FIBA World Cup Qualifiers: India vs Lebanon, Live Score & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 23, 2017 20:36 GMT

India lose to Lebanon 107-72


20:36 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

India was completely outplayed in this game. They have a chance to bounce back and register a win against Syria on Sunday in Bengaluru. 

20:34 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Palpreet knocks down a three-pointer, what looks to be the game's last basket, to cut the lead to 35

20:31 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Both teams traded buckets but the huge Lebanon lead still way up at 41 with 2:20 remaining in the game. 

20:27 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Lebanon reaches the 100-point mark with four minutes still to play in the game. 

20:27 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Palpreet gets on to go but right now India needs more than just one basket to reduce the deficit to a respectable number.

20:24 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Lebanon has emptied their bench but the offense keeps firing. Lead up to 40 now (94-54)

20:21 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Defeat is most likely on the cards. Can India cut the score to a respectable number? They have eight minutes to do so. 

20:16 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Lebanon kept their offense going, including a late three to wrap the third quarter. 

20:16 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

India came out competitive to begin the quarter but looks like that energy fizzled away. 

20:14 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

The onslaught continues. Lebanon now lead 79-49. 

20:11 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Offensive foul called on Satnam. Lead up to 30 now! India trails 45-75. 

20:10 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

After showing signs of life early on, India calls a timeout to stop Lebanon's 13-3 run.

20:07 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Satnam Singh isn't giving up. Makes the basket off of the offensive rebound. He misses the free throw. Score now 70-43.

20:05 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

He only makes one of three, however, and the lead stays at 23.

20:05 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Arvind gets fouled on the three-point attempt. With three free throws, India has a chance to cut the lead back to 22.

20:02 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

India showing signs of life. Can they bring the lead below 20 and start cutting into that lead? Score now is 62-40 in Lebanon's favor. 

20:01 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

India has cut the lead to 22. Score 60-38

20:01 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

India makes that possession a four-point trip by capitalizing Jagdeep's missed free-throw.

19:59 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

India have begun the third quarter really determined and motivated. Jagdeep gets fouled on a shot, now has a chance to make it a three-point play. 

19:58 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Early fireworks from both teams. Lead still 26. Score now 60-34 

19:57 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

India begin the second half on a great note with Satnam Singh scoring a quick bucket on a driving layup

19:51 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

The second half is set to tip-off in a few minutes. 

19:50 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Can the Indians make up the 28-point deficit in the remaining 20 minutes of the game? Only time will tell. 

19:45 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

They'll have to do it by reducing their turnovers and getting stops on the defensive end. 

19:45 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

India has a huge task ahead of them. Can they make the comeback?

19:44 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

It's Halftime and India trailing Lebanon 27-55

19:37 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Jagdeep knocks down a fade away from the post but right away India allows Lebanon to score. Lead still 27. 

19:36 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

India calls TIMEOUT to regroup. They still trail by 27.

19:35 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Absolute dominance on the court by Lebanon. 

19:33 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

He goes one of two at the free-throw line. India trail by 22. 

19:33 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Jagdeep gets fouled on his turnaround fadeaway attempt. A chance to cut the lead for India to 21. 

19:32 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Lebanon had close to four offensive rebounds and wrapped up the possession with an and-one play. Score now 41-18

19:32 (GMT)23 NOV 2017


19:30 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Arvind gets one to go and India cut the lead to 18 but right away let Lebanon score. Score now 38-18

19:29 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Another AND-ONE opportunity for Lebanon. They convert the three-point play and now the lead is 36-16

19:27 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

But Lebanon came back with a flurry of five straight points, extending their lead to 15. Score now 31-16

19:27 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

The BANK was open for Palpreet Singh. He knocks down a THREE, cuts the lead to 12. Score now 26-14

19:26 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Alas, they give it away and foul Lebanon on the successful basket for the three-point play.

19:25 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Lebanon turns it over on the first possession of the second quarter. Time to capitalize on India.

19:23 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

They have scored just 11 points while allowing more than double - 23.

19:23 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

The first 10 minutes of the game are in the books and India have a lot of catching up to do.

19:21 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Lebanon dominating on both ends of the floor. They first blocked Amritpal's shot then used that turnover to set up a foul call on the drive. Lebanon knocks down both free throws to extend the lead to 20-9 with just under a minute to go in the first quarter. 

19:18 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Five-second inbound violation called on India. This after Lebanon had knocked down a long three. India has got to start making shots. Score now 18-9

19:17 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Amritpal makes both, cuts Lebanon's lead to six. Score now 15-9

19:16 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Amritpal Singh will go to the line for two free throws, after being fouled on his hook shot attempt.

19:15 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Amritpal Singh checks into the game. How much of an impact can he make? 

19:14 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

India knocks down a three-pointer off of the long offensive rebound but the Indians couldn't stop Lebanon on defense. Score is 13-7 now

19:12 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Palpreet Singh fouls on and-one drive but Lebanon miss yet another free throw and fails to convert the three-point play. 

19:10 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

A travel called on Satnam Singh, still, trail Lebanon by three points. 

19:09 (GMT)23 NOV 2017

Satnam Singh with the driving layup takes India's points tally to four and cuts the lead to three
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