Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao Live Score and Commentary, La Liga 2017-18

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 19, 2018 02:52 IST

Full time: RMA 1-1 ATH (14' Williams, Ronaldo 87')


02:52 (IST)19 APR 2018

That was an entertaining game! Bilbao took their chance well and could have had another, but their 'keeper deserves the man of the match award. Kepa was outstanding and easily earned them a point tonight with some jaw-dropping saves. Madrid deserved a point at the very least and will be disappointed not to have won the game. 

This is Amit Mishra and it was a pleasure bringing the game to you! Until next time, see you when I see you!

02:50 (IST)19 APR 2018

Peeep, peeeeeeep, peeeeeeeeep! Full time!

02:49 (IST)19 APR 2018

90+3' Bilbao get a freekick in the Madrid half and should close it out now. 

02:48 (IST)19 APR 2018

90+2' Wow, terrible freekick. Sails over the bar and the Madrid fans express their feelings with their whistles...

02:48 (IST)19 APR 2018

90+1' Madrid get a freekick at the edge of the box! Bale and Kroos on the ball...

02:47 (IST)19 APR 2018

90+1' 3 minutes to be added on...

02:47 (IST)19 APR 2018

90' Lucas crossed it and Ronaldo was in position to replicate his famous goal of Turin, the scissors kick! But it was taken off him by the Bilbao defence!

02:46 (IST)19 APR 2018

89' A lot of nervy defenders on the pitch now. Bilbao were so close. If they lose this, no one will be more disappointed than Kepa who has had an outstanding game!

02:45 (IST)19 APR 2018

Good cross from Carvajal to find Modric at the edge of the box with time to set himself up. The Croat takes a touch and smashes it through a sea of legs. Seems like Ronaldo got a touch! Ha, clever flick!

02:43 (IST)19 APR 2018

87' GOAAAAAAAAAAAL! Ronaldo! Finally!

02:43 (IST)19 APR 2018

86' Madrid have looked so disjointed in the last few minutes. Completely opposite to what we witness in the first half. Nevertheless, they get a corner...

02:41 (IST)19 APR 2018

85' Substitution for Bilbao

Aduriz, ON
Williams, OFF

02:41 (IST)19 APR 2018

84' Marcelo goes down and De Marcos gets booked! The Brazilian isn't happy at all and comes back to have a word with the opposition fullback. Temper tantrums...

02:40 (IST)19 APR 2018

82' Bilbao almost score a second! San Jose made a darting run on the right but his cross was too close to the keeper, Navas. Williams cuts a frustrating figure in the box...

02:39 (IST)19 APR 2018

80' Bale makes a forway after a good pass from Marcelo, but his cross is very weak and Kepa comes out to collect the ball again. Madrid need a moment of inspiration here...

02:36 (IST)19 APR 2018

79' Bilbao manage to stem the Madrid passing a bit by knocking the ball long and upsetting the flow. Not a bad ploy. But it's coming straight back, lads. Still no player who can hold the ball up front...

02:34 (IST)19 APR 2018

78' Isco collects the ball from the corner and dances his way past two Bilbao players on the left. His cross is easily cleared as Bilbao have quite a few numbers in their own box. 

02:33 (IST)19 APR 2018

77' Madrid pressing a lot more now as Bilbao are pinned in their own half. A lot more crosses in the last few minutes. Bilao have defended expertly, however. 

02:32 (IST)19 APR 2018

76' Lucas crosses again but it's well cleared by Nunez again who had Ronaldo lurking behind to head it in. Good reading of the game from the centre-back. 

02:31 (IST)19 APR 2018

74' Lucas with the shot on the half volley but the contact isn't the best! Good lofted cross by Marcelo to find the winger in the first place. 

02:30 (IST)19 APR 2018

73' Lucas breaks, finds Ronaldo. The latter tries to bury it but Nunez does very well to deflect it for a corner. Bilbao survive again. 

02:29 (IST)19 APR 2018

72' Bale nearly reacts quickly to flick it in! Unlucky. Did well to change his body shape. 

02:28 (IST)19 APR 2018

71' Ronaldo is playing as the main striker now as Bale is playing on the left. Isco in a more central role. Kepa is yet to make a good save in the second half for all of Madrid's possession. 

02:26 (IST)19 APR 2018

70' Substitution for Bilbao

Cordoba, OFF
Muniain, ON

02:25 (IST)19 APR 2018

69' Double substitution for Real

Bale and Isco, ON
Benzema and Asensio, OFF

02:24 (IST)19 APR 2018

67' Asensio crosses, but Kepa collects, YET again. Madrid are starting to create more often after that little phase involving Bilbao where they missed a sitter. 

02:23 (IST)19 APR 2018

66' Madrid break this time with Asensio and Ronaldo. The latter backheels for Benzema but the Frenchman's shot is deflected for a corner!

02:22 (IST)19 APR 2018

64' What just happened?!?! Bilbao should have made it two, but the away side just can't finish! De Marcos made a good run on the right and his cross was deflected for Cordoba. He had just Carvajal to beat and hit the ball straight to him! The rebound fell for Garcia who smashed the post! How did they not score?!?!?

02:19 (IST)19 APR 2018

62' Bilbao break but Cordoba's pass was a tad overhit for Williams. He still managed to get to it but his cross, in turn, was pathetic and Madrid clear it away easily. 

02:18 (IST)19 APR 2018

61' Ronaldo goes down but the ref waves it away! Seemed like a shoulder to shoulder challenge and Ronaldo went down a bit too easy. 

02:17 (IST)19 APR 2018

60' Been a very scrappy game so far in the second-half. Madrid haven't put one good move together and Bilbao will be pleased they've upset the rhythm without themselves attacking much. 

02:15 (IST)19 APR 2018

59' Momentary stoppage in play as Ramos is off for treatment. Clash of heads...

02:14 (IST)19 APR 2018

57' Just as I type that, Modric takes a shot from the edge of the box. Wide. You can't beat Kepa from there, not when he's in this kind of form...

02:13 (IST)19 APR 2018

56' Garcia wins a header but Williams couldn't react in time to put it past Navas! Madrid have lost the ascendancy they had in the first half in terms of controlling the game. 

02:12 (IST)19 APR 2018

55' Bilbao are in the lead and can put Madrid to the sword on the break. But they seem so content to do the defending rather than take a gamble and break when Madrid are in transition. 

02:11 (IST)19 APR 2018

54' Bilbao with a bit of possession but they give it away so cheapy as Iturraspe's long pass is overhit. 

02:09 (IST)19 APR 2018

52' Williams is being a good threat, dropping back a few times to help out the midfielders. The movement of the wingers is a bit cagey though. No width at all. 

02:08 (IST)19 APR 2018

51' Bilbao get a corner! Iturraspe to take it...

02:07 (IST)19 APR 2018

50' Lucas tries another darting run down the middle but overruns the ball and Bilbao clear it. Too eager there, the winger...

02:06 (IST)19 APR 2018

49' Madrid don't really have to change anything here. Bilbao, on the other hand, can't afford to expose Kepa as often as they did in the first half. Can't rely on him saving everything!

02:05 (IST)19 APR 2018

48' De Marcos with a cross this time only to be collected by Navas. Pretty even second half so far...

02:04 (IST)19 APR 2018

47' Carvajal tries to put a cross, hoping to find Ronaldo, but who's there to come out and collect the ball? Kepa!

02:03 (IST)19 APR 2018

46' Not a bad start by Bilbao as Williams could have been through on goal had the passing been a bit better! 

02:02 (IST)19 APR 2018

We're back underway at the Bernabeu! Bilbao get us started, shooting from left to right...

01:48 (IST)19 APR 2018

Halftime at the Bernabeu. Madrid have absolutely dominated yet find themselves behind. Lucas and Asensio have been pretty active and Ronaldo has hit the post. 

The story of the first half is undoubtedly Kepa Arrizabalaga. Unbelievable reflexes to deny the Madrid attackers. We'll be back soon! Stick around, ladies and gents!

01:47 (IST)19 APR 2018

45+2' Benzema is found well by Ronaldo but the Frenchman runs straight into Iturraspe. And that's that!

01:46 (IST)19 APR 2018

45+1' Two minutes have been added on. As I type that, Lucas is booked. Another good run but he was dispossessed. He tried to win the ball back but fouled Mikel in the process. 

01:44 (IST)19 APR 2018

44' Madrid with 73% possession, and more than 10 shots. Kepa: You shall not pass...

01:43 (IST)19 APR 2018

43' WHAT THE HELL?!?! Asensio and Lucas combine well and the latter takes a shot that Kepa had no right to save. How the hell did he save that?!? This seems like a training session with Madrid playing against just one keeper who seems like he is on steroids!

01:42 (IST)19 APR 2018

42' Madrid have sort of taken the foot of their gas. Partly because Jose Ziganda is furious on the touchline after his side have been decimated yet are somehow in the lead. Bilbao pressing here...
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