Leganes vs Real Madrid Live Score and Commentary La Liga 2017-18 LEG vs RMA

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Leganes 1-3 Real Madrid Bustinza 6' Vazquez 11' Casemiro 29' Ramos 90'


01:07 (IST)22 FEB 2018

93' PEEEEEEEEP! PEEEEEEEEEEEP! PEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! That's GAME OVER and Real Madrid climb to the 3rd spot on the La Liga Table.

No Ronaldo, no problem! Casemiro, Vazquez, Asensio, Kovacic and Benzema were the standout performers on the night. Ramos and Varane kept things tidy at the back and Madrid are looking more and more like the free-scoring juggernaut that sent shivers down the spine of the rest of the European heavyweights last season.

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01:03 (IST)22 FEB 2018

92' With 15 minutes to go, Ceballos comes in for Kovacic.

01:03 (IST)22 FEB 2018

92' Amrabat could have had a spectacular goal from almost nothing there. He just leathers it from 20 yards away with his left but it goes past the post and into the stands.

01:02 (IST)22 FEB 2018


01:00 (IST)22 FEB 2018


01:00 (IST)22 FEB 2018

88' OH GARETH! Lucas Vazquez with a lovely diagonal ball to Gareth Bale who whizzes past a defender before going for goal from 25 yards away, on the left side. He forces a save from Cuellar. Or did he? No. Great effort nonetheless.

00:57 (IST)22 FEB 2018

86' The freekick comes in and Leganes deal with it but at the cost of a corner.

00:57 (IST)22 FEB 2018

85' Substitution for Real Madrid.

Isco off. Marcos Llorente comes on.

00:56 (IST)22 FEB 2018

85' Isco is shoved to the ground 40 yards away from goal and Madrid win a freekick.

00:56 (IST)22 FEB 2018

84' Some Academy level acting from Cuellar, who goes down after a delightful tackle from Theo that only ever touched the ball, is rewarded with a yellow card.

00:55 (IST)22 FEB 2018

83' Once again, it's Gareth Bale with a delightful ball into the box to find Isco. It's a difficult ball to control, however, and he doesn't really make anything from it. They win a corner but. The subsequent corner is heavyweight in nature and falls to Isco who is outside the area. But he goes for goal again but Ramos gathers it once again. And unfortunately, Gabriel catches one more where it really hurts.

00:53 (IST)22 FEB 2018

81' Bale finds Isco on the edge of the area with a neat riven ball. Isco goes for goal as he tries to swing it into the far post but Cuellar hurls himself at it and keeps hold of the ball.

00:51 (IST)22 FEB 2018

80' Ruben Perez goes for goal from 30 odd yards out and is too far wide off the mark to be subsequently met with happy teammates. He just looks at the ground and walks back. Wise lad.

00:50 (IST)22 FEB 2018

78' Gareth Bale rushes into the attacking third but gets dispossessed. But the rebounded ball falls to Casemiro who can't really do much with it as he is bereft of options and Leganes kickstart another counter but Madrid put it out of danger.

00:49 (IST)22 FEB 2018

77' Gareth Bale swipes the ball to his right to find Isco who once again loses the ball much to the frustration of his teammates. Just not Isco's night tonight.

00:47 (IST)22 FEB 2018

76' Substitution for Real Madrid. An industrious Karim Benzema is replaced by Bale who doesn't look really interested in getting some game time tonight. 

00:46 (IST)22 FEB 2018

75' Isco, once again being indecisive and slow on the ball. Asensio was free on the left flank and Isco is too slow to release him and he gets flagged offside.

00:46 (IST)22 FEB 2018

74' Amrabat tries to combine with Rico to run into space on the left flank near the touchline but he is flagged offside. Oh well, he wasn't offside as Varane was playing him on. 

00:45 (IST)22 FEB 2018

73' Theo is upto the task on the left side as El Zhar tries to go beyond him. 

00:44 (IST)22 FEB 2018

72' One more Leganes attack is thwarted by the Madrid defence before it became threatening. 

00:43 (IST)22 FEB 2018

71' Substitution for Leganes. Amrabat on for Omar Ramos.

00:42 (IST)22 FEB 2018

70; Asensio and Benzema combine beautifully as the former has enough time and space on the ball on the left flank. He cuts it back for Benzema who runs over the ball and leaves it to Isco. But Isco's lobbed effort into the box to find a motoring Benzema is a touch too heavy and it runs out for a goalkick.

00:41 (IST)22 FEB 2018

69' Beauvue loses his footing inside the area and Madrid break on the counter. Isco combines with Vazquez who finds Asensio in the attacking third. Asensio tees up Benzema who runs into the area and nearly slaloms past the Leganes defence. But the defenders hold fort and quell the threat.

00:40 (IST)22 FEB 2018

68' Asensio's cross into the box from the left wing is poor and the Leganes players are already pushing up the pitch as Cuellar launches one into the attacking half.

00:39 (IST)22 FEB 2018

67' Meanwhile, Gabriel has taken one for the team (where it really hurts) and has to walk off the pitch to free himself of the worst kindof pain known to man.

00:38 (IST)22 FEB 2018

66' Yeah, it doesn't really look like a penalty. That won't be debated much tonight, it looks like.

00:38 (IST)22 FEB 2018

65' Ruben with a  well-timed sliding tackle to win the ball in the centre of the park. El Zhar is brought down inside the area. No penalty says the referee.

00:36 (IST)22 FEB 2018

64' Casemiro heads clear from the corner and Leganes play it far back to the goalkeeper and the crowd boos in disapproval. But yeah, Madrid need a third. They really do.

00:35 (IST)22 FEB 2018

63' What a save by Casilla! Tito tees up El Zhar on the right wing. He swings one in for Beauvue who needs no invitation to go at goal. He connects well but Casilla comes up with a magnificent save to deny him the equalizer. There, I called it, lads.

00:33 (IST)22 FEB 2018

61' I'm just starting to feel like Madrid have to score one more here as these Leganes players are well known for their energy levels and the relentless pressure they apply till the three long whistles at the end.

00:32 (IST)22 FEB 2018

60' Ramos runs past 2 midfielders and runs into the attacking third and tries to combine with Benzema but Benzy just can't find the captain who was well on his way into the penalty area. Leganes counter but Casemiro gets back in time to help out and does his work effectively.

00:30 (IST)22 FEB 2018

59' Dreadful passing at the back from Leganes, quite uncharacteristic of their performance so far in the second half as they gift Madrid possession once again.

00:30 (IST)22 FEB 2018

59' Rico tries to whip one in from the left flank but his cross is wayward and Madrid have a goalkick.

00:29 (IST)22 FEB 2018

58' Rico boots an inviting ball into the far post and the subsequent header is deflected out for a corner. Corner comes to nothing though.

00:28 (IST)22 FEB 2018

56' Ramos is winning at defending. But it's a freekick for Leganes. I don't know what happened there. Ramos sprints back to stop El Zhar and they have an angry cuddle off of sorts on the right flank. Ramos protests and gets handed a yellow card. Iffy decision that.

00:27 (IST)22 FEB 2018

55' One more unnecessary foul by Perez. They have been really scrappy in the first ten minutes of the second half.

00:26 (IST)22 FEB 2018

54' Gabriel plays a neat ball to Rico who motors down the left flank to whip one in but Varane clears the danger and that's another attack that has bit the dust.

00:25 (IST)22 FEB 2018

53' Isco once again being individualistic but he wins a freekick nonetheless.

00:25 (IST)22 FEB 2018

52' Isco finds Benzema in the box. He lays it off to Casemiro who in turns tries to find Vazquez. The winger wins a corner and takes it short to Asensio. Asensio then tries to release Vazquez past the approaching defender but Vazquez is flagged offside. Bummer alert.

00:23 (IST)22 FEB 2018

51' Rico shoves Varane to the ground and earns the first yellow card of the match. The match is getting scrappy and the whistle is being put to a great amount of use here. Not something a football fan would appreciate but eh, whatever.

00:22 (IST)22 FEB 2018

50' Isco catches Perez and it really just looked like revenge more than anything.

00:21 (IST)22 FEB 2018

49' Madrid try to work something as Isco tries to link up with Benzema at the edge of the area but Leganes crowd Benzema out and quell the danger.

00:20 (IST)22 FEB 2018

48' Leganes keep pressing and Vazquez is kicked on the back of his leg by Eraso.

00:19 (IST)22 FEB 2018

47' Leganes try to work something through the middle but Ramos is once again upto the task. Rico brings down Varane and Madrid have a freekick deep in their defensive half.

00:17 (IST)22 FEB 2018

46' Real Madrid have picked off from where they left it as Vazquez once again finds a lot of space on the right flank to exploit. But Leganes see off the danger.

00:17 (IST)22 FEB 2018

Substitutions for Leganes!
Mantovani and Perez on for Siovas and Gumbau

00:16 (IST)22 FEB 2018

PEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! And we're off in the second half.

00:01 (IST)22 FEB 2018


00:00 (IST)22 FEB 2018

43' Leganes showing more signs of life but Madrid take control once again. Asensio runs at Bustinza on the left flank. They recycle the ball around but the cross into the area is not met by Asensio as it goes over his feet.

23:57 (IST)21 FEB 2018

41' Diego Rico tries to whip a grounded ball into the area but Carvajal once again pummels it out for a corner. Yet another corner kick that is not dealt with well by Real Madrid but they somehow get rid of it.
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