FIBA World Cup Qualifiers: India vs Syria, Live Score & Updates

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Syria beat India 74-57


15:23 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

In two game days, India is the only team from the Group C to lose both games (with one game - Jordan vs Lebanon - yet to commence on Gameday 2).

15:22 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Satnam Singh was the India's top-scorer with 14 points but as a team they just couldn't score enough in comparison to Syria

15:13 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

They have now lost both their games and are at the bottom of Group C

15:13 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

A much better effort by India defensively but they just couldn't score enough points to make it count. 

15:09 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Satnam Singh gets fouled on the dunk attempt. He misses both. India still down by 21. 

15:08 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Syria makes both and the game is most probably in the bag. They lead by 21 with 2:30 to go.

15:07 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Nobody has scored for either team for the past couple of minutes. Syria has a chance to break that deadlock with a couple of free throws.

15:05 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

India is down by 19 with 3:35 to go. 

15:04 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Both teams with a couple of empty possessions past few minutes.

15:02 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

THREE! Syria not leaving anything to chance. Expand their lead to 19 now with that bucket. 5:30 TO GO IN THE GAME!

15:01 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Akilan Pari gets one to go out of the timeout. India now at 48 points, Syria at 64. 

15:00 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

TIMEOUT! It's asking for too much but can India get something out of this breather? They are down 18 with six and a half minutes to go.

14:59 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Has Syria got this in the bag? One more bucket takes their lead to 18 at 64-46 with just over six minutes to go. 

14:56 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

India making yet another run to begin the new quarter. Can they make it count this time? The lead is down to 16. at 46-62.

14:54 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Once again, India begins the new quarter through Satnam. They make the possession count with a jumper. Lead is down to 16.

14:53 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Syria outscored India 25-14 in the third period to now hold a commanding 18-point lead with just one quarter to go. 

14:52 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Just like their earlier game, India made a mini-run at the beginning of the third quarter but couldn't hold it together. 

14:48 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Syria trying to run away with this one. Two consecutive stops followed up by two baskets. They now lead India 57-42.

14:48 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

THREE by Syria. Lead balloons back to 10 at 52-42.

14:46 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Satnam comes out of the game to a huge ovation on the break of play. 

14:46 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Gurvinder Singh Gill makes both and cuts the lead down to seven points. 

14:45 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

India gets fouled again on the defensive rebound. More free throws coming their way. A chance to cut the lead to seven.

14:44 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Satnam gets fouled on the defensive rebounds and gets two free throws. He makes one of two and cuts the lead to single digits. India now trails 38-47

14:43 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

India trying to play through Satnam but they come out empty after he steps out of bounds.

14:42 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

India applies full-court pressure but Syria is able to bring the ball close to the basket and draw the foul. Two free throws coming. 

14:39 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

TIMEOUT! Syria calls a timeout to quiet the crowd. India have made a mini-run to cut the lead down to 11 (35-46)

14:38 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

On the next possessions, he banks in his reverse layup attempt. 

14:38 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Satnam with a HUGE DUNK to bring the crowd to its feet!

14:35 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

This one is starting to open up. Syria converts yet another open bucket off of an offensive rebound. The score is now 31-44 in their favor. 

14:34 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Satnam looking to take charge in the second half. Gets fouled on a made basket but can't convert the three-point play. 

14:33 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Syria quickly answers back with yet another bucket. India now trails 29-40. 

14:32 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Satnam Singh gets fouled on his layup attempt. He makes one of two free throws. 

14:32 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Syria knocks down one of two and jumps to an early 10-point lead. The score is now 28-38 in Syria's favor.

14:31 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Syria opens the third quarter with a bucket. They top that off with a fantastic steal. Chance to make a quick 4-0 run

14:19 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

India has 20 minutes in front of them to get into the win column. Can they do it? 

After the first half, Aravind Annadurai leads the team with eight points. 

14:18 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

India can still make a game of this, despite being seven points behind. This is a far more competitive game as compared to the one against Lebanon. 

14:15 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Syria head into halftime with a 35-28 lead. Two more quarters to come. 

14:14 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Syria makes both free throws and then block India's last-second attempt before the half. 

14:14 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

But a foul at the other end means more free throws for Syria.

14:13 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Aravind knocks down a free-throw line jumper. India now trails 28-33. 

14:12 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Rikin Shantilal Pethani brings some life back with a three-point play. Cuts the lead back to seven. A minute to go, India trails 26-33.

14:11 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Prasanna gets fouled and gets two free throws but he only makes one of two. India trail by eight at 23-31.

14:10 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

With India in the bonus, Syria gets two more free throws. The make both and lead balloons back to 9 (22-31).

14:08 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Aravind makes both and cuts the lead to seven. India now trails 22-29.

14:08 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Two free throws coming India's way.

14:08 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

India finally gets a stop and on the fastbreak at the end, Aravind gets fouled. 

14:06 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Syria knocks one of two free throws and then add a THREE to it. They now lead 29-20. 

14:06 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

India is already in the bonus so more free throws coming for Syria. 

14:05 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

Syria shoots one of two free throws and then come up with some stellar D. They now lead 25-18 with four minutes to go in the second quarter. 

14:03 (GMT)26 NOV 2017

TIMEOUT! India calls another one to regroup. They are down by six points (18-24) with 4:27 to go. 
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