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Barcelona vs Deportivo Alaves, Live Score and Commentary, Copa del Rey Final 2016-17 - FCB v ALA

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 28, 2017 02:56 IST

Barcelona 3-1 Alaves (Messi 30' Neymar 45' Alcacer 45+3' - Hernandez 33') FT


02:56 (IST)28 MAY 2017

FT: Barcelona 3-1 Deportivo Alaves


02:53 (IST)28 MAY 2017

90+2' Chants of Luis Enrique! Luis Enrique! ring out at the Calderon as Barcelona overplay with Messi, Neymar and Busquets involved.

02:52 (IST)28 MAY 2017

90' 3 minutes of stoppage time.

02:50 (IST)28 MAY 2017

88' Deyverson goes into the book for a stray elbow on Iniesta. That looked accidental, but Iniesta suffers the blow nonetheless.

02:49 (IST)28 MAY 2017

87' GREAT KEEPING! Romero looked to have run clear of the Barca defence chasing a long ball, but Cillessen is out swiftly to deny him with a clearing header, and is aided by Umtiti on the rebound.

02:48 (IST)28 MAY 2017

85' Alaves attempt to bring this game back to life with a cross from the right wing, but Kiko Femenia's effort is way overhit. Moments later, Romero hammers a wild drive well wide of goal.

02:44 (IST)28 MAY 2017

83' Aleix Vidal comes on to huge applause - his first appearance after his injury - to replace Ivan Rakitic.

02:43 (IST)28 MAY 2017

81' Romero's first meaningful contribution after coming on is to send a cross from the right wing out of play. Not the best introduction for the substitute, with Deyverson making his frustration clear.

02:41 (IST)28 MAY 2017

79' Theo Hernandez comes off to be replaced by Oscar Romero as Alaves make their final change.

02:39 (IST)28 MAY 2017

77' The Calderon is filled with chants of 'Messi! Messi!' as this hallowed stadium bids farewell with a stunning performance from arguably the best player to have played on its pitch. Fitting.

02:38 (IST)28 MAY 2017

75' Neymar goes down easily after a push in the back from Sobrino in the box. There are plenty of handbags as the Barca players surround the Alaves players, with Sobrino, Messi and Iniesta all involved and getting booked. 

02:36 (IST)28 MAY 2017

73'Alaves are unable to create a chance from the set-piece and Barcelona breathe a sigh of relief. Can they finish this game off with another goal?

02:35 (IST)28 MAY 2017

72' Theo Hernandez looks to have injured himself while earning a corner for Alaves. Barcelona are really under the cosh at the moments, as Theo gets a bit of treatment.

02:33 (IST)28 MAY 2017

71' GOOOAAA.... OFFSIDE! Manu Garcia is unbelieving as his pass to Deyverson finds the striker in an offside position, with the Alaves striker finishing past Cillessen into the net, only for the referee to rule out the goal for offside.

02:32 (IST)28 MAY 2017

70' CHANCE! Deyverson does well to glance the ball into the feet of Sobrino in the box, but his shot is poor, and the ball is cleared out for a corner. Moments later, Alaves send in the ball into the far post, with Deyverson's goal-bound shot saved by Cillessen.

02:29 (IST)28 MAY 2017

67' Messi rides about 4 challenges with another one of his determined runs down the left wing. Lucking for Alaves, Vigaray nicks the ball of Leo's toes and clears the ball.

02:28 (IST)28 MAY 2017

66' SHOT! Iniesta receives the ball with his back to goal in midfield, turns and hammers a drive from distance well over the bar. Will he sign off with a goal?

02:26 (IST)28 MAY 2017

63' A bit of a rare find this - Messi gives the ball away to Theo Hernandez, but then immediately charges the Alaves man down to win the ball back. The little Argentinian wizard is in the mood today, and Alavez are absolutely mesmerized.

02:23 (IST)28 MAY 2017

61' LUCKY!! Alba produces a terrible back pass and Sobrino nearly pounces, only for Cillessen to be alert and charge swiftly off his line to clear the ball.

02:21 (IST)28 MAY 2017

60' Ibai Gomez comes off to be replaced by Ruben Sobrino.

02:21 (IST)28 MAY 2017

59' Edgar Mendez comes off to be replaced by Victor Camaraso.

02:20 (IST)28 MAY 2017

58' CHANCE! Andre Gomez whips in a low cross from the right wing to Alcacer in the box, but the Barca striker blazes his effort over the bar while on the run.

02:19 (IST)28 MAY 2017

57' Andres Iniesta is caught by Edgar as the Barca man sets off on the counter, but the referee is a bit lenient and does not book the Alaves player.

02:17 (IST)28 MAY 2017

55' Almost! Marcos Llorente sends a brilliant diagonal out to Ibai Gomez on the left wing, and he responds with a pass with the outside of his boot to Deyverson lurking in the box, only for Pique to slide in and intercept.

02:15 (IST)28 MAY 2017

53' Iniesta is a bit late on Edgar Mendea as he slips in while sliding in. Alaves get a free kick from the right wing, with the ball into the box ending with Ibai Gomez sending a wild effort over the bar.

02:13 (IST)28 MAY 2017

50' CHANCE! Messi teases a couple of defenders before bursting down the left wing. He sends in a peach of a cross into the far post, where Alcacer arrives late to volley the ball towards goal, only for Pacheco to get down well and make the save.

02:11 (IST)28 MAY 2017

49' Manu Garcia is unhappy with the referee after Messi catches the inside of his boot with his studs, but Clos Gomez only blows for a foul. His ire is compounded moments later, as Ely goes into the book for catching Alcacer with a stray arm as they contest an aerial ball.

02:10 (IST)28 MAY 2017

48' SHOT! Ibai Gomez hammers a curling effort aimed at the top right hand corner, but his effort flies narrowly over, with Cillessen already having given up the ghost.

02:09 (IST)28 MAY 2017

47' Pique gets turned by Ibai Gomez and concedes a free-kick in a promising position for Alaves on the left wing. This is probably not ideal for Theo Hernandez, with Ibai Gomez to take.

02:07 (IST)28 MAY 2017

46' PEEP PEEP PEEEP! Deportivo Alves gets things started in the second half, kicking off from left to right in their blue and white home kit.

02:06 (IST)28 MAY 2017

Barcelona are 45 minutes away from sending off Luis Enrique with a trophy and extending their Copa del Rey record haul to a staggering 29! Kickoff in the second half is coming up next!

02:04 (IST)28 MAY 2017

We're minutes away from kickoff in the second half as the players slowly make their way onto the pitch.

01:57 (IST)28 MAY 2017

Neymar is the first player to score in 3 consecutive Copa del Rey finals (2017, 2016 and 2015) since Ferenc Puskás (1962, 1961 and 1960).

01:51 (IST)28 MAY 2017

HT: Barcelona 3-1 Deportivo Alaves

01:51 (IST)28 MAY 2017

45+3' PACO ALCACER HAS THE GOAL BUT IT WAS ALL LEO MESSI! The Argentine runs at the Alaves defenders from the right wing, and nutmegs two defenders with a backheel flick to Alcacer in the box, and he produces a calm finish into the bottom corner. Barcelona 3-1 Alaves

01:49 (IST)28 MAY 2017


01:48 (IST)28 MAY 2017

45' 3 minutes of injury time.

01:47 (IST)28 MAY 2017

45' STUNNING FOOTBALL FROM BARCELONA AS THEY CARVE ALAVES APART! Neymar starts the move off with an incredible shimmy of his feet and pass to Messi, who spreads the ball wide to Andre Gomez in acres of space on the right. The former Valencia man squares the ball across goal for Neymar to tap the ball home, but replays show he may have been offside. Barcelona 2-1 Alaves

01:46 (IST)28 MAY 2017


01:45 (IST)28 MAY 2017

43' Ibai Gomez sends in a tempting cross from the corner, but Cillessen gets another good hand to the ball - he's dealt with all of the corners impressively so far.

01:44 (IST)28 MAY 2017

42' Umtiti goes into the book for climbing onto the back of Deyverson as they challenged for an aerial ball. Alaves send in the free-kick and Rakitic nervously clears out with his chest for a corner.

01:43 (IST)28 MAY 2017

41' CLOSE! Neymar does well to set the ball up for a teammate yet again, but this time it is Rakitic with a daisy-cutter that flies narrowly wide of the goal post, with Pacheco scrambling.

01:42 (IST)28 MAY 2017

40' SHOT! Messi hammers a swerving effort on goal from the set-piece, but Pacheco takes the sting out of the effort with a couple of strong palms.

01:41 (IST)28 MAY 2017

39' Manu Garcia goes into the book for a poor challenge from behind on Iniesta, with his studs on the back of Iniesta's heel. That's what Arsene Wenger describes as 'Orange'.

01:40 (IST)28 MAY 2017

38' Almost! Pacheco clears the ball out for a corner after the ball slips awkwardly off the surface. Neymar's delivery is easy enough for Deyverson to clear and Barcelona recover the ball, with the same pattern of play emerging.

01:39 (IST)28 MAY 2017

36' Barcelona have responded with tremendous pressure after Alaves' goal, but they're still unable to take advantage of all their possession, with Alaves happy to sit deep and allow Umtiti and Pique to play in their half.

01:36 (IST)28 MAY 2017

That's only the second goal Theo Hernandez has scored this season! What a time to score, eh?

01:35 (IST)28 MAY 2017

33' WHAT A STRIKE FROM THE REAL MADRID TARGET! Theo Hernandez curls in a free-kick from the right wing with his left foot straight into the top corner. A goal worthy of Lionel Messi himself! Barcelona 1-1 Deportivo Alaves!

01:34 (IST)28 MAY 2017


01:34 (IST)28 MAY 2017

32' Andres Iniesta is incredibly lucky to stay on the pitch after diving in two footed, but the referee gives a free kick.
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