Real Madrid vs Las Palmas Live Score and Commentary, La Liga 2017-18

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Real Madrid 1-0 Las Palmas FT! Casemiro 41' Aensio 56' Isco 74'


03:07 (IST)6 NOV 2017

And that's all she wrote! Yours truly's prediction was spot on. Real Madrid weren't at their convincing best but you just can't deny them for 90 minutes for all the quality that they possess. Solid at the back and industrious going forward, Real Madrid took charge of the game in the second half. 

First, it was Marco Asensio who extended the lead with an absolute peach from 30 yards out in the 56th minute. Then it was Cristiano Ronaldo's excellent squared pass that set up Isco that sealed the game.

That should do their confidence a world of good.

Anyway, hope y'all had fun at the yap centre. The international break will push us into dormancy but we shalt make a return, my lads.

Until then,


03:03 (IST)6 NOV 2017

92' Michel whips one in from the right wing. But Calleri has a half-chance and tries to make something out of it. But it flies wide.

03:02 (IST)6 NOV 2017

90' 3 minutes of added time. Rather insignificant.

03:01 (IST)6 NOV 2017

89' OH RONALDO! He couldn't be the first to a low cross by Nacho from the left flank. There's a scramble in the box but Raul gobbles it up before someone in a white shirt barged in with a poke.

03:00 (IST)6 NOV 2017

88' Ximo Navarro with an audacious run in the middle of the pitch, runs past 2 Real Madrid players before trying to free Loic Remy in the box with a floated early ball. But Vallejo flies to latch on to it and clears his line.

02:57 (IST)6 NOV 2017

86' Ronaldo finds Asensio on the left flank. He cuts it back to Isco who plays a diagonal to Nacho on the right flank. Lucas and Nacho try to combine on the right side to break the Las Palmas defense down but the ball rolls into the grasp of Raul before Nacho gets to the end of Lucas Vasquez' through ball.

02:56 (IST)6 NOV 2017

84' The corner comes to nothing and Madrid break on the counter. Asensio is bullied on the left flank by 3 Las Palmas players and the referee blows the whistle and asks everyone to take a chill pill and stop hounding the poor sod like he's walked into the favela wearing gold chains and smoking a Cuban cigar.

02:55 (IST)6 NOV 2017

83' Hernan who came in just minutes before, tries to whip one in from the right side of the box but Vallejo dives and heads it out for a corner.

02:54 (IST)6 NOV 2017

81' OH SERGIO RAMOS! Hits the crossbar!

Corner for Real Madrid comes to nothing at first. But the subsequent cross from the right flank is met by Ramos who is denied first by Raul and then by the crossbar.

02:51 (IST)6 NOV 2017

79' Real Madrid appeal for a penalty as Nacho falls down in the box. But there was nothing there. Nacho pretty much assigned himself to hug the floor.

02:50 (IST)6 NOV 2017

78' Dani Ceballos is hacked down by Ximo Navarro. That's an ugly tackle. Ceballos is clutching at the grass. But he's up now.

02:49 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Goes for it from inside the box with his left foot. But he gets underneath the ball a bit too much.

Meanwhile, L. Vasquez has come in for Benzema. D. Ceballos has come in for Toni Kroos.

02:47 (IST)6 NOV 2017

75' Marcos Llorente unleashes one from 20 yards out but his left-footed strike is not on target.

02:46 (IST)6 NOV 2017


Transition at the blink of an eye. Asensio and Ronaldo combine delightfully on the right flank and the best footballer in the world surges ahead and picks Isco out in the centre of the box with pin-point precision. Isco doesn't even have to adjust his feet. He just sidefoots it past Raul and runs to the right flank to thank the provider for his absolute brilliance!

02:43 (IST)6 NOV 2017

71' Real Madrid enjoying a nice spell of possession in the attacking half. But no end product.

02:41 (IST)6 NOV 2017


Ronaldo cuts in from the right, cuts past Dani Castellano and Bigas and tries to curl one into the right top corner but it's slightly high and wide. But that's more like the Ronaldo we have got used to over the past decade or so.

02:39 (IST)6 NOV 2017

68' Poor cross from the right flank by Vallejo. It goes over everyone and Las Palmas have a goalkick.

02:38 (IST)6 NOV 2017

66' Castellano is brought down by Isco and Las Palmas have won themselves some time to regroup.

02:36 (IST)6 NOV 2017

64' Freekick to Real Madrid as an off the ball challenge is delivered on Casemiro who "writhes in pain".

02:35 (IST)6 NOV 2017

62' Real Madrid piling on the pressure. But Las Palmas win it back. Michel with a neat clip over Kroos in his own territory, breaks into a solo run. But Kroos tracks him down and clatters into him from behind. Gets a yellow card. Cynical challenge by ze German.

02:32 (IST)6 NOV 2017


Kroos belted it so hard the ball was swivelling in the air. Raul somehow gets a hand to it and the ball goes out for a corner. The subsequent corner is rubbish.

02:30 (IST)6 NOV 2017

59' Marcelo tries to slot one in on the full but he doesn't catch it well enough from the left side of the box and it flies wide off the mark.

02:30 (IST)6 NOV 2017

57' Las Palmas look like the wind has been knocked out of his sails. That's the kindof impact absolute stunners have on games.

02:28 (IST)6 NOV 2017

Toni Kroos takes a freekick from the right flank and Raul comes out to punch it clear. The ball falls to Asensio outside the box and he puts his laces through it- leathers it- with that spectacular left foot of his. It blazes into the top corner. Almost tore the net! What a goal. 

02:25 (IST)6 NOV 2017

53' One more neat delivery by Ximo into the crowded Madrid box. Vitolo screams for a penalty. Casemiro pulled him but Vitolo tried to make too much of it.

02:23 (IST)6 NOV 2017

52' Dani Castellano with some real enterprise down the left flank almost runs past Vallejo before his brought down right outside the box. Las Palmas have a freekick.

02:22 (IST)6 NOV 2017

50' Calleri was calling for it from inside the box. Ximo's speculative cross from the right flank is almost on target but it rolls out for a goalkick.

02:20 (IST)6 NOV 2017

49' The corner is rubbish and nothing comes from it. Las Palmas have possession in their own hands.

02:20 (IST)6 NOV 2017

48' Marcelo whips one in but Bigas clears it for a corner before Ramos can get to the end of it. 

02:19 (IST)6 NOV 2017

47' Isco drags the ball away from a couple of Las Palmas defenders before playing to Kroos. Kroos finds Marcelo who slides it to Casemiro. Casemiro tries to drive into the box but the ball rolls into the grasp of Raul.

02:17 (IST)6 NOV 2017

46' Isco with some quick feet releases Ronaldo on the left flank. Ronaldo drives one into the box but it is hardly threatening and it is cleared.

02:16 (IST)6 NOV 2017

45' PEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! The second half is upon us. Can Real Madrid seal the deal? 

02:02 (IST)6 NOV 2017

45' PEEEEEEEEEEEP! PEEEEEEEP! PEEEEEP! Isco ends the first half with a yellow card. No stoppage time and the teams retreat to the respective dressing rooms with Madrid leading at the halftime break thanks to a Casemiro header.

02:00 (IST)6 NOV 2017

43' CALLERI! Heads it wide. He's flagged offside anyway!

Las Palmas get a freekick from 40 yards out and Calleri leaps above Ramos to get to it but he can't get it on target. He's flagged offside but replays suggest otherwise.

01:58 (IST)6 NOV 2017

42' Ronaldo is flagged offside. He almost went clear there inside the box but the play has to be pulled back.

01:56 (IST)6 NOV 2017


It's a beautiful delivery from Asensio but it's headed on before Casemiro gets to the end of it. Brilliant header to beat Raul. The deadlock is broken.

01:55 (IST)6 NOV 2017

38' BENZEMA! Misses a clear header!

What a delectable ball from the right wing from the glorious left foot of Asensio. Benzema is free in the center and he doesn't even make a connection. His form has deserted him and that he is making abundantly clear.

01:53 (IST)6 NOV 2017

36' Real Madrid wins another corner but it is not threatening. But they win the ball back and following some neat trickery by Isco on the left, the ball is crossed in and headed out for a corner. The subsequent corner is headed clear by Gomes but it falls to Marcelo who unleashes a shot from range but it sails high and wide. Not that high and wide though.

01:51 (IST)6 NOV 2017

35' RONALDO! Diving header is straight at Raul!

Marcelo crosses it in and Ronaldo leaps and meets it but his shot is hit straight at Raul.

01:49 (IST)6 NOV 2017

33' It's a repeat. Ronaldo hits the wall and is screaming for some reason that's beyond us.

01:48 (IST)6 NOV 2017

32' Ronaldo is brought down 25 yards out and Ronaldo will have another go. Will he? Can he?

01:47 (IST)6 NOV 2017

31' Nacho! Good shot with his left from outside the box. Goes out for a corner.

01:45 (IST)6 NOV 2017

29' Isco on the left side, gives it to Marcelo in the final third. Marcelo can't find enough space to cross it in. He gives it back to Isco who can't keep it in.

01:43 (IST)6 NOV 2017

27' Ronaldo! Hits the post and goes out!

That's the Cristiano Ronaldo we want to see. He feigns a shot and cuts inside after shifting the ball to his left foot and he tries to carve one into the corner. His post is way out of Raul's reach but it hits the post and goes out for a goal-kick.

01:42 (IST)6 NOV 2017

25' Ronaldo on the left wing tries to put in a cross but Bigas clears his lines. Real are at it again though as they advance higher up the pitch. Ronaldo and Marcelo combining well on the left. The subsequent cross is headed by Casemiro whose header is tame. But the ball falls to Kroos who smashes it but he hits Ronaldo on the way.

01:40 (IST)6 NOV 2017

24' Straight into the wall! Ronaldo struck that nicely but it comes to nothing. Real have a throw-in.

01:39 (IST)6 NOV 2017

23' Ronaldo steals the ball from Dani Castellano and finds Isco on the left side. Isco combines with Kroos but it gets recycled back out of the box but Kroos is brought down rather cruelly. Ronaldo stands by the ball.

01:38 (IST)6 NOV 2017

22' Bigas deals with a Real Madrid through ball on the left side of the box. Las Palmas being a little too casual in their territory. 

01:37 (IST)6 NOV 2017

20' OH! Ximo gets flagged offside. Could have been something special for Las Palmas!

Aquilani should have opted to go for Calleri but he chooses to go to Ximo on the right flank who is marginally offside.

01:34 (IST)6 NOV 2017

18' Real Madrid playing it out from the back. Gradually transitioning into attack. Asensio plays it to Isco on the left flank. Isco finds Marcelo who serves a delightful cross into the box but Bigas is first to it and they head it back to Raul who picks it up with ease.
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