Barcelona vs Celta Vigo Live Score and Commentary, La Liga 2017-18 FCB vs CEL

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Full-time: Barcelona 2-2 Celta Vigo (Aspas 20', Messi 22', Suarez 62', Gomez 70')


19:27 (IST)2 DEC 2017

90+5' Messi's freekick is deflected but the ref blows the whistle for full-time! Wow, that was some game, lads and lasses. The Barca players surround the ref, clearly feeling hard done by some of the ref's decisions. Full-time!

19:25 (IST)2 DEC 2017

90+4' Barca win a freekick and it's barely 25 yards away from goal! Messi territory. By the way, Mallo was booked for the tackle. 

19:23 (IST)2 DEC 2017

90+3' ALCACER had the chance to win it! A stunning cross from Roberto, from the right, but Alcacer's header is just over the bar!

19:22 (IST)2 DEC 2017

90+2' Suarez has been so bad in the build-up play in the last 10 minutes or so. He is caught dwelling on the ball for too long and Barca lose possession. 

19:21 (IST)2 DEC 2017

5 minutes have been added one. FIVE.

19:20 (IST)2 DEC 2017

90' Suarez had the chance to make something happen and nearly did, but what should have been a corner is given as a goal-kick. The refereeing has been below-par, again. 

19:19 (IST)2 DEC 2017

89' Barca are rushing their passes now. Hell, I won't be surprised if Celta grab a late winner here judging by the way the hosts have defended. appaling. 

19:17 (IST)2 DEC 2017

87' Jeez, Celta nearly scored on the counter, AGAIN! ter Stegen did so well to deny Sisto there and the rebound came to nothing. 

19:16 (IST)2 DEC 2017

87' Yellow card for Wass for a tactical foul on Denis!

19:16 (IST)2 DEC 2017

85' Messi! Nearly grabs the winner! Suarez did well to control and play Denis on the left and the latter's shot takes a deflection and falls for Messi. The Argentine is only able to head it wide! Big chance!

19:14 (IST)2 DEC 2017

84' Substitution for Celta: Jozabed is replaced by Hernandez. 

19:14 (IST)2 DEC 2017

82' Barca are seeing a lot of the ball, but are struggling to break through. The service from the wide areas has dried up and the crossing into the box is a bit aimless here. Can they create one good clear-cut chance before the end? 

19:12 (IST)2 DEC 2017

80' Jeez, Aspas absolutely schooled Pique with a fake there. The defender is bailed by his teammate Alba though. Barca have struggled while defending Celta's counters. 

19:09 (IST)2 DEC 2017

78' Substitution for Barcelona: Alcacer replaces Rakitic.

19:08 (IST)2 DEC 2017

77' Barca play it out well from the back and nearly convert! It seemed like a mix up between the two Celta centre-backs, but luckily for the away side, it falls away from any Barca attacker!

19:06 (IST)2 DEC 2017

75' PIQUE WITH A TERRIBLE MISS! Messi cheekily passed it through the clueless Celta defence who were expecting a cross and Pique, collects it, rounds off Ruben, but can't find the net! Amazing!

19:05 (IST)2 DEC 2017

74' Yellow card to Roncaglia. Barca get a freekick. Again, it's an angle from where Barca can't take a direct shot or cross it as they don't have enough aerial prowess. 

19:03 (IST)2 DEC 2017

Substitution for Barcelona: Umtiti is replaced by Vermaelen. Looks like a hamstring issue. Big blow to Barcelona. 

19:02 (IST)2 DEC 2017

Poor play by Barca and Alba in particular. Aspas had acres of space on the right after Alba was found out of position and he squared it to an unmarked Gomez who smashed it past Stegen.

19:00 (IST)2 DEC 2017

70' GOAAAAAAAAAAALLLL for Celta! Gomez with the goal! 2-2!

18:58 (IST)2 DEC 2017

68' Barca have the lead and should be able to manage the game well now that Celta will throw more men forward. Their defensive structure could become a bit looser now. 

18:58 (IST)2 DEC 2017

67' Aspas tries to sidefoot it into the goal from about 30 yards, but laddie, you don't try that when ter Stegen is in this imperious form! Easy safe. 

18:56 (IST)2 DEC 2017

66' Messi marauds on the left but his pass was cut out well by Fontas. A decent chance that. Suarez was on hand to tap it in again!

18:55 (IST)2 DEC 2017

65' Chance for Barca! Messi should have made it three for Barca! Top save from Ruben there as his strong right hand denied Messi a good headed goal. 

18:54 (IST)2 DEC 2017

Leo Messi starts the move with a brilliantly weighted pass for Abla. The pass took out Gomez and Wass, and Alba, on the left, simply had to side-foot it to a free Suarez who tapped it in with ease!

18:52 (IST)2 DEC 2017

63' GOLAAAAAAAAAAZO! Suarez with the tap in!

18:52 (IST)2 DEC 2017

62' Pass, pass, pass... Barca are probing for the final pass...and...

18:51 (IST)2 DEC 2017

61' Busquets concedes a foul! Sisto was clearly taken out, and the former pleads his innocence to the ref who has none of it. 

18:50 (IST)2 DEC 2017

60' Barca with the high press there. Busquets did well to close down Aspas and win the ball.  

18:49 (IST)2 DEC 2017

59' Freekick to Barca for a foul on Denis by Aspas. Seemed like a tactical foul. 

18:48 (IST)2 DEC 2017

58' A good move by Celta on the right, with Mendez being at the heart of it. Nice skill to get past Alba, but Umtiti was there to intercept and clear. 

18:47 (IST)2 DEC 2017

56' Celta's spell of possession nearly ends with a chance for Barca! The hosts applied the press and Suarez had two options, only to go for the harder one, thereby stopping the move. Alba was in a better position on the left there, he passed it to Messi who was stifled quickly. 

18:45 (IST)2 DEC 2017

54' Barca knock it around well in the attacking third but can't find a final pass. Rakitic tries a long pass from just around the halfway line but it's safely collected by Ruben. Celta can't afford to play this deep, though it is working now. All it takes is one moment of magic from Messi!

18:43 (IST)2 DEC 2017

53' Substitution for Barcelona: Denis Suarez is on for Andres Iniesta. Seems a bit early, doesn't it? Iniesta was doing well on the left. 

18:42 (IST)2 DEC 2017

52' Every time Celta break forward, the fans home fans will have their heart in their mouth. If they can get that one pass right, Barca could be behind again. 

18:41 (IST)2 DEC 2017

50' Alba and Iniesta nearly combine well on the left. The latter, with some quick footwork, eased past Fontas but Alba had just drifted offside! Shame. 

18:40 (IST)2 DEC 2017

49' Barca have so many players in the attacking third that Celta will fancy their chances on the counter. But their passing has left a lot to be desired in the final third. 

18:39 (IST)2 DEC 2017

48' Barca should have scored! Paulinho wriggled past two Celta defenders and even managed to round off Ruben, but his side-foot shot is just wide with the whole goal wide open!

18:38 (IST)2 DEC 2017

47' Celta nearly make something on the break. The away side are able to create a 4v2 situation but Aspas' pass is too long!

18:37 (IST)2 DEC 2017

46' Barcelona have kept the ball so far. Seems strange, Celta have dropped pretty deep. You'd expect them to press early on in the second half!

18:36 (IST)2 DEC 2017

Peeeeep! The second half is underway! Barcelona are kicking from right to left. 

18:34 (IST)2 DEC 2017

The second half is moments away. Messi, after ending his worst goal drought since April 2016 (6 goalless games), will be raring to go and add a few more!

18:20 (IST)2 DEC 2017

Peeeeeep! Halftime at the Camp Nou. Jeez, we need a breather. Barca's clash with Celta rarely disappoints and we've had one hell of a game so far. Keep it coming in the second half, lads!

18:19 (IST)2 DEC 2017

45' Barca's defence is cut open again and Aspas was at the heart of it. His pass to Wass was neat but the Dane decides to take a wild shot from the right! Bad decision. Sisto was free in the box! Barca off the hook!

18:17 (IST)2 DEC 2017

44' Barca break this time and Messi just can't get hold of the ball as Sisto, of all people, tracks back to intercept. Good work from the winger. 

18:17 (IST)2 DEC 2017

43' Survival is the key for Celta and they have managed to regroup and attack in the last few seconds. They've also managed a few minutes of possession. 

18:16 (IST)2 DEC 2017

42' Sisto with SOME RUN on the left! He slaloms past Roberto and Pique on the left and finds Wass on the right. The Dane's cross is a bit too deep though and Barca manage to get it away.  

18:15 (IST)2 DEC 2017

41' Good chance there! Mendez picked a good pass but Aspas just drifted offside and the flag is up. Should've kept his run in check there. Nevertheless, ter Stegen still managed to save it. Did we say the man was in form?

18:14 (IST)2 DEC 2017

39' A good bit of pressing from the away side there as Pique isn't allowed time on the ball. They need more of that. Can play deep against this Barca attack.  

18:12 (IST)2 DEC 2017

38' Celta pass it around in their own half, despite Barca having SEVEN players in the attacking third. Brave from Unzue's side there. 
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