Liverpool vs Chelsea Live Score and Commentary, English Premier League 2017-18 LIV vs CHE

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Full time: Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea (Mo Salah 65', Willian 85')


00:50 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Peeep, peeeeeep, peeeeeeeeeep! Full time!

00:49 (IST)26 NOV 2017

90+2' Liverpool give the ball away in the Chelsea half! Can the Blues fashion one last opening? 

00:48 (IST)26 NOV 2017

90+1' Salah nearly restores Liverpool's lead! Milner did well to find the forward from the right, and his shot is saved by Courtois. Corner. 

00:47 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Three minutes to be added on...

00:46 (IST)26 NOV 2017

89' Substitutions for Liverpool: Lallana replaces Coutinho, Mane replaces Oxlade-Chamberlain. 

00:45 (IST)26 NOV 2017

87' Salah is one v one against Cahill but his touch is heavy and the defender is able to pass it back to Courtois! Half a chance!

00:43 (IST)26 NOV 2017

That was the silliest goal Mignolet will concede. A cross, lads and lasses, misjudged by the custodian. A lucky goal, but Chelsea deserve one for all their efforts. 

00:42 (IST)26 NOV 2017

85' GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Willian for Chelsea!

00:42 (IST)26 NOV 2017

84' Chelsea have stretched play well, but Liverpool have so far managed to clear the crosses and win the second balls. The latter is key with Chelsea having so many attackers now!

00:40 (IST)26 NOV 2017

82' Good chance for Chelsea! Zappacosta's cross finds Alonso, and instead of deftly sidefooting it, he tries to smash it and it's way over! Dear me!

00:39 (IST)26 NOV 2017

80' It's end to end now! Chelsea have to attack, and Liverpool have an obligation against shutting up shop. Never expect a dull game at Merseyside, lads and lasses. 

00:37 (IST)26 NOV 2017

79' Chelsea are finding it easy in the Liverpool half because the hosts are still so open! Matip just about clears the ball off Alonso's feet after he is found by a smashing Fabregas pass. 

00:36 (IST)26 NOV 2017

78' Salah does brilliantly to hold on to the ball in the final third and find Wijnaldum. The Dutchman's shot is blocked for a corner by Cahill! From the corner, Chelsea counter but Hazard is found offside! What a waste!

00:34 (IST)26 NOV 2017

77' Substitution for Chelsea: Pedro replaces Bakayoko.

00:34 (IST)26 NOV 2017

76' Fabregas nearly does what he is brought on to do. A stunning pass for Morata, but the striker just drifted to an offside position. Liverpool will have to watch out for that pass. 

00:32 (IST)26 NOV 2017

75' It has been a fairly well-mannered game so far, which isn't generally the case with Liverpool-Chelsea games. No bookings so far. 

00:31 (IST)26 NOV 2017

74' Substitution for Chelsea: Fabregas replaces Drinkwater. 

00:30 (IST)26 NOV 2017

73' Cross after cross from the right flank as Zappacosta has gotten the better of Moreno quite a few times. Liverpool have thus far managed to clear most of them well. 

00:30 (IST)26 NOV 2017

In all the excitement after the goal, I forgot to mention that Wijnaldum replaced Sturridge. More men in midfield. 4-4-2 it seems. 

00:28 (IST)26 NOV 2017

70' Liverpool do well to avoid Hazard and Morata from combining and start a counter of their own with Moreno sprinting on the left. His cross is overhit and Courtois collects safely.  

00:27 (IST)26 NOV 2017

69' Jeez, Henderson! you'd think they'll sit back, but no. Bring on the geggenpress! The skipper makes a sprint from midfield to shut out Cahill in the Chelsea half. The Blues manage to keep possession, however. 

00:25 (IST)26 NOV 2017

67' Chelsea create a chance immediately, but Azpilicueta's pass gets away from Hazard. A bit of miscontrol from the Belgian. Chelsea have the ball and are probing again from the right. 

00:23 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Well, can he stop scoring? Coutinho starts the move and his pass is nearly intercepted by Bakayoko, well nearly! It deflects kindly for Chamberlain, who toe-pokes it for Salah and the Egyptian obliges with a smart finish past Courtois. We have our goal, and the game could open up more now!

00:22 (IST)26 NOV 2017

65' GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL for Liverpool! Mo Salah!

00:20 (IST)26 NOV 2017

63' What a block by Azpilicueta! Salah releases Sturridge on the left, but the striker's shot is blocked acrobatically by Azpi who seemed to have injured himself in the process. 

00:19 (IST)26 NOV 2017

61' Again, Chelsea are finding a lot of space on the left as Moreno isn't able to stop the cross. Chelsea are compact, Liverpool are loose at the back. The away team seem the most likely team to score right now. 

00:18 (IST)26 NOV 2017

59' Calls for handball as it seemed Courtois handles the ball outside the box, but the game goes on. From the counter, Chelsea nearly punish Liverpool but aren't able to find the final ball as Zappacosta's cross is too much for Morata to handle. To be fair, the latter's visibility was blocked as Liverpool had a few defenders back by the time the cross came in. 

00:15 (IST)26 NOV 2017

57' Salah and Sturridge again combine in the Chelsea penalty area, but the defence is so compact that Liverpool can't get a shot away. Jeez, this is frustrating for a neutral. 

00:13 (IST)26 NOV 2017

55' Chamberlain hasn't had the best of games, and it's a surprise he's still on the pitch. Chelsea's midfield numbers have kept him out of the game. Liverpool are now trying to put in a few crosses, but Chelsea are dealing with it easily. 

00:11 (IST)26 NOV 2017

53' A bit of aimless passing from the two sides as they try some route one football, to no avail. The longer the game goes, the safer the two teams will start playing. Which is why we need the subs on now!

00:09 (IST)26 NOV 2017

51' This game is like a tennis point, except the game never finishes! Liverpool could make their changes sooner rather than later if Chelsea keep threatening their goal. As we speak, Liverpool win a freekick. Bakayoko fouls Coutinho. 

00:08 (IST)26 NOV 2017

50' Chelsea break from their own half, from the Liverpool corner, and win a corner of their own as Zappacosta's cross is cleared by Matip. If only this game had a goal!

00:07 (IST)26 NOV 2017

49' Nearly an error by Courtois! A harmless cross by Sturridge goes underneath Courtois' arms and for a corner! Nearly embarrassing! 

00:06 (IST)26 NOV 2017

48' Penalty shouts by the Chelsea players as it seemed Klavan tripped Hazard, but replays suggest he didn't. Chelsea look far more direct in the second half. Liverpool yet to have a spell of possession. 

00:04 (IST)26 NOV 2017

47' Alonso and Bakayoko combine on the left and win a corner. Chelsea have started on the front-foot in the second half. 

00:04 (IST)26 NOV 2017

46' Bad challenge by Mo Salah on Hazard and the away side get a freekick. Helluva way to start the second half, lads. 

00:02 (IST)26 NOV 2017

And we're back for the second half! Chelsea get us started, shooting from right to left!

23:48 (IST)25 NOV 2017

Halftime: Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea

Well, we've had a few chances, but the teams have defended pretty well if you ask me. Liverpool have a bit of firepower to call upon, and after a bright start, perhaps faded a bit as the first half went on. Chelsea have fashioned more clear-cut openings and will be confident themselves. 

23:46 (IST)25 NOV 2017

45+1' Sturridge tries to come deep and make something happen, but his pass isn't accurate enough as the ref blows the whistle for half time. 

23:45 (IST)25 NOV 2017

A minute to be added on...

23:44 (IST)25 NOV 2017

44' Calls for a penalty there as it seemed Hazard pushed Coutinho in the back, but replays suggest it was shoulder to shoulder. Salah subsequently tries to run at the Chelsea defence but Christensen holds him off. 

23:43 (IST)25 NOV 2017

42' Morata tries to find the net from about 20 yards, but it's wide after taking a deflection. A lot of half chances, but the keepers haven't had much to do in the last few minutes. 

23:41 (IST)25 NOV 2017

41' Chance for Liverpool! Salah schools both Kante and Cahill and almost curls on into the bottom right corner!

23:41 (IST)25 NOV 2017

39' Drinkwater and Hazard combine well again and the former's pass to Zappacosta is a blinder! The Italian tries to find a teammate in the box from the right, but it's cleared by Klavan for a corner. Nothing comes off the corner. 

23:40 (IST)25 NOV 2017

38' Chelsea fans are back with their 'Ste Gerrard slipped on his f****** a**e' chant. A bit of bantz is what this game needs, along with goals!

23:37 (IST)25 NOV 2017

36' Nothing comes off the freekick. The positive fact for Liverpool is they still have two good players on the bench to call upon in Mane and Firmino. They'll need them, to be honest. The Reds keep the ball, meanwhile.  

23:35 (IST)25 NOV 2017

34' The game has calmed a bit in terms of clear-cut chances. Chelsea look more threatening, as Courtois is yet to make a good save. Liverpool get a freekick on the right. Can they make it count? 

23:34 (IST)25 NOV 2017

Some stats for you, lads and lasses.

Possession: Liverpool 65% - 35% Chelsea
Shots: Liverpool 3-5 Chelsea
Pass success rate: Liverpool 88% - 76% Chelsea

23:32 (IST)25 NOV 2017

32' Marcos Alonso's freekick is wide. Mignolet had it covered, to be fair. Chelsea have managed more control in the midfield than they did in the first 15 minutes. 

23:31 (IST)25 NOV 2017

31' Foul by Matip on Hazard. Dangerous position this. Hazard is just so quick, and his turn bamboozled the Cameroonian who stopped him illegally. 
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