Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona Live Score and Commentary, La Liga 2017-18

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Atletico Madrid 1-1 Barcelona FT' Saul 20' Suarez 81'


02:10 (IST)15 OCT 2017

PEEEP PEEEEP PEEEEEEEPPPP! That's it! It finishes 1-1 just as I had predicted.
Barcelona came to life in the last 20 minutes and they got their goal to keep their unbeaten run intact. Atletico Madrid never really threatened after their goal but were solid in defence and saw off wave after wave of Barcelona attack.

That's all from the Wanda Metropolitano and Atletico still can't walk away with 3 points in a match against Barcelona in the La Liga. 7 years and counting it is, then. Pretty solid showing from Atletico, nonetheless.

This is me, Shambhu Ajith, signing off. Hope y'all had fun at this yap centre. See y'all midweek.


02:06 (IST)15 OCT 2017

93' OH NO! He hits it straight at Oblak and Messi is disappointed with himself.

02:06 (IST)15 OCT 2017

93' Can Leo Messi do it? Can he do it twice in a week?

02:06 (IST)15 OCT 2017

93' Leo Messi and Luis Suarez are on it. It is right outside the box. Bread and butter for Messi?

02:05 (IST)15 OCT 2017

Griezmann gets the yellow card. He comes lunging into Messi from behind.

02:05 (IST)15 OCT 2017

92' Deulofeu has injected some genuine pace to the Barcelona attack. He almost pulls one back to perfection for Luis Suarez but Savic intervenes and that fizzled out.

02:04 (IST)15 OCT 2017

91' Gomes finds Alba on the left flank. Alba's cross is almost met by Messi in the centre.

02:03 (IST)15 OCT 2017

90' The Wanda Metropolitano urging Simeone's men to attack. The tension is tangible.

02:03 (IST)15 OCT 2017

90' We're into stoppage time. 3 minutes added on!

02:02 (IST)15 OCT 2017

88' Suarez with another shot! This one goes high!

Messi finds Suarez outside the box in the centre. Suarez drops the shoulder and gets past the defender but his shot flies high and that comes to nothing.

02:01 (IST)15 OCT 2017

87' Barcelona come close once again! So close!
Juanfran tries to whip one into the centre of the box but Umtiti clears it away. Now Barcelona on the attack. Deulofeu with a perfect ball to Gomes on the left. Gomes passes it into the centre of the area but Suarez can't get to the end of it. He should have. Gomes did the right thing there, trying to find the striker instead of going himself.

01:59 (IST)15 OCT 2017

86' Jan Oblak collects a freekick from the left flank and throws the ball out for the Atletico to go ahead and try to win those 3 points.

01:58 (IST)15 OCT 2017

85' Some superb skill from Godin to rob the ball off a promising Barcelona attack. Messi combining well with Suarez near the edge of the area and before he could latch onto the return ball, Godin intervenes and does an astounding roulette outside the area to beat Messi and kickstart a counter.

01:56 (IST)15 OCT 2017

83' Substitution for Atletico! Fernando Torres in! Gabi off!

01:54 (IST)15 OCT 2017


Gomes has been excellent in the last 10 minutes or so. He finds Sergi Roberto in space down the right flank and Roberto whips in a beauty and Suarez climbs as high as he could and heads the ball past Oblak. Spectacular. GAME ON!

01:54 (IST)15 OCT 2017

81' JAN OBLAK SAVES! Beautiful football from Barce, good effort from Suarez!
Deulofeu frees up Suarez with a neat pass into the box and Suarez takes it well and has to extend his leg to meet the ball to have a try at goal but Oblak dives to his right and saves it!

01:52 (IST)15 OCT 2017

80' Jordi Alba tries to find Paulinho in the centre with a cross from the left flank but there are too many Atletico bodies in the way and they clear the ball with ease.

01:51 (IST)15 OCT 2017

79' Substitution for Barcelona! Rakitic off, Paulinho in!

01:51 (IST)15 OCT 2017

78' Barcelona on the counter. Leo Messi is found by Busquets. Messi misplaces the pass and he had a chance to put Deulofeu 1 on 1 with Oblak. That's very unlike him.

01:50 (IST)15 OCT 2017

77' Umtiti gets the ball from right outside the box and he doesn't know who to give it to and finally decides to go for it himself. Tame effort in the end and Oblak gathers comfortably.

01:49 (IST)15 OCT 2017

76' Pique heads it down from Messi's delivery but Umtiti doesn't get to the end of it.

01:49 (IST)15 OCT 2017

75' Silly silly elbow from Juanfran on Alba. Barcelona with a freekick in the attacking third, on the left flank. Leo Messi will take it.

01:48 (IST)15 OCT 2017

74' Alba whips in an early cross from the left flank but there's no one there. Ball is cleared away and it falls to Deulofeu who plays a ridiculously poor ball back to Alba. Alba has to run 20 yards back to retrieve the ball. Not good stuff from the youngster.

01:46 (IST)15 OCT 2017

72' Substitution for Atletico- Carrasco out, Thomas Partey in!

01:45 (IST)15 OCT 2017

72' Filipe Luis with a clean sliding tackle dispossesses Roberto who was dangerously surging into the box from the right side after the ball was laid off to him by Messi.

01:44 (IST)15 OCT 2017

71' MESSI! So close, once again!
We've been short on goals but we haven't been short on excitement! Leo Messi drags the ball to the centre of the pitch, on the edge of the box but he can't find the bottom left corner and it flies wide.

01:42 (IST)15 OCT 2017

69'  Atletico on the backfoot now. More pace about Barcelona's movements now and the players have finally come to life. This is going to be an exciting last 20 minutes in the game of the weekend.

01:41 (IST)15 OCT 2017

68' Barcelona starting to penetrate! Deulofeu with some pace down the right flank runs into space and receives the ball from Roberto. He drags it back to Suarez but it really is just a half chance and Suarez can't get his shot away and the ball goes out for a goalkick.

01:40 (IST)15 OCT 2017

66' Gomes with some deft movements and quick feet but his delivery doesn't reach Alba on the left flank. A lot more desire about Barcelona's game now.

01:39 (IST)15 OCT 2017

65' Messi! Better from Barcelona!

Barcelona with much better stuff there. Suarez frees up Messi on the left side of the box but it's a difficult angle even for the wizard and he smashes it straight at Oblak who gathers it in his second attempt.

01:37 (IST)15 OCT 2017

64' Messi tries to foray into the box once again but some resolute defending from Atletico again and that fizzles out.

01:37 (IST)15 OCT 2017

62' Iniesta off, Deulofeu in. Semedo off, Roberto in.

01:36 (IST)15 OCT 2017

62' Barcelona in the attacking third again. But they are still trying it hard to break into the box and Atletico are defending comfortably.

01:34 (IST)15 OCT 2017

60' Suarez claiming handball but the ref says play on. And it was a handball! Savic lucky to get away with that! In fact, there was no real intention and the ref was right not to give it.

01:32 (IST)15 OCT 2017

59' Rakitic with a beautiful diagonal ball to find Suarez near the box. But he can't take it in his stride and has to give it back to Iniesta. Iniesta's cross is cleared away. Atletico defending in numbers as Barcelona keep trying to find pockets of space in and around the final third.

01:31 (IST)15 OCT 2017

58' Substitution for Atletico! Angel Correa Out and Gaitan In!

01:30 (IST)15 OCT 2017


A spectacular curler from Messi. It was going further and further away from Oblak and it hits the right post and goes out for a goal-kick. Tough luck, Leo.

01:29 (IST)15 OCT 2017

56' Freekick for Barcelona in the middle of the park- outside the box. Messi and Suarez standing over it.

01:29 (IST)15 OCT 2017

55' Suarez's shot is saved by Oblak!

Barcelona with some good combination play there. And Leo Messi finds Suarez in the middle and the Uruguayan international finds some space to unleash a shot and forces Oblak to save.

01:27 (IST)15 OCT 2017

54' Gerard Pique growing into the game. He gets the better of Carrasco once again as Atletico tried to break on the counter. Pique showed some good pace there. 

01:26 (IST)15 OCT 2017

52' OH GRIEZMANN! Powerful hit but it goes wide.

A diagonal ball is floated into the left side of the box where Griezmann is waiting. He brings it down and whacks it with his left foot but he can't quite keep it on target.

01:25 (IST)15 OCT 2017

51' 2 on 3 for Atletico as they come on the counter. Griezmann with a poor delayed ball to Correa and Pique has enough time to come across and deal with it.

01:24 (IST)15 OCT 2017

50' Atletico passing the ball around now. Carrasco with a lovely turn taunts Umtiti with a couple of fake shots before giving it to Griezmann but Barcelona push them away from goal. 

01:22 (IST)15 OCT 2017

49' Alba gets into a good position down the left flank and skies a cross. Such buildup and no payoff. Phew! That is the first time the overlap has worked on the left flank and it's a pity that it came to nothing. Alba had so much time on the ball to drag it back.

01:21 (IST)15 OCT 2017

48' Leo Messi goes down in the centre of the pitch, 20 yards away from goal and looks up at the ref to no avail.

01:20 (IST)15 OCT 2017

46' Andres Iniesta picks out Semedo on the right wing. Rakitic receives the ball and shifts the ball to the left wing to Alba. Alba tries to get past Juanfran but the veteran is not letting anyone pass tonight and deals with it quite comfortably.

01:19 (IST)15 OCT 2017

45' Atletico with a freekick on the left flank. Good ball driven in but Umtiti clears it out for a corner.

01:19 (IST)15 OCT 2017

45' PEEEEPPP! We're off again! Second half starts!

01:03 (IST)15 OCT 2017


01:03 (IST)15 OCT 2017

45' The ref has taken the yellow card out and shows it to Rakitic.
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