Barcelona vs Sevilla Live Score and Commentary, La Liga 2017-18

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Full-time: Barcelona 2-1 Sevilla (Alcacer 23' 65', Pizarro 59' )


03:10 (IST)5 NOV 2017

Sevilla gave a good account themselves even though the hosts threatened to run away with it at times. Messi was fantastic, but let's not forget Paco Alcacer's vital goals that won them the game. The goals will do him a world of good and with Suarez's goal-scoring touch deserting him, Barca needed Alcacer to come good! Sevilla will be disappointed, as they were good in patches during the game. 

With 10 wins in 11 games, Barca are full of confidence now ahead of the international break, so it wouldn't be wise to bet against them in the coming months. 

This is Amit Mishra, and it was a pleasure bringing the game to you! For feedbacks, you can tweet @Leamitmishra! Cheerio, lads and lasses!

03:06 (IST)5 NOV 2017

Peep, Peeep, Peeeeeeeep! Fulltime! Barcelona once again pick up a narrow win and re-open a four-point lead at the top of the table over Valencia. 

03:05 (IST)5 NOV 2017

90+3' Sevilla lose the ball but Paulinho's overruns the ball and doesn't get a freekick. A furious Messi is booked for dissent! Don't get to see that too often!

03:04 (IST)5 NOV 2017

90+2' Sevilla push forward, but Corchia's run is too early and Nzonzi's pass is rendered useless as the former is adjudged offside. What a shame, good pass that. 

03:02 (IST)5 NOV 2017

90+1' Messi has another go at the Sevilla defence but just can't get a shot away. Sevilla are back in possession. Can they create one last chance? 

03:02 (IST)5 NOV 2017

Four minutes have been added on

03:01 (IST)5 NOV 2017

Substitution for Barcelona: Mascherano replaces Rakitic, who was excellent by the way. 

03:00 (IST)5 NOV 2017

89' Barcelona keep the ball and do well to knock it around, drying up what little energy Sevilla have left to give it another push. Good game management. 

02:58 (IST)5 NOV 2017

87' Freekick to Barcelona as Messi is fouled by Lenglet!

02:58 (IST)5 NOV 2017

85' A pass to Ter Stegen is cleared to the Sevilla half by the German! Don't see that too often! At this stage, he can't really be blamed for playing it safe, though. 

02:56 (IST)5 NOV 2017

84' The atmosphere is a tense one at Camp Nou. Sevilla simply haven't created enough after their first goal, so it's hard to think how they will score another. Barca have looked confident in possession, can they continue in that way for a few minutes more? 

02:55 (IST)5 NOV 2017

83' Freekick to Barcelona as Nolito is penalised. 

02:54 (IST)5 NOV 2017

80' Rakitic was clearly fouled by Escudero, but it appeared clear after the replay. The run on the right was started by a Suarez flick, and on first sight, it did look iffy. The ref can be forgiven though, very hard to spot that. 

02:50 (IST)5 NOV 2017

78' Sevilla manage a good spell and a corner at the end of it, but they simply can't muster any sort of a shot. Barca counter with a 2v3 situation, but Suarez's attempted pass to Messi is intercepted!

02:48 (IST)5 NOV 2017

Substitution for Sevilla: Ben Yedder is on for Muriel.

02:48 (IST)5 NOV 2017

76' Deulofeu tries to cut in from the left, but his shot is blocked. Barcelona have dominated possession after the Sevilla equaliser and the away side have barely had a go at the Barcelona goal. That Pizarro goal woke Barca up, for good!

02:46 (IST)5 NOV 2017

75' Ooooh! Paulinho finds Messi with a cute through pass but the latter was inches offside! The rain is absolutely belting down at Camp Nou, by the way...

02:45 (IST)5 NOV 2017

74' Geis should play a more creative role from the deep. His passing and distribution could trouble Barcelona on the counter!

02:44 (IST)5 NOV 2017

Substitution for Sevilla: Geis replaces Kjaer. 

02:44 (IST)5 NOV 2017

73' Messi with a chance again! His sidefoot shot is saved by Soria. How long can they keep the Argentine off the scoresheet? 

02:43 (IST)5 NOV 2017

72' Barcelona have done well to stifle Sevilla after the second goal. To be honest, it was a sucker punch as they had just scored the equaliser!

02:42 (IST)5 NOV 2017

70' Deulofeu combines well with Alba on the left and Barcelona win a freekick eventually as Busquets is fowled. But Messi though. Jeez, he has done everything but score in this game!

02:41 (IST)5 NOV 2017

69' Messi TAKES ON SIX DEFENDERS, YES, SIX, and finds Luis Suarez who's shot deflected away for a corner. It was a handball, but inadvertent, and rightfully just a corner. Nothing comes off it!

02:40 (IST)5 NOV 2017

67' Valverde isn't hanging around now, is he? The quick changes should keep Barca's intensity, something that dropped and perhaps resulted in  the Sevilla goal.

02:38 (IST)5 NOV 2017

Substitution for Barcelona: Deulofeu replaces Alcacer. 

02:38 (IST)5 NOV 2017

Stunning cross from Rakitic, from the right, and Alcacer beats Kjaer to slot it in for his second! Barcelona's lead is restored. Boy did they need that quick!

02:36 (IST)5 NOV 2017

65' GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL for Barcelona! Alcacer with his second!

02:35 (IST)5 NOV 2017

64' The final 25 odd minutes could be end to end. Paulinho's fresher legs should help the hosts, but the Sevilla wingers are more involved at the moment and that's a danger concerning the hosts. 

02:34 (IST)5 NOV 2017

63' Oh! Pique! The Spaniard almost responds brilliantly with a smashing hit that comes off the crossbar!

02:33 (IST)5 NOV 2017

Substitution for Sevilla: Nolito replaces Sarabia. 

02:33 (IST)5 NOV 2017

Substitution for Barcelona: Paulinho replaces Iniesta. 

02:32 (IST)5 NOV 2017

That was a brilliant corner and Pizarro was totally unmarked to head it home! But the counter-attack by Muriel started the whole thing! Sevilla will not fancy their chances.

02:31 (IST)5 NOV 2017

59' GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAL for Sevilla! Pizarro with the headed goal!

02:30 (IST)5 NOV 2017

59' Chance for Sarabia! Brilliant defending from Semedo! He is just able to block Sarabia's shot for a corner.

02:29 (IST)5 NOV 2017

58' Busquets immaculate again as he intercepts a pass and sets Barca on the counter. Iniesta finds Alcacer, but the latter's cross is blocked!

02:28 (IST)5 NOV 2017

56' Some beat interplay on the right from Sevilla as Corchia and Navas do well to keep the ball, but the latter's cross is cleared by the Barca defence. Barca break, but Alcacer isn't able to find Messi.

02:27 (IST)5 NOV 2017

55' Muriel receives a pass from Banega and tries to smash one in from about 30 yards. Nah, Luis, not when Ter Stegen is in such good form!

02:26 (IST)5 NOV 2017

54' Barcelona's intensity has undoubtedly dropped as Banega is allowed to run into the Barca half, unchallenged. Nothing comes off the move. 

02:25 (IST)5 NOV 2017

52' Barcelona manage a spell of possession, something that we haven't seen so much of in the second half. To be fair to the away side, they are trying to press the hosts a bit more now. Might have a game on our hands here, lads and lasses.

02:24 (IST)5 NOV 2017

50' Suarez's pass on the left is intercepted by the Sevilla defence and as they try to break, Sarabia's pass is misdirected. Sevilla have started the second half with a clear target to play more direct, but they are just too keen at the moment. 

02:22 (IST)5 NOV 2017

49' Sevilla play some neat passes on the left but Barcelona are so good with their positioning and win it back. Incredible work by Busquets there.  

02:21 (IST)5 NOV 2017

48' Sevilla are still not interested in pressing. That Barcelona defence isn't the best when you put some pressure, so that's quite a surprise! 

02:19 (IST)5 NOV 2017

47' Muriel with a chance! Some neat play from first Corchia and then Banega means he is able to receive a pass from the right, but again, he fails to test Ter Stegen!

02:18 (IST)5 NOV 2017

46' Sevilla get us started, but it's not long before the hosts are able to press them and get the ball, a pattern the Barca fans know pretty well!

02:16 (IST)5 NOV 2017

And we're back! The second half is underway!

02:01 (IST)5 NOV 2017

Barcelona were good in the first 30 minutes but slowed down in the last 15. Can they improve the scoreline in the second half? We'll find out, won't we? 

02:00 (IST)5 NOV 2017

And it's halftime! No injury time added. 

02:00 (IST)5 NOV 2017

44' DEAR ME LEO! He just decided, 'alright, let me keep the ball for a few seconds' and holds the ball for almost a minute near the Sevilla box! Insane footwork, but really, don't be surprised at all!

01:58 (IST)5 NOV 2017

43' Corner to Barcelona on the left as Suarez's cross is cleared by Corchia. Easily cleared by the away side. 

01:57 (IST)5 NOV 2017

42' Sevilla, Pizarro in particular, does well to evade the Barca press and finds Banega. The Argentine cuts in and tries to thread a pass for Muriel, but it's overhit. 
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