Barcelona vs Real Madrid Live Score and Commentary, Supercopa de Espana 2017 - El Clasico

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Barcelona 1-3 Real Madrid


03:31 (IST)14 AUG 2017

Until then, this is Shaurya Vineet signing off. It was a pleasure to bring you the updates of what was a fitting curtain-raiser to the Spanish football season. 
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03:29 (IST)14 AUG 2017

It is the start of a new season but it is the same old story for Barcelona. Over reliant on Messi, the lack of a midfield and a porous defence. There will be plenty of talking points from this El Clasico, as is the case always. 
Neymar's absence, Ronaldo's goal, Ronaldo's red card, Pique's own goal and then Messi's goal.
The Blaugrana have to mount yet another comeback in the second leg if they are to start the season on a high, there won't be a Ronaldo, in all certainty, for the second leg but can Barcelona do it at the Santiago Bernabeu, we will have to wait and find out.

03:26 (IST)14 AUG 2017

Real Madrid started off slowly but have come out with a huge advantage ahead of the second leg at the Santiago Bernabeu. They hold a two-goal advantage and have the added bonus of three away goals.
Pique's own goal kicked off things before Barcelona won a penalty after Luis Suarez went down inside the box under slight contact from Navas, allowing Messi to step up and bring his side on level terms.
But the drama was just about to start, Cristiano Ronaldo first scored a screamer to make it 2-1 and was booked for taking off his shirt during the celebration. Only about a minute later, he went down inside the Barcelona box looking for a penalty but the referee was not impressed and booked him for diving. The Portuguese was not happy and even resorted to shoving the referee.
Barcelona tried to make the most of their man advantage but it was Madrid who hit them with the sucker punch as Marco Asensio scored a screamer to make it 3-1.

03:22 (IST)14 AUG 2017

Full-Time: Barcelona 1-3 Real Madrid

03:20 (IST)14 AUG 2017

90' 3 minutes of added time.

03:20 (IST)14 AUG 2017

Luis Suarez, who is having a horrendous game, plays a pass to his teammate, which ends up being a through ball to Lucas Vasquez, the Spaniard bombs forward before releasing Asensio down the left, the Spaniard picks his spot into the top left corner, and finds it with a striker's precision. WHAT A GOAL!! 

03:18 (IST)14 AUG 2017


03:15 (IST)14 AUG 2017

88' Asensio goes down under a challenge from Vidal and Madrid have a chance to catch their breath.

03:14 (IST)14 AUG 2017

4 minutes of regulation time plus stoppage time left in the game, is there a way back for Barcelona? 

03:14 (IST)14 AUG 2017

The players are losing it out in the middle. First, it is Carvajal and Busquets who are involved in some pushing and shoving before Alcacer is involved in a similar one with Madrid's defenders.

03:13 (IST)14 AUG 2017

Ronaldo and Umtiti were wrestling each other for the ball, as the former enters the box he goes down and appeals for a penalty, there was minimal contact by the Frenchman and he had just been booked for taking his shirt off, and he goes into the referee's books again for the DIVE.
Ronaldo is not happy with the decision and he shoves the referee.

03:10 (IST)14 AUG 2017

82' RED CARD!!! CRISTIANO RONALDO IS SENT OFF FOR DIVING and the Portuguese has shoved the referee.
What an absolutely insane 5 minutes of football.

03:09 (IST)14 AUG 2017

The game has reached its crescendo. 
Messi is there creating chances for his side and Suarez fluffs another one. Real Madrid hit Barcelona on the break and Ronaldo is released down the left, he is way ahead of Pique and goes till the edge of the box before cutting it in and curling one into the top corner past a helpless Ter Stegen.
Ronaldo has his shirt off for the celebration and goes into the referee's books for his gesture.

Yellow Card: Cristiano Ronaldo

03:07 (IST)14 AUG 2017

80' GOOOAAAALLLLLL!!!!! CRISTIANO RONALDO scores to restore Real Madrid's lead.

03:06 (IST)14 AUG 2017

78' Barcelona have an excellent chance to make it two but he shoots wide, he was offside also. Messi goes on one of those runs of his, you can't stop him as he darts forward. The Argentine lays it off for Suarez at the last moment but Suarez shoots wide from a narrow angle.

03:05 (IST)14 AUG 2017

Barcelona are back on level terms, Navas guesses it wrong and dives the wrong side allowing Messi to slot it into the bottom left corner.

03:04 (IST)14 AUG 2017

77' GOOOAAALLL!!!! Men may come and Neymar may go but Messi, he goes on forever... 1-1!

03:04 (IST)14 AUG 2017

Suarez goes down under slight contact from Navas and the referee points to the spot. The Real Madrid players are not happy at all with the decision and have made it known to the referee.

03:03 (IST)14 AUG 2017


03:03 (IST)14 AUG 2017

Messi has some space outside of the box and the Argentine lets it fly, it is deflected and loops up and Denis Suarez is able to control it inside the box, the Spaniard lays it off for his teammates and it is just away from Messi but Busquets is there fire it home, instead he blazes it over. WIll that come back to haunt BARCELONA?

03:01 (IST)14 AUG 2017

73' This is end to end stuff. Barcelona now have a chance on the other end with Suarez and Messi combining to create problems for Madrid, the ball is played out to Denis down the left, who has a poor shot from the edge and another chance goes begging.

03:00 (IST)14 AUG 2017

72' Cristiano Ronaldo has the ball in the back of the net but it is ruled out for offside. A very very marginal but correct call.

02:59 (IST)14 AUG 2017

71' Cristiano Ronaldo with his first touch of the game and what a decisive impact he could have had. The ball is curled towards the back post and Ronaldo is there to attempt an audacious bicycle kick but fails to connect with it.

02:57 (IST)14 AUG 2017

70' Barcelona have a corner and Messi swings it in, the ball is a poor one as it is overhit and escapes everyone before going out near the corner flag.

02:56 (IST)14 AUG 2017

68' Substitution: Sergi Roberto replaces Andres Iniesta
Marco Asensio comes on in place of Kovacic.

02:53 (IST)14 AUG 2017

The Camp Nou outfit are stepping up their efforts to find the equaliser.

02:53 (IST)14 AUG 2017

65' Barcelona have a chance after an excellent through ball is played to Suarez down the left, the Uruguayan takes a poor touch and although he is able to keep it in, he fails to do the damage that he could have done with a better touch.

02:51 (IST)14 AUG 2017

63' Suarez is through on goal and the assistant has his flag up for offside. Poor call, the Uruguayan was definitely on.

02:47 (IST)14 AUG 2017

60' Suarez, who is under some pressure from Carvajal, fails to find the back of the net from a few yards out as his header is tipped over by Navas.

02:47 (IST)14 AUG 2017

59' Substitution: Denis Suarez comes on in place of Deulofeu.

02:46 (IST)14 AUG 2017

58' Substitution: Cristiano Ronaldo comes on to replace Karim Benzema.
The game had livened up in the second half and if needed anything more, it needed the injection of Ronaldo and we have it now.

02:45 (IST)14 AUG 2017

58' And the moment is here. Cristiano Ronaldo is ready to come on, so is Denis Suarez.

02:45 (IST)14 AUG 2017

57' Yellow Card: Busquets goes into the referee's books for a lunging challenge on Isco.

02:45 (IST)14 AUG 2017

55' Barcelona survive, somehow. Jordi Alba with an excellent clearance off the line to deny Carvajal.
Barcelona are caught higher up the pitch and Benzema bombs forward before going to the byline, leaving Pique for dead, his cross is impeccable and aimed at Carvajal, who just pokes it into an empty net, or so he thought. Alba came back in a flash and lunges to clear the ball off the line and deny Madrid.

02:41 (IST)14 AUG 2017

Deulofeu with a golden chance to put his side ahead, he tries to find Messi instead, who is a couple of yards from goal but the ball whistles past him and goes out for a goal kick.

02:40 (IST)14 AUG 2017

52' Pique is suddenly having a nightmare of a game. The Spaniard is guilty of allowing Benzema to dart down the left and the Frenchman tries to cut it back for Bale but it is awkwardly deflected behind by Pique.

02:39 (IST)14 AUG 2017

Gerard Pique with an unfortunate own goal to hand the lead to his biggest enemies.
Carvajal wins a corner for his side down the right. Kroos swings it in and it is cleared by Busquets but the clearance is not good enough and Madrid probe down the left, Isco plays it to Marcelo, who tries to cut one back for Benzema in the middle but the ball takes a wicked deflection off Pique and nestles into the back of the net.
Madrid have the lead against the run of play, can they add to their lead?

02:37 (IST)14 AUG 2017

50' GOOOAAAALLLLL!!! Real Madrid lead!

02:35 (IST)14 AUG 2017

48' Messi takes on the entire Madrid defence and almost squeezes through and there are calls of a penalty but the referee is not interested.

02:34 (IST)14 AUG 2017

47' Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo gets up for warm up and there are cheers, boos and what not. Will he have an impact later in the game?

02:34 (IST)14 AUG 2017

46' Isco tries to break through down the left but is undone by the high-line of Barcelona.

02:33 (IST)14 AUG 2017

46' PEEP! And we are underway in the second half, who will prevail in the first leg of the Supercopa de Espana?

02:32 (IST)14 AUG 2017

The players are out on the pitch as we get ready for the restart.

02:20 (IST)14 AUG 2017

There have been chances, there have been some crunching tackles but we are yet to see a goal. The game is evenly poised right now with Barcelona looking slightly better than their counterparts from Madrid.
The game had promised to be a mouth-watering contest and it has so far disappointed, expect the second half to be even better.
A goal or maybe a red card to stir things up a bit? We can only hope...

02:18 (IST)14 AUG 2017

45' Half-Time: Barcelona 0-0 Real Madrid

02:17 (IST)14 AUG 2017

45' Carvajal swings one towards the back post and Bale is there under pressure from Vidal, who manages to unsettle the Welshman as he fires over.

02:16 (IST)14 AUG 2017

The game has more of that feeling about a Clasico than it had about 20 mins back. Tackles are flying in, tempers are flaring, is there a goal in this game before half-time?

02:14 (IST)14 AUG 2017

42' And yet another player gets booked. This time it is Carvajal, for a lunge on Iniesta.

Yellow Card: Dani Carvajal

02:14 (IST)14 AUG 2017

41' Pique with an immaculate back heel to get out of a tough situation with Bale lurking and the Welshman then dives into a tackle on Busquets and goes into the referee's books.

Yellow Card: Gareth Bale.

02:12 (IST)14 AUG 2017

40' Messi is surrounded by 4 Real Madrid players and he tries to get out of the spot with a chip to Busquets but it strikes the referee and ends up in a booking for Messi.

Yellow Card: Messi
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