Portugal vs Egypt Live Score and Commentary, Pre World Cup 2018 International Friendlies

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Full time: Portugal 0-1 Egypt (Salah 56', Ronaldo 90+2', 90+4')


03:18 (IST)24 MAR 2018

Peeeeeeeeeeeep! Full-time! Wow, I need a breather here! What a finish to the game! Ron was given two chances and you don't just hand it on the plate to the Ballon d'Or holder! 

03:17 (IST)24 MAR 2018

The goal stands! Jeez! What a finish! Ronaldo, single-handedly, wins it! We thought it was Salah's night, it took Ronaldo two minutes to change that. What a player, what an athlete. What a night!

03:16 (IST)24 MAR 2018

90+4' RONALDOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Again! Portugal win it! Surely! They're checking it for an offside, but it doesn't seem like that from the replay!

03:14 (IST)24 MAR 2018

90+3' Shikabala tries hold the ball up top but he doesn't have enough juice in them legs. Portugal get it going again and win a freekick late on! Another goal?!

03:13 (IST)24 MAR 2018

90+2' Ronaldo!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just when you thought this was Egypt's! You don't give him a free header! Beautiful cross by Martins and Hegazy mistimes his jump!

03:12 (IST)24 MAR 2018

90+1' Martins with a slalom ish run on the left and he then manages to play a neat one-two with Bruno. The subsequent cross finds Ronaldo but he isn't able to get his shot away! Egypt get away with one!

03:11 (IST)24 MAR 2018

Four minutes of injury time will be added on...

03:10 (IST)24 MAR 2018

90' A minute left as Egypt manage to calm things down by keeping the ball. Just shield it and you're home. 

03:09 (IST)24 MAR 2018

89' Bruno with a stinging shot but E Shenawy does well to collect it on the second attempt. 

03:08 (IST)24 MAR 2018

87' Bruno Alves is shown a yellow for a rash tackle. The Portuguese players have lost their composure here

03:07 (IST)24 MAR 2018

87' Substitution: Ashour is on for Hamed

03:06 (IST)24 MAR 2018

86' Martins tries to make something from the right with his dancing feet, but his cross is safely blocked by the Egyptian defence. Been the story of the night for the Portuguese wingers who have hit a wall. 

03:06 (IST)24 MAR 2018

85' Salah's replacement rightly takes it, but Beto reads it well and collects it. Portugal need to get moving here...

03:05 (IST)24 MAR 2018

84' Freekick for Egypt at the edge of the Portugal penalty area. 

03:04 (IST)24 MAR 2018

83' Egypt are doing their best impression of a homewrecker, upsetting Portugal's flow with the press and hold up play. I don't see Portugal scoring here, unless the great man pulls something out of the hat. I hope you know whom I'm talking about here...

03:02 (IST)24 MAR 2018

82' Egypt make another forward foray and win a throw-in. Good stuff from them. Portugal clearly lack a game plan...

03:01 (IST)24 MAR 2018

81' Warda with a good headed clearance off Quaresma's cross. Finally, someone decided to stretch play and put in a cross. Brace defending that. 

03:00 (IST)24 MAR 2018

80' Portugal have seen plenty of the ball after the goal but have looked so aimless. Neither have they crossed nor have they tried to go centrally and break the defensive hold of Egypt. 

02:59 (IST)24 MAR 2018

78' Substitution: Salah, the goalscorer, is off for Shikabala. The Egyptian Messi has left the pitch. One Ronaldo is still there. Can he make something happen?

02:57 (IST)24 MAR 2018

77' I spot 10 Egyptian players in their own half. Rock solid defending. Cuper doing a Santos here...

02:56 (IST)24 MAR 2018

76' Substitutions: Guedes is on for Neves, Bruno is on for Andre Silva

02:55 (IST)24 MAR 2018

75' Hegazy with a good cross-field pass for Trezeguet, but the latter's cross is blocked. Egypt win the second ball and manage to keep the ball in the opposition half...

02:54 (IST)24 MAR 2018

74' A bit wayward from both sides. It's Portugal who have sort of lost their composure, trying to rush into their pass in the final third. 

02:53 (IST)24 MAR 2018

73' Quaresma with a shot! Saved by El Shanawy! Martins was much better with his touch and pass to his fellow winger. 

02:52 (IST)24 MAR 2018

72' Portugal give it away and Egypt nearly make them pay! Trezeguet's shot is somehow blocked by Alves! Dangerous plays by the Europeans...

02:51 (IST)24 MAR 2018

71' Bad first touch by Martins but it was a good pass by Ronaldo. Martins is so damn fast, even his bad touches at times can be salvaged, to be honest!

02:50 (IST)24 MAR 2018

70' Ronaldo is caught offside! Pretty clear one. Ali Gabr was on hand to block him either way. 

02:49 (IST)24 MAR 2018

69' Substitution: Gelson Martins is on for Bernardo Silva.

02:48 (IST)24 MAR 2018

68' When Egypt get the ball, they try to delay proceedings. This wasn't seen in the first half. They're inviting the Portuguese side to create gaps at the back and then break. 

02:47 (IST)24 MAR 2018

67' Right, Salah is now playing in a more central role as Warda will play on the right it seems. 

02:46 (IST)24 MAR 2018

Substitution: El Said is off, Amr Warda is on. El Said made that goal-line clearance in the first half that kept the score at 0-0. 

02:45 (IST)24 MAR 2018

65' Mother of God! How close was Guerriero there?! His shot from the corner shaves the post!

02:44 (IST)24 MAR 2018

64' Ronaldo shoots! Al Shenawy saves! A very acute angle, but it needed saving! He's playing more centrally, by the way, as Quaresma is on the left wing.

02:43 (IST)24 MAR 2018

63' Jeez! Quaresma and the outside of the boot go like a duck to water! It was a shame no one was there to meet his cross! Could have had an instant impact!

02:42 (IST)24 MAR 2018

62' Ashour is on for Hassan. A straight swap it seems. Striker replacing a striker. Gutsy from Egypt who don't wanna play that defensively. 

02:41 (IST)24 MAR 2018

61' Subs are on: Quaresma is on for Mario, Andre Gomes is on for Moutinho. 

02:41 (IST)24 MAR 2018

60' Looks like Egypt have moved to a 4-4-2 to defend the lead and make it an extra man in the midfield. 

02:40 (IST)24 MAR 2018

59' Egypt are visibly playing with so much more composure now. They manage a spell of neat passing in the midfield. With a goal to protect, they could be more dangerous on the break. 

02:39 (IST)24 MAR 2018

57' Portugal straight away pepper the Egypt box with crosses but the centre-backs deal with it pretty well. 

02:38 (IST)24 MAR 2018

Just wow. That's Salah summed up this season! Doesn't think about it, just knows what he is supposed to do and he never doubted himself! A good pass by El Said who had the composure not to bottle it, something Egypt didn't have in the first half!

02:36 (IST)24 MAR 2018

56' GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! SALAH!!! What a finish by the attacker!

02:36 (IST)24 MAR 2018

56' The Second half has been pretty dull. Not a lot of half chances that we got to see in the first half...

02:35 (IST)24 MAR 2018

55' Ronaldo is hacked down by Fathy and the latter earns a yellow card. Too much speed for the skipper there!

02:34 (IST)24 MAR 2018

54' Better from Egypt as the fullback Fathy goes forward and delivers a decent cross. Beto read it well but and shuts out the chance...

02:33 (IST)24 MAR 2018

53' Egypt make a rare forward foray but just don't have the composure to keep the ball. Portugal break forward...with Ronaldo...

02:32 (IST)24 MAR 2018

52' Egypt win a freekick. The full-backs need to be more active going forward if they are to pinch a goal here. Way too cagey from the Egyptians. 

02:31 (IST)24 MAR 2018

51' Lose from Portugal again as the Egyptian's try hurrying them into misplacing the ball. They still manage to keep the ball though. 

02:30 (IST)24 MAR 2018

50' What was I saying? The high press allows Egypt some time on the ball as Portugal lose it. 

02:30 (IST)24 MAR 2018

49' Portugal are enjoying possession here but a lot of it in the midfield. Egypt are so well drilled at the back. Occasionally they apply the high press. 

02:29 (IST)24 MAR 2018

48' We saw plenty of Ronaldo in the first half but the end product was lacking. Egypt are playing very deep again, a dangerous thing to do when the opposition has players like Ron and Bernardo who are very skilful. 
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