Germany vs Brazil Live Score and Commentary, Pre World Cup 2018 International Friendlies

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FULL TIME: Germany 0-1 Brazil Gabriel Jesus 37'


02:15 (IST)28 MAR 2018


YES! YES! YES! Brazil have done it. Though it is no big occasion, this win will be a shot in the arm for Tite's men who played some scintillating football in the second half. Germany never really looked like they could better this Brazilian team but you gotta hand it to them for trying (I guess).

Anyway, that's that from the yap centre. Hope y'all had fun. See you around.


02:12 (IST)28 MAR 2018

93' In by Plattenhardt but it is headed away.

02:12 (IST)28 MAR 2018

93' Julian Brandt wins another corner on the left side. Plattenhardt to take it.

02:12 (IST)28 MAR 2018

92' Kroos plays it out to Draxler on the edge of the area and he absolutely leathers it but it is unfortunately hit straight at Alisson who punches it out for a corner. Not the best delivery from the subsequent corner but Germany hold on to the ball. Come on you Germans!

02:11 (IST)28 MAR 2018

92' Corner for Germany as Marcelo blocks a Sule cross.

02:10 (IST)28 MAR 2018

91' Costa plays a lovely little dinked ball into Jesus and Plattenhardt takes a little step out to play Jesus offside. Deftly done, lad.

02:09 (IST)28 MAR 2018

90' 3 minutes added on.

02:09 (IST)28 MAR 2018

89' Stindl wins the ball off Casemiro and feeds Draxler who tries to break at great pace but the Brazilians close down all gaps and squeeze the ball of ze Germans' possession.

02:08 (IST)28 MAR 2018

88' Thiago Silva deals with a threatening cross for the umpteenth time tonight as Germany win a corner. Kroos takes it and Germany can't do anything with it. Once again. 

02:07 (IST)28 MAR 2018

87' Marcelo and Douglas Costa go clubbing on the left wing and send the Germans to get them drinks. Woof. Eventually Costa is warned for being too freaking rude (perhaps) and a freekick is given to Germany. Haters will say that Costa fouled Brandt but whatever.

02:06 (IST)28 MAR 2018

86' Another delightful ball is played into the area by Julian Brandt. He has been a live wire in attack since coming on. Once again Sandro Wagner is a couple of inches short of meeting it and the attack fizzles out.

02:05 (IST)28 MAR 2018

85' Werner gets a chance to break after taking the ball off Marcelo on the right side. He tries to switch on that electric pace of his but his second touch is too heavy and the ball rolls out for a goalkick.

02:04 (IST)28 MAR 2018

84' Julian Brandt with some enterprise on the right side as he cuts in and cuts past two Brazilian players before unleashing a shot that is deflected off for a corner. Draxler's corner finds Wagner who flicks it on for Werner who is waiting beyond the far post. But the RB Leipzig striker is flagged offside.

02:03 (IST)28 MAR 2018

82' Willian's corner comes to nothing but Germany's attempt to break is quelled by two of their own players who relinquish the duty of taking the ball to where it matters in unison and leaves it stranded for Brazil to pick up.

02:02 (IST)28 MAR 2018

82' Some of the Brazilian players look knackered. They have done a lot of running, to be fair. They have yet another corner and Willian will take it.

02:00 (IST)28 MAR 2018

80' Substitution for Germany.

Ilkay Gundogan off. Timo freaking Werner on.

01:59 (IST)28 MAR 2018

80' Stindl goes for goal from outside the box after a neat passage of play from Germany. But he skies it.

01:58 (IST)28 MAR 2018

79' Douglas Costa beasting past the German defence from the halfway mark and carries on into the box but Niklas Sule chips in with a perfect last-ditch tackle to deny a wonder goal. Corner for Brazil. It is taken short and it comes to nothing.

01:56 (IST)28 MAR 2018

76' Kroooos. What a ball but Wagner has been flagged offside. But that trajectory, lads. This Toni Kroos guy, what the heck, man. 

01:55 (IST)28 MAR 2018

76' Germany have a freekick in a promising position on the left flank. Toni Kroos is on it.

01:55 (IST)28 MAR 2018

75' Marcelo hustles Brandt and thwarts another attack by conceding a throw-in. But Germany are unrelenting and Brandt whips in a beauty for Wagner to head into goal but for all of Sandro Wagner's efforts which included jumping over Silva's shoulder, he couldn't meet it as Brazil let out a sigh of relief.

01:52 (IST)28 MAR 2018

72' Substitution for Brazil.

Philippe Coutinho off. Douglas Costa on.

01:52 (IST)28 MAR 2018

72' Gabriel Jesus is played through on goal with a wonderful long ball but he can only take it to the left side of the area and his attempt to cut it back is cleared for a corner.

01:51 (IST)28 MAR 2018


Julian Draxler plays the perfect ball to the edge of the 6-yard box for Wagner to attack but his header is mistimed and horrible and it goes out for a goalkick.

01:50 (IST)28 MAR 2018

70' Kimmich has been one of Germany's standout performers tonight. His delightful cross into the box however evades a host of bodies inside the area as Brazil survive another goal threat.

01:47 (IST)28 MAR 2018

68' Substitution for Germany.

Jerome Boateng off. Niklas Sule on.

01:47 (IST)28 MAR 2018

66' What a delightful turn from Marcelo. It allows Brazil to break on the counter. They probe for spaces to exploit in the final third and Dani Alves floats a near perfect cross into the path of Coutinho who is waiting beyond the far post but the ball is headed out of danger for a corner.
The subsequent corner is helped on its way by Boateng as Trapp came crashing into him from behind. However, Brazil can't capitalize and he can only head it to the side netting

01:45 (IST)28 MAR 2018

65' Toni Kroos is getting a bit frustrated in the centre as Brazil win a freekick in their defensive half.

01:44 (IST)28 MAR 2018

64' Wonderful ball from Kimmich into Wagner but Thiago Silva is excellent once again as he gets to it first and heads it out for a corner. The subsequent corner comes to nothing as Rudiger is accused of an infringement inside the area and is given a talking to by the ref.

01:42 (IST)28 MAR 2018

62' Ilkay Gundogan drives ahead with intent and threads the ball to Draxler on the left side but Alves shuts down the angle and Draxler's shot is deflected and tamed and sent into the hands of Alisson.

01:41 (IST)28 MAR 2018

61' Substitution for Germany.

Mario Gomez off. Sandro Wagner on.

01:40 (IST)28 MAR 2018

60' Brazil have a freekick on the right side and they take it short. Alves then tries to feed Willian with a lobbed ball but it's overhit and goes out for a goalkick.

01:39 (IST)28 MAR 2018

61' Double change for Germany.

Leroy Sane off. Lars Stindl on. Leon Goretzka off. Julian Brandt on.

01:39 (IST)28 MAR 2018

59' Toni Kroos loses the ball in midfield to Casemiro and he releases Paulinho down the centre, a tad towards the right side. He doesn't have enough pace to surge ahead though and has to turn around and recycle possession.

01:38 (IST)28 MAR 2018

58' A good piece of place from Germany as Kroos and Draxler combine to cause some disturbance in the final third. But Paulinho tracks back to intercept the ball from Plattenhardt and in fact, he goes one better and wins a goalkick for Brazil. 

01:37 (IST)28 MAR 2018

56' Brazil have really settled into their groove and they're increasingly becoming a treat to watch. Jesus this time, cuts in from the left flank after Fernandinho retrieves possession and Jesus drags it back for Coutinho. Coutinho goes for goal but his shoot is once again high and sent into the stands. But Brazil are looking like they'll get that second one in soon.

01:35 (IST)28 MAR 2018

What a lovely, delightful piece of samba football from the Brazilians. Coutinho and Paulinho play a delightful one-two at the edge of the area but as the ball comes back to the former, he dummies to play Willian clear on the right side. But Germany somehow put enough bodies on the line to block two of his shots to concede a corner. That is, without doubt, the best passage of play from tonight.

01:32 (IST)28 MAR 2018

53' The vision of Toni Kroos! He almost plays the perfect dinked ball for Draxler right into the box but Alisson somehow manages to get there first and punches the ball clear.

01:31 (IST)28 MAR 2018

51' Meanwhile, the match has resumed and it's Brazil on the ball. But Willian's ball trying to find Paulinho is cut out but Brazil win it back anyway and the Barcelona man slides it into the path of his fellow Barca man Coutinho, who tries to leather it from 25 yards out but he ends up telegraphing it to the stands. One for the fans, eh?

01:30 (IST)28 MAR 2018

49' In the meanwhile, if you lads would fancy watching some classic Argentina Spain action, you can follow the live action here: Comrade Anirudh Menon is on it. You know you'll love it.

01:29 (IST)28 MAR 2018

49' Okay, Boateng is on the ground after Jesus clashed into him from behind. He catches him on the back of his ankle and the Bayern Munich man is in pain.

01:28 (IST)28 MAR 2018

48' Plattenhardt feeds Sane who subsequently finds Draxler who can't turn away from danger. Germany keep the ball however and Kimmich tries to whip it into the area but it is kept out of harm's way by Alisson.

01:27 (IST)28 MAR 2018

47' Plattenhardt has got a wicked left-footed delivery and he tries to bring some of that wickedness into play but Thiago Silva dives and heads it away before Gomez can get his head to it.

01:26 (IST)28 MAR 2018

46' Brazil are still keeping at it. Their high-press has really urged the chills out of this German team so far.

01:25 (IST)28 MAR 2018

45' Marcelo dummies Kimmich on the left wing but his cross into the box is gobbled up by Kevin Trapp.

01:24 (IST)28 MAR 2018

45' Can Germany turn this around or will Brazil get their revenge?

01:24 (IST)28 MAR 2018

PEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! OG Jesus roll the ball into relevance and we have embarked on the final 45 minutes of this big daddy of high-profile encounters. Woof.

01:23 (IST)28 MAR 2018

The players, the staff, the managers, they all take the slowest escalator in existence to return from their half-time team talks and finally, after an abysmally long wait, they're all out on the pitch.

01:19 (IST)28 MAR 2018

We're minutes away from the second half. What did you make of the first, lads? I ain't too big on what happened but there's a little kid in me who popped out and ran the length of the city screaming when Brazil scored the goal. 

Write to me, let me know what you feel on Twitter- @goddamnhunter or you can send them thoughts by mail- [email protected]

01:06 (IST)28 MAR 2018

45' PEEEEEEEEEEP! PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! No added time. Brazil lead thanks to Jesus. And Germany... Germany need to show up.
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