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La Liga Deadline Day LIVE: Mesut Ozil to Barcelona? Aubameyang offered to Real Madrid and more...

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 02, 2017 03:32 IST

Follow all the best transfer news and rumours from La Liga LIVE!


03:32 (IST)2 SEP 2017

And well, that's that folks the transfer window has - what was that term again, oh yes - SLAMMED SHUT in our faces and we can all go back to talking about, watching, and enjoying the actual game of football!

Muchos Gracias for reading. 


03:26 (IST)2 SEP 2017

03:26 (IST)2 SEP 2017

WELL WELL! After insisting he was part of his plans, it appears Jose Mourinho has allowed Andreas Perreira to move to Valencia!

Valencia also announced the Guedes loan from PSG, by the by

03:14 (IST)2 SEP 2017

Twenty minutes to go and absolutely nothing is happening... this surely has to down in history as one of the most anti-climatic Transfer Deadline Days of all time

03:05 (IST)2 SEP 2017

Real Oviedo sign attacker Yaw Yeboah on a season-long loan from Manchester City!

03:04 (IST)2 SEP 2017

02:35 (IST)2 SEP 2017


02:32 (IST)2 SEP 2017

The below-mentioned reports may or may not have anything to do with a set of other reports coming out of Barcelona that suggest PSG are unwilling to budge from their 80 mill asking price for Di Maria and that those talks have broken down.

Somewhere on this planet, Zinedine Zidane and Florentino Perez are sitting back, lounging around with a sweet, sweet, glass of wine, and smiling to themselves as they survey the madness of this summer's transfer window

02:22 (IST)2 SEP 2017

There are reports coming out now suggesting that Barcelona are not going to sign anyone because the market is crazy. And they will call a presser tomorrow to explain just how crazy. 

These are the same guys who made a 20-year-old with one half-decent season under his belt in the Bundesliga the SECOND MOST EXPENSIVE FOOTBALLER OF ALL TIME and also paid 40 million for PAULINHO. 

If this is true... I'm done, man. 

02:12 (IST)2 SEP 2017

02:01 (IST)2 SEP 2017

Fresh from the horse's mouth: Barcelona tried to sign Thomas Lemar today, but AS Monaco refused all proposals, according to Mundo Deportivo.


Meanwhile, Sport are saying that Barca are in advanced negotiations with Monaco after the Principality outfit set a price of ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY MILLION EUROS. 

(Do these things mean nothing in football today?)

Because the transfer window is bloomingly transparent, we don't know who to believe!

My hunch, though, is no Lemar. 

01:47 (IST)2 SEP 2017

Ola! Back again with some interesting news - 

Guess who has been named in Chelsea's Premier League squad?  

Diego Costa! That's who!

Something tells me that Conte, Costa, and all the Blues will kiss and makeup and they'll all live happily ever after... at least till January madness begins

01:21 (IST)2 SEP 2017

I'm gonna go have a quick bit.. stay tuned for all the latest news from Spain as Deadline Day creaks shut, slowly but surely

01:10 (IST)2 SEP 2017

01:10 (IST)2 SEP 2017

HAH! We called this... or rather, Sky called this^

01:09 (IST)2 SEP 2017

Some more good news for Barca fans  - Sport are reporting that Barca ARE INCHING CLOSER AND CLOSER TOWARDS THE SIGNING OF A FORMER REAL MADRID SUPERSTAR!

Hehe sorry for the heart attack Arsenal fans, but fret not my tortured friends, this is ANGEL DI MARIA we are talking about!

Read all about that rather explosive piece of news right here

00:34 (IST)2 SEP 2017


I know not what to think. If Bartomeu does pull the Coutinho thing out of the proverbial rabbit's hat, he may just save his Presidency. 

00:17 (IST)2 SEP 2017

Some more Premier League-La Liga news filtering through from Sky Sports: Deportivo La Coruna are close to agreeing a deal to sign Watford keeper Costel Pantilimon on a season-long loan.

Not a bad one, that. 

00:10 (IST)2 SEP 2017

So Chelsea do lose a striker to La Liga... but it's one that nearly everyone forgot existed. Loic Remy has sealed a move to the exciting Canary Islanders of Las Palmas. 

This is after, they signed winger Oussama Tannane on a season-long loan from Saint Etienne earlier today

00:08 (IST)2 SEP 2017

00:04 (IST)2 SEP 2017

00:04 (IST)2 SEP 2017

OHOH! So the Barcelona exodus continues...

23:20 (IST)1 SEP 2017

23:19 (IST)1 SEP 2017

Where is the madness that Barcelona's press promised us? ARE THEY AWAKE DOWN AT THE CAMP NOU?

Meanwhile, Girona sign midfielder David Timor on a three-year deal from Leganés

23:05 (IST)1 SEP 2017

Sevilla are close to agreeing a deal to sign Schalke midfielder Johannes Geis on loan - I'm sorry, there just isn't anything happening in the Spanish transfer market at the moment!!

This is what happens when Real Madrid approach the transfer market with some semblance of sanity!!!

Meanwhile, can Barca do something to liven this Deadline Day up? The hours are ticking by!

22:18 (IST)1 SEP 2017


The poor lad never stood a chance at the Parisian giants, and this appears to be a win-win for all concerned

22:05 (IST)1 SEP 2017

Barcelona may or may not be signing someone but Girona and Getafe are not just standing by and watching Deadline Day fly past them. 

Girona have signed striker Michael Olunga on a season-long loan from Guizhou Zhicheng while Getafe have done the same with Jefferson Montero from Swansea. 

As a person who doesn't watch Guizhou Zhicheng day in and day out, I am in no position to tell you what kind of striker Senor Olunga is. 

Montero, though, is more of a known quantity and if the poor lad can stay free of injury his insane pace and dribbling abilities will give plenty of headaches to full-backs across the league. 

21:51 (IST)1 SEP 2017

Barcelona have seemingly gone from Philippe Coutinho to Angel Di Maria to Mesut Ozil to Thomas Lemar to.... Dani Parejo (!)

Read all about how Barca have reportedly triggered the Valencia man's release clause in an attempt to have a signing to show for on Deadline Day!

21:17 (IST)1 SEP 2017

Oh, Barcelona! Munir El Haddadi - one of many hailed as the next big thing out of La Masia - seems set to continue his journeyman career and is close to joining Basque giant-killers Alaves on another loan deal. 

21:04 (IST)1 SEP 2017

Some more transfer news coming out of that fountain of transfers they've put up on the east coast of Spain - Nano Mesa has passed his medical in Valencia ahead of a loan move to Levante.

Levante are desperate to make enough signings to make a mark in La Liga this time around 

20:41 (IST)1 SEP 2017

20:41 (IST)1 SEP 2017

With news as scarce as water in the Sahara, another Valencia-based club comes to our rescue. This time it's Levante, and they've announced the signing of Erick Cabaco on a season-long loan from Nacional. 

If nothing, Senor Cabaco looks like he means business^

20:23 (IST)1 SEP 2017

When Sport have thrown in the towel, you know its not going for well for Barcelona. The Catalan mouthpiece has said that Barca have come to the realisation that they will NOT sign Phillippe Coutinho this window. 

Neymar added to the feel of doom and gloom by saying that his great friend is under a cloud of "great sadness". 

19:59 (IST)1 SEP 2017

Some piping hot news coming out of Barcelona - a section of the Blaugrana's club membership is readying a no-confidence motion that could see the hugely unpopular Josep Bartomeu be booted out of office before the end of his term!

Read all about that right here!

19:38 (IST)1 SEP 2017

Another rather BIG slice of news coming out of Valencia - the clubs President, Anil Murthy, has reportedly travelled to Paris to seal a deal with PSG for Goncalo Guedes. Probably on a loan move - but the Parisiens need to offload people and Guedes would be a fantastic addition to Marcellino's new-look outfit. 

The Bats look like they are a decent bet for a Europa League spot this season, aren't they?

19:25 (IST)1 SEP 2017

While the "giants" of La Liga have been relatively quiet today, the so-called smaller sides haven't been shy at all to get their business done at the last very minute

19:24 (IST)1 SEP 2017

18:58 (IST)1 SEP 2017

Some pretty BIG BREAKING NEWS headed your way right now - 

The good folk at Valencia are in talks with Barcelona to steal away their out-of-favour right back Aleix Vidal!! With the team struggling to find decent squad depth, would this be such a good move for Barca?

As for Valencia, having lost Joao Cancelo to Internazionale earlier last week, this may just work out perfectly as Vidal will arrive with something to prove after a massively disappointing spell with the Catalans. 

18:37 (IST)1 SEP 2017

18:37 (IST)1 SEP 2017


Wait, before you get a panic attack, my Madridistas reading this out there - it's Raul De Tomas - and he's moved on a loan across town to Rayo Vallecano

18:28 (IST)1 SEP 2017

Ooh La La Barca! The blaugrana have reportedly moved past their Coutinho fixation and onto other things - and are willing to take the 160 odd million euros they'd set aside for the Brazilian and move it into two seperate bids for Messrs. Mesut Ozil and Thomas Lemar. Read all about that right here!

18:05 (IST)1 SEP 2017

While Real Madrid have remained surprisingly low-key this transfer window, they are set to make at least one big move this January - to try and prise a disenchanted Thomas Muller away from Bayern Munich. Too late to seal the deal now, it would appear - but six months is not much of a wait for a player of the Raumdeuter's calibre

17:44 (IST)1 SEP 2017

17:44 (IST)1 SEP 2017

Here's one that' done. Atheltic Club Bilbao make a rare signing, and they announce it like you and I would tweet about having a mid-evening snack^

How can you not love these guys?

The signing - Ander Capa - is, of course, Basque.

17:40 (IST)1 SEP 2017

Ola Senoras y Senors!

Anirudh Menon here to see you through what could be an explosive end to what has been an absolute bonanza of a summer transfer window. 

Let's kick things off by relaying some news coming out of Atletico Madrid... the rojiblancos are quietly confident that before deadline day ends in Madrid, they will have struck a deal with Chelsea over their long lost son, Diego Costa. Sure, he may not play till January - but securing the services of fresh, have-something-to-prove Costa for the business end of the season could turn out to be a brilliant masterstroke!

16:15 (IST)1 SEP 2017

Over coverage of the business end of La Liga's deadline day will commence shortly. Stay tuned! 

15:58 (IST)1 SEP 2017

Paulo Dybala wants Real Madrid and not Barcelona
After being linked with Barcelona all through the summer, latest reports suggest that the Argentine wants to move to Real Madrid, according to Diario Gol. Barcelona wanted Dybala to instill new life in their midfield. It was expected that the presence of Messi will be enough to lure Dybala away from Juventus. 

15:44 (IST)1 SEP 2017

Leicester City waiting to hear from FA if they were successful in their attempt to sign Adrien Silva
Sky sources are reporting that Leicester City had asked for 2-hour extension to sign Adrien Silva from Sporting Lisbon. The club officials are confident that the paperwork was completed promptly. Silva is in Leicester waiting for FA's decision.

15:32 (IST)1 SEP 2017

Neymar says Coutinho is living in 'great sadness'
Liverpool are not willing to sell Coutinho to Barcelona. The Catalans have a fourth bid on the table but that is also likely to get rebuffed. Nou Camp has been Coutinho's dream destination and his compatriot Neymar has revealed that Coutinho is living in great sadness as the move seems unlikely to happen. He added that he was very happy that Coutinho scored a goal and praised the Liverpool playmaker's performance against Ecuador.

14:41 (IST)1 SEP 2017

Aubameyang to stay put at Borussia Dortmund
Aubameyang has ruled out the possibility of a move to Real Madrid. He took to Instagram and swore his allegiance to Dortmund.
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