it in to get us started in the 4th quarter.

12:56 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Another 10 minutes of garbage time to follow.

12:54 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Ravena is fouled and misses both free throws. That's the end of the 3rd quarter as Serbia lead the Philippines by 51 points.

12:53 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Marjanovic makes a turnaround jumper.

12:52 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Bolick finds an open Fajardo underneath the rim off the inbound and he lays it in.

12:51 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Bircevic tries an 18-footer from the right corner but is fouled by Blatche who now has 4 personal fouls against his name. Bircevic only makes one free throw.

12:50 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Serbia lead by 50 points now.

12:49 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Bjelica  drives again and scores. Also gets fouled and makes the and 1.

12:48 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Guduric dribbles and pulls up from inside the paint off the screen from Marjanovic and connects.

12:48 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Dalistan makes a quick bucket in reply.

12:47 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Bolick turns the ball over and Micic slams it home in transition.

12:47 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Marjanovic finds Bjelica on the dribble and handover as the latter drains another trey.

12:46 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Fajardo is fouled by Micic. He makes both the free throws.

12:45 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Bjelica gets another bucket and Serbia now lead by 43 points. This is getting embarrassing for Philippines.

12:42 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Bjelica replies with an easy mid ranger for Serbia.

12:41 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Perez and Dalistan score back to back buckets for Pilipinas now.

12:41 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Blatche commits a lazy turnover and Serbia score again.

12:39 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Serbia lead by 38 points.

12:38 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

The game is all but over.

12:38 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Bogdanovic makes a quick bucket and is fouled in the process. Philippines are already in the penalty as that was their 4th team foul.

12:37 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Blatche swats away Jokic's shot!

12:37 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Bogdanovic makes two treys and Jokic makes a close range jumper to make it quick 8 points for Serbia in the 3rd quarter.

12:24 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Key performers from the first half

Nikola Jokic - 9 points, 4 of 4 shooting, 4 rebounds, 6 assists
Miroslav Raduljica - 11 points, 5 of 5 from free throws, 2 rebounds, 2 assists

CJ Perez - 8 points, 4 of 6 shooting, 2 steals
Robert Bolick - 7 points, 2 of 4 shooting

12:22 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Serbia's superior passing has got the Pilipinas in all sorts of trouble. On the other end, Nikola Jokic and Co. have made good use of their size and proactiveness to ensure that Philippines fail to move the ball around much. As a result, Serbia have recorded 18 assists so far while Philippines have only managed 6 dimes. Jokic alone has 6 assists for the Serbians.

12:19 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Serbia lead Philippines 62-35

12:19 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Philippines run down the clock and Ravena misses his three point attempt as it's half time in Foshan.

12:17 (GMT)2 SEP 2019

Bjelica responds with a trey of his own.
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