Manchester United vs Swansea, Live Score and Commentary, Premier League 2016-17 (MUN 1 - 1 SWA)

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Manchester United 1 - 1 Swansea (Rooney 45+3', Sigurdsson 78')


18:28 (IST)30 APR 2017


Another day, another draw. What a frightfully dull match that was to cover. United are still unbeaten - but it somehow doesn't feel anything like it. 

Gylfi Sigurdsson's magic right foot could just keep Swansea in the Premier League. 

That's that, then. Anirudh Menon signing out. 


18:26 (IST)30 APR 2017

95' Llorente almost steals the ball off Blind's toes somewhere in the centre of the park - thing is the Dutchman was the last man back for United! Ashley Young flies down the left and tries to swing it in - but nada. 

18:24 (IST)30 APR 2017

94' Kingsley goes down under pressure from Rashford, but the ref asks him to stop whining and get on with it.

18:22 (IST)30 APR 2017

93' Martial and Rashford pull the trigger, but are not allowed to go all the way by some desperate defending. They win a corner - but the delivery is rubbish

18:21 (IST)30 APR 2017

91' SIX MINUTES ADDED ON! Fer takes out Herrera and the ball with a slide in from behind, but the ref overlooks the taking-out-opposing-player bit.

18:20 (IST)30 APR 2017

90'  United give away another freekick in return, and Gylfi swings it in..... OH MY LORD! HOW DID FERNANDO LLORENTE NOT BURY THAT! Swansea should be in front!

18:20 (IST)30 APR 2017

89' It's one of those cross-shot hybrids that troubles no one in particular.

18:18 (IST)30 APR 2017

88' Martial is cleared out by Fernandez and United have a freekick on the edge of the Swansea box. Marcus Rashford stands over it

18:17 (IST)30 APR 2017

86' Ashley Young curls it in, but Mawson heads it away with contemptous ease. Mawson and Fernandes will be happy to deal with that all day long - especially with Fellaini and Ibrahimovic both not there. 

18:16 (IST)30 APR 2017

85' Tom Carroll tries a longer ranger - but whizzes a couple of inches over De Gea's crossbar. 

18:15 (IST)30 APR 2017

84' Swansea are drawing United deeper and deeper into their territory - and that may not be the wisest decision. Young teases Naughton and curls in a right footer from the left - Lingard gets his head to it but its too meek to trouble Fabianksi

18:12 (IST)30 APR 2017

82' Martial and Jesse Lingard connect in the middle of the pitch, but the latter's touch has well and truly deserted him today. The pass out to Rashford is a ridiculously overhit

18:11 (IST)30 APR 2017

81' OH! OH! Martial tries to curl on from outside the box, but it swerves wildly wide. 

18:10 (IST)30 APR 2017

80' The culprit for the foul, Wayne Rooney is hooked for Henrikh Mkhitaryan. 

18:08 (IST)30 APR 2017

WHAT A FREEKICK. WHAT A GOAL. WHAT AN EQUALISER! Curls into the top corner - unsaveable.

18:08 (IST)30 APR 2017


18:07 (IST)30 APR 2017

77' Wayne Rooney gives away a silly foul by barging into Jordan Ayew just outside his own box. This is prime Gylfi territory

18:06 (IST)30 APR 2017

75' WOOF!!! Valencia smashes one at Fabianski after some neat play by Rooney and Herrera - and Swansea counters at pace! Ayew releases Llorente into the box where he tees up Sigurdsson but the Icelandic's snapshot is way off target

18:03 (IST)30 APR 2017

74' Swansea hit it forward. Manchester United hit back. The Welsh hand back possession immediately. Seriously. Story of this half

18:02 (IST)30 APR 2017

71' Martin Olsson comes on in his stead as Sigurdsson lines up a corner. Wayne Rooney smacks it away with superb defensive header. Ashley Young and Olsson then smash into each other and despite concerns, both of them are alright

18:00 (IST)30 APR 2017

69' OUCH! Jefferson Montero is wiped out by his compatriot Valencia, and he looks like that's it from him. This is going downhill, and rapidly, for Paul Clement. 

17:57 (IST)30 APR 2017

67' Valencia motors forward in typical bustling fashion, but his cross is  going nowhere. Carrick then tries to play in Lingard, but Alfie Mawson is in his way. 

17:55 (IST)30 APR 2017

63' Jefferson Montero is on now as Swansea do what they have to do - get the kitchen sink out of the kitchen and onto the Old Trafford turf

17:54 (IST)30 APR 2017

62' United are gaining in confidence now. Rashford finds his way into the box but his cross is wayward. Swansea move forward but Carroll's cross in to Llorente is a bit too much

17:52 (IST)30 APR 2017

61' Martial barrels into the box before smashing one at Fabianski - the Pole does well to keep it out - of goal, and of the reach of the onrushing strikers

17:50 (IST)30 APR 2017

60' Swansea make a substitution of their own - Leroy Fer is on for Ki. 

17:49 (IST)30 APR 2017

58' Lingard tries to make something happen with a run straight through the heart of the pitch, but it all ends up with nada but a Swansea throw in. Bailly is now limping off to be replaced by Matteo Darmian. OH MY! This is not good for United. Not good at all. 

17:47 (IST)30 APR 2017

57' He seems to be okay for the moment and United continue to pass the ball around with far greater comfort than in the first 45

17:45 (IST)30 APR 2017

55' Eric Bailly is down after a collision with Fernando Llorente. Jose will be praying it's just pain from slamming into the walking barn door that is the Basque

17:44 (IST)30 APR 2017

54' United take it upon themselves to ping the ball amongst themselves for a while. Lingard then tries to wriggle in between Mawson and Fernandes, but the ball runs away from him. This is all much better from United

17:43 (IST)30 APR 2017

53' Rashford has shown excellent game-awareness today. This time he relieves pressure by winning a good foul off Fernandes near the halfway line

17:42 (IST)30 APR 2017

52' Rashford pushes and runs behind Naughton but his initial push had just too much oomph on it. 

17:41 (IST)30 APR 2017

51' Naughton flies past Young and the senior Englishman's 'revenge' tackle merits a yellow but he doesn't really get one. Glyfi swings it in but this one's well defended by United. 

17:39 (IST)30 APR 2017

49' OH HO HO! WAYNE ROONEY! He started it with some excellent bit of string-pulling that released Herrera on the right. The Basque pulled it back for his captain to leather it - but Anthony Martial is in his way!! WHAT A CHANCE!

17:36 (IST)30 APR 2017

46' Swansea start off where they let off in the first half and start passing the ball around in their pleasing manner - till Jordan Ayew strays offside

17:34 (IST)30 APR 2017

PEEP! We're off again!

17:22 (IST)30 APR 2017

17:21 (IST)30 APR 2017


Manchester United go into the break up a goal, but they've done absolutely nothing to deserve it. "Luck" as Mourinho would put it has been on their side, though, and Wayne Rooney's penalty could well usher the brave Swans deeper down into the mire that is the relegation zone.

17:19 (IST)30 APR 2017

Unjustified considering the moment and the duration of the first 45... but that was a perfect penalty. 

17:18 (IST)30 APR 2017


17:18 (IST)30 APR 2017

Marcus Rashford dives. No two ways about it. Fabianski comes out to stop the speeding Englishman... tries to pull out and succeeds in doing so. But it's a penalty....

17:17 (IST)30 APR 2017


17:17 (IST)30 APR 2017

46' TWO MINUTES ADDED ON. I have just one question... why? Mourinho's already trudging his way into the dressing room.....but WAIT!

17:16 (IST)30 APR 2017

45' Martial wakes me, and 70,000 in Old Trafford, up with another surging run down the left. He wins a corner, which amounts to the square root of nothing. Which is still nothing. 

17:15 (IST)30 APR 2017

44' Naughton tries to outmuscle Young on the Swansea right, but his effort comes to 'naught'. Get it? Naughton.. naught... sorry. It's this game, it's getting to me. 

17:14 (IST)30 APR 2017

43' Yellow for Lingard for a petulant, and rather mean, tackle on Jordan Ayew. Tom Carroll stands over the freekick

17:13 (IST)30 APR 2017

42' Lingard smashes one at goal -and why not - but it swerves well wide of Fabianski's far post. Worth the try, though. Especially since there's nothing else going for United in attack

17:12 (IST)30 APR 2017

40' Sigurdsson pickpockets Lingard and tries to play in Llorente, but Bailly steps in athletically and United counter - their movement forward, though, lacks any sort of conviction - and when Valencia finally smashes one into the box, it's easily cleared. The counter was so slow in fact that Llorente's got back to teach Martial a thing or two about winning the ball in the air. The Frenchman is down, but it's nothing some magic spray can't fix

17:09 (IST)30 APR 2017

38' Swansea are outpassing Manchester United like they're Xavi's Barcelona or something. One can certainly understand why Old Trafford has gone as quiet as a church on Sunday morning. 

17:07 (IST)30 APR 2017

36' Swansea's football is so very pleasing on the eye. A loose touch from Ayew, who's just not on the same wavelength as his strike partner, gifts possession back to United - but Fernandes is fouled by a desperate Rashford... and we're back to square one. 
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