Fuenlabrada vs Real Madrid Live Score and Commentary Copa del Rey 2017-18

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 27, 2017 02:53 IST

FT: Fuenlabrada 0-2 Real Madrid (Asensio- P, Vazquez- P)


02:53 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Real Madrid huffed and puffed and just about to get the job done in the first leg. Two penalties in the second half mean a toothless Real Madrid side will go back home fairly happy. 

Zidane's wholesale changes brought the result, but the team look out of sync. Don't be surprised if you see a few more creative players for the return leg even though Madrid have a comfortable lead. Their fans would hate to watch a game as boring as this at the Bernabeu! 

This is Amit, and it was a pleasure having you. See you when I see you, lads and lasses!

02:50 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Peep Peeeep Peeeeeeeep. And that's full time!

02:48 (IST)27 OCT 2017

90+2' Fuenla get a late freekick.

02:48 (IST)27 OCT 2017

90' Dioni tried to pick out a teammate with a chip from the subsequent freekick, but it was too deep and collected easily by Casilla. That should be it. Two minutes have been added on. 

02:46 (IST)27 OCT 2017

89' STRAIGHT RED FOR VALLEJO!!! That wasn't a challenge, that was attempted manslaughter. A deserved red. 

02:46 (IST)27 OCT 2017

88' Cata Diaz, almost Roberto Carlos esque, takes a long run up and tests Casilla with a stinging shot. It's saved though. 

02:45 (IST)27 OCT 2017

87' Dioni is caught late by Ceballos. A pretty decent angle for the hosts to make something of. 

02:43 (IST)27 OCT 2017

85' Madrid are knocking the ball around nicely in the opposition half as Fuenla look like a beaten team. 

02:42 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Cata Diaz was booked by the way. When, even I don't know. The game is making me drowsy, to be honest. 

02:41 (IST)27 OCT 2017

83' Yaw Annor has had a terrible time after coming on. He gives away the ball and Madrid nearly create an opening on the left. 

02:39 (IST)27 OCT 2017

02:38 (IST)27 OCT 2017

81' Substitution for Real Madrid: Franchu is on for Hakimi

02:37 (IST)27 OCT 2017

80' GOAAAAAAAAAL FOR REAL MADRID!!! Vazquez with the goal! It wasn't the most convincing of strikes as Codina nearly dived to his left and got a hand to it, but nevertheless, Madrid have their cushion!

02:36 (IST)27 OCT 2017

79' PENALTY TO REAL MADRID!!! Candela, the sub, has been sent off for a second yellow! He sorta pulled Theo to the ground, but it looked soft!

02:35 (IST)27 OCT 2017

77' A brilliant move by Madrid as Mayoral plays a sweet pass for Vazquez on the right. The forward isn't able to direct his shot quite like he wanted though. More than a decent chance to double the lead.

02:33 (IST)27 OCT 2017

75' Ceballos gives the ball away but Yaw Annor decides to contemplate what life is instead of making a run. 

02:31 (IST)27 OCT 2017

73' Candela fouls Theo. A good position this for Real Madrid. But they play it short and decide to pass it around instead (?!?!)...

02:29 (IST)27 OCT 2017

72' Substitute for Fuenlabrada: Candela is on for Fraile. 

02:28 (IST)27 OCT 2017

71' Hakimi is fed by Ceballos and the Moroccan finds Mayoral with a beautiful cross. The header by Mayoral is saved wonderfully by Codina.

02:26 (IST)27 OCT 2017

68' Nothing comes of the corner. Barring a couple of openings, Madrid have again flattered to deceive so far in the second half. 

02:25 (IST)27 OCT 2017

67' Ceballos threads a fine pass for Mayoral -- who looked off -- and the latter isn't able to muster a proper shot. Codina managed a touch and Real Madrid get a corner. 

02:22 (IST)27 OCT 2017

65' Asensio's shot is saved by Codina! The Spaniard has a lot of room to take aim and give it some welly, but it's straight at Codina who palms it away. 

02:21 (IST)27 OCT 2017

A pretty good penalty by Asensio, slotted into the bottom left. That could open up the game as Fuenla will try to be more expansive in their play. 

02:19 (IST)27 OCT 2017

63' GOAAAAAAAAAL FOR REAL MADRID!!! Asensio slots the penalty by sending Codina the wrong way!

02:19 (IST)27 OCT 2017

62' PENALTY TO REAL MADRID!!! Hakimi is fouled by Garcia and Madrid finally have their chance to score!

02:18 (IST)27 OCT 2017

60' Garcia makes a run on the left but his attempted pass to Dani is cut out by Hakimi. I'm barely up, typing all this. A completely drab game so far. 

02:16 (IST)27 OCT 2017

58' Vallejo fouls Dani and Fuenla win a freekick in their own half. They have absolutely no clue as to what to do with it and hoof it long. A total waste. 

02:14 (IST)27 OCT 2017

57' Milla clears the set-piece delivery for a corner. The corner is deep and collected by Ceballos who manages to find a pass for Vazquez. The latter's weak shot is collected easily by Codina. 

02:13 (IST)27 OCT 2017

56' Handball by Iribas. A free-kick near the corner flag for Madrid. Can they make something out of it? 

02:12 (IST)27 OCT 2017

55' Madrid are knocking it around, probing for an opening, But the Fuenla defence has been rock solid so far. 

02:11 (IST)27 OCT 2017

54' Theo is fouled by Fraile. Madrid take a quick freekick, but Fuenla manage to put the brakes on the move in the midfield with another foul. 

02:10 (IST)27 OCT 2017

53' Substitution for Fuenlabrada: Quero is off for Yaw Annor.

02:09 (IST)27 OCT 2017

52' Vazquez plays a fine pass for Hakimi on the right, but the latter's pass is cut out by the Fuenlabrada defence. A sense of deja vu from the first half as Madrid are lacking the incisive pass. 

02:08 (IST)27 OCT 2017

50' Vazquez miscontrols the ball but is helped by the referee who gives a freekick for a foul. A bit generous. 

02:06 (IST)27 OCT 2017

49' Mayoral gets a yard of space, is able to turn, contemplate life, and get a shot in. He still fails to find the target, though, as it's blocked. 

02:05 (IST)27 OCT 2017

48' Llorente wins the ball in midfield and releases Tejero on the left. The run comes to nothing again as Diaz puts a foot in and clears the ball. 

02:04 (IST)27 OCT 2017

46' Real Madrid start well and get a corner as Theo's pass is cleared by Iribas. The subsequent delivery is too deep and harmless. 

02:02 (IST)27 OCT 2017

And we're underway again...

02:01 (IST)27 OCT 2017

The players are on the pitch again and the second half is set to start...

01:49 (IST)27 OCT 2017

The free kick is cleared by Milla and that brings an end to a fairly drab first half. Madrid have had plenty of possession, but have lacked the precision in the final third. They'll have to be more creative in the second half. There could be a telling off from Zidane in the half-time team talk!

01:47 (IST)27 OCT 2017

45' +1 Iribas fouls Mayoral. Freekick in a dangerous position for Real Madrid. 

01:46 (IST)27 OCT 2017

One minute to be added on....

01:46 (IST)27 OCT 2017

45' Mayoral, completely anonymous in the first half, finally musters a shot on target which is nearly spilt by Codina. He collects it in the second attempt. 

01:45 (IST)27 OCT 2017

44' CHANCE FOR REAL MADRID!!! Llorente's shot comes off the post, and Codina did well to get a hand to it. Corner for Madrid. 

01:44 (IST)27 OCT 2017

43' Vazquez gets a warning, not quite a yellow, for a foul on Garcia. Fuenla waste the freekick and the away side are back in possession. 

01:42 (IST)27 OCT 2017

42' Vazquez's flick is neat and Hakimi finds space on the right, but Garcia is able to track him well and clear for a throw-in. 

01:41 (IST)27 OCT 2017

40' Corner for Madrid as Hakimi's cross was cleared by Milla. Nothing comes off the corner. 

01:40 (IST)27 OCT 2017

39' Madrid are lacking the creativity here, and by the looks of the bench, there's not much that can be changed. They don't have any good creative player on the bench.

01:38 (IST)27 OCT 2017

37' Armando tries to channel his inner Maradona by making a darting run but is not quite the Maradona we know. His run is stopped by Llorente.  

01:35 (IST)27 OCT 2017

34' Llorente was in possession and waited for an outlet but to no avail. Madrid's movement isn't good enough in the attacking third. 
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