Barcelona vs Real Murcia Live Score and Commentary Copa del Rey 2017-18

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Barcelona 5-0 Real Murcia LIVE! Paco Alcacer 16' Pique 56' Vidal 60' D. Suarez 74' Arnaiz


01:51 (IST)30 NOV 2017


That's that. Barcelona 5-0 Real Murcia. 

Barcelona are through to the next round of the Copa Del Rey and they've done that with authority. They have thrashed Real Murcia 8-0 on aggregate.

We apologize for the delay towards the butt end of the match. But you and I both know that nothing of consequence really happened then.

That's all from the yap centre for tonight. See y'all at the weekend.


01:47 (IST)30 NOV 2017

90' 2 minutes of stoppage time added on.

01:46 (IST)30 NOV 2017

88' Deulofeu has been hungry all night and he swivels past the defender to serve a delightful ball to Arnaiz who just can't apply the finishing touch to it.

01:42 (IST)30 NOV 2017

85' Barcelona have been relentless in the second half. Especially when everybody expected them to sit back and cool off.

01:42 (IST)30 NOV 2017

83' Murcia on the front foot finally, but they still run into traffic. With only a limited number of bodies going forward, their options have remained limited throughout the night.

01:37 (IST)30 NOV 2017

79' GOAL! Jose Arnaiz, the substitute adds another and takes Barcelona's tally to 5 on the night.

A backheel pass from Denis Suarez picks out the new addition, who smashes it home from an acute angle. A screamer. 

01:33 (IST)30 NOV 2017


01:29 (IST)30 NOV 2017

71' Murcia enjoying a brief spell of possession here, perhaps for the first time in this match, albeit in their own half. And... as soon as they venture into the attacking half, they relinquish position. Looks like that defensive seat they're sitting on is deep and real comfy.

01:26 (IST)30 NOV 2017

69' Deulofeu is freed up on the right side with a neat diagonal. Murcia block his run as Barcelona get a throw-in.

01:24 (IST)30 NOV 2017

67' Deulofeu releases Vidal into the right side of the box. Vidal drags it back for Alena but a last-ditch tackle saves Murcia from further embarrassment.

01:23 (IST)30 NOV 2017

66' Deulofeu tries to create something down the right flank but his cross is hit straight at Santome.

01:22 (IST)30 NOV 2017

65' Barcelona look like they're heavily invested in a drill routine at La Masia and are taking all the space and time that will be afforded to them. And trust me, there is a lot of that on offer. A lot.

01:21 (IST)30 NOV 2017

64' Substitution for Real Murcia. Mateos out. Ortiz in.

01:20 (IST)30 NOV 2017

63' This match was done and dusted before it even began and there is absolutely nothing happening that suggests we have any more thrills to squeeze out of this game.

01:19 (IST)30 NOV 2017

60' Aleix Vidal scores with his head!
Semedo cuts one back from the right wing and Vidal leaps to get below it so he can loop it over Santome to the far corner. 

01:16 (IST)30 NOV 2017

58' Semedo once again, inadvertently albeit, runs the ball out for a goalkick. The man has pace but he is just a little too hesitant when it comes to cooling his heels.

01:15 (IST)30 NOV 2017

57' Substitution for Barcelona. Gerard Pique is off. David Costas.

01:14 (IST)30 NOV 2017


Vidal drives in from the right side and squares one for Pique who is waiting on the edge of the 6 yard box and he gets enough of a touch on it to roll it into the back of the net.

01:13 (IST)30 NOV 2017

54' OH DEULOFEU! He hits the post!

Alena combines superbly with Deulofeu who makes a delightful turn and then tries to poke it into the side netting but his effort is deflected and the ball hits the post and it comes to nothing.

01:11 (IST)30 NOV 2017

53' Vidal releases Deulofeu on the left flank and Deulofeu tries to cheekily pass it across the face of the Murcia goalkeeper but his shot is cleared for a corner. The subsequent corner is rubbish though and nothing comes of it.

01:09 (IST)30 NOV 2017

52' Lovely one twos all over the place. Murcia drive away boredom and rigor mortis by winning a free kick.

01:08 (IST)30 NOV 2017

50' The Murcia Manager seems to be a bit of a pie lover. Barcelona seem intent on passing Murcia to sleep. 

01:07 (IST)30 NOV 2017

48' Murcia try to get the ball out of their half but realize they are Murcia and lose the ball. Vidal takes a shot that would have made a division three footballer proud.

01:05 (IST)30 NOV 2017

47' This is as boring as watching grass grow! Barcelona doing their thing but it's all a bit disjointed right now.

01:04 (IST)30 NOV 2017

46' Barcelona look like they have no intention of upping the tempo in this half. They are shoving the ball around. Deulofeu finally breaks into the final third and tries to link up with Vidal but Murcia clear their lines.

01:02 (IST)30 NOV 2017

PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! And we're off in the second half. Barcelona have a 4 goal advantage as they look to run down the clock in what appears to be a contest that's already done and dusted. Will the youngsters make this second half a riveting watch? Let's see.

00:47 (IST)30 NOV 2017

45' PEEEEEEP! PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! No added time. The ref blows the whistle to end the first half which has been severely lacking in excitement.

00:47 (IST)30 NOV 2017

44' Digne's ball from the left flank to find Vidal is a bit too heavy and the ball goes out for a goalkick.

00:46 (IST)30 NOV 2017

43' Cillessen comes out of his line and clears the danger after Murcia put together something that's threatening for the first time in the game.

00:45 (IST)30 NOV 2017

41' Barcelona have enjoyed the lion's share of possession in this game but it hasn't really been exciting so far. All possession and no penetration.

00:42 (IST)30 NOV 2017

39' Murcia try to launch something of their own but the cross from the left flank is too close to Cillessen who gobbles it up without a problem.

00:40 (IST)30 NOV 2017

38' Nothing comes from the freekick as Murcia have to retreat because of an offside call.

00:39 (IST)30 NOV 2017

37' Murcia have a freekick- 30 yards out as Pique hacks down a Murcia attacker.

00:38 (IST)30 NOV 2017

36' Alena is brought down near the centre of the pitch and Barcelona have a freekick. Deulofeu gets to the ball and tries to feed Alcacer on the right but his pass is cut out and Murcia launch a counter of their own. But Pique steps in with all his experience and passes the ball to Cillessen who clears it for a throw-in.

00:36 (IST)30 NOV 2017

34' Digne can't quite control a through ball from Deulofeu and his first touch is too heavy and the ball rolls out for a goalkick.

00:35 (IST)30 NOV 2017

32' Semedo can't quite chase down a through ball from Vidal on the right flank and another Barcelona attack comes to nothing. It looked strong in the build up but eventually lost steam by the time they approached the final third. Has been tonight's story for the Catalans so far. Let's see if the youngsters can turn it around.

00:32 (IST)30 NOV 2017

30' Carles Alena tries to find the top corner with a swipe with the inside of his left foot from right outside the box but it sails high above the crossbar and straight into irrelevance.

00:30 (IST)30 NOV 2017

27' Another Barcelona attack down the left flank comes to nothing as Deulofeu is flagged offside.

00:29 (IST)30 NOV 2017

26' Nothing really exciting happening on either end despite all the effort Barcelona has been putting in.

00:27 (IST)30 NOV 2017

24' Semedo uses his pace to race past 2 Murcia defenders on the right wing but he can only barely chase the ball down before it goes out. The ball is cleared before Semedo can get back to it and send it into the corridor of uncertainty.

00:26 (IST)30 NOV 2017

22' Murcia finally attack but their final ball is severely lacking in quality and Barcelona regain possession in their own half.

00:25 (IST)30 NOV 2017

21' Alena tries to find Vidal down the centre but the Murcia defender reads his intention and cuts it out.

00:23 (IST)30 NOV 2017

21' Murcia head the corner clear. That's all they've been doing so far. Sweeping the penalty area for threats. That and just that.

00:23 (IST)30 NOV 2017

20' Murcia haven't been able to string as many as 2 passes together so far in this match as Barcelona attack down the left flank once again. This time Digne's cross is headed out of danger for a corner.

00:22 (IST)30 NOV 2017

19' Freekick for Barcelona- 20 yards out. Paco goes for it but his shot is blocked by the wall and the ball goes out for a throw-in.

00:21 (IST)30 NOV 2017

18' Semedo sends in a driven ball into the area for Deulofeu to attack but the youngster was a bit too early and can't make anything of it. It was almost served on a silver platter for him.

00:21 (IST)30 NOV 2017

18' Deulofeu with yet another promising run from the left flank, goes past his marker and then tries to drag it back for Alena but Murcia clear in the very last second.

00:17 (IST)30 NOV 2017


Deulofeu drives into the box with his remarkable pace and he can't quite lay it off to Aleix Vidal sweetly enough but it takes a touch off of a defender and Paco is there to head it home.

00:17 (IST)30 NOV 2017

14' The corner goes over all the men who had arrived inside the area to welcome it and it fizzles out for a goalkick.

00:16 (IST)30 NOV 2017

13' Deulofeu and Digne combine on the left side to win a corner for Barcelona.
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