Real Murcia vs Barcelona Live Score and Commentary Copa del Rey 2017-18

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Real Murcia 0-3 FC Barcelona, FT! Paco Alcacer 44' Deulofeu 52' Arnaiz 56'


02:51 (IST)25 OCT 2017

92' PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! The corner is nothing but an exercise in futilty and Barcelona will go into the second leg with an advantage of 3 away goals. Murcia have more chances of parting the sea than overturning this deficit at Camp Nou. It ends Real Murcia 0-3 FC Barcelona!

That's all from me. Signing off, this is Shambhu Ajith.


02:48 (IST)25 OCT 2017

92' Final seconds ticking away and Murcia have a corner kick. Probably the last piece of action of the match.

02:48 (IST)25 OCT 2017

90' Roberto with a spectacular run down the right flank, powers past 2 defenders and finds Andre Gomes in the centre who plays and stop and go ball to Arnaiz whose shot is saved.

02:47 (IST)25 OCT 2017

89' Chamorro leaps high into the air in a bid to reach a lofted ball from the right flank but Cillessen is first to it.

02:46 (IST)25 OCT 2017

89' Denis Suarez unleashes a shot from the right side, just outside the area, but it's hit straight at Santome.

02:44 (IST)25 OCT 2017

88' The drag back from the right wing from the Murcia winger doesn't reach its desired target and Barcelona launch a quick counter.

02:44 (IST)25 OCT 2017

86' Mascherano with yet another brilliant tackle to stop Chamorro from going one on one. He goes down and Cillessen comes to his aid to help stretch his legs. He gets a warm round of applause for that gesture. 

02:41 (IST)25 OCT 2017

A clever dink into the box and the striker hits it straight at Cillessen. He was one on one and should have buried it. They have missed at least 4 good goalscoring opportunities tonight.

02:40 (IST)25 OCT 2017

83' Substitution for Barcelona. Cucurella comes in for Barcelona!

02:39 (IST)25 OCT 2017

82' Arnaiz keeps the ball despite the defenders doubling up on him. They then find the ball on the right flank and almost find Paco inside the area. Threatening stuff from Barcelona.

02:37 (IST)25 OCT 2017

80' Arnaiz with a deft little pass into the box for Gomes and he tries to take it on the turn but can't get enough of a touch and it rolls into the hands of Santome.

02:36 (IST)25 OCT 2017

78' Gimenez with some lovely feet as he dances past Semedo but he has no one to support him and has to turn around and pass the ball back into midfield. Barcelona regain possession and are on the attack once again.

02:33 (IST)25 OCT 2017

76' Substitution for Barcelona!
Rakitic in, Alena off!

02:32 (IST)25 OCT 2017

75' Substitution for Real Murcia!
Ortiz in, Mateos out!

02:32 (IST)25 OCT 2017

74' Murcia on the break again but Barcelona win the ball back from the halfway line. They switch flanks in a bid to open up the Murcia defence with the trickery of Arnaiz and Digne. But they are too complacent at the momentum and sends the ball back into rotation.

02:29 (IST)25 OCT 2017

72' Deulofeu almost set up to perfection by Jose Arnaiz but his final ball is lacking in weight and pace and Deulofeu can't add to his tally.

02:28 (IST)25 OCT 2017

70' MURCIA WITH THEIR BEST CHANCE OF THE MATCH! Chamorro can't beat Cillessen from 2 yards out.

Exquisite football from Real Murcia as they split the Barcelona midfield with 3 swift passes and the ball is swung in low from the left flank and Chamorro gets to it before Cillessen but he can't lift it over the Barca keeper and the ball comes back to him. But it's a repeat of the same and Murcial miss a glorious opportunity to win themselves some consolation.

02:26 (IST)25 OCT 2017

68' Arnaiz again with a beautiful run. He tries to cut in and unleash a shot but Murcia defender blocks it away as Ray Hudson lets out a wild sigh on air.

02:25 (IST)25 OCT 2017

67' Arnaiz with some great feet on the left flank to keep the ball. They are walking around the park with the ball.

02:23 (IST)25 OCT 2017

65' Barcelona enjoying their time on the ball. They are running the ball around, killing the cock- that 3rd goal seems to have taken some air out  of the game. 
Just as we are saying that, Digne serves one into the box and Alcacer heads it but it's straight at Santome.

02:21 (IST)25 OCT 2017

64' Murcia with a brief spell of possession. Finding some spaces on the flanks and they win a throw-in on the left side. 

02:20 (IST)25 OCT 2017

62' Barcelona pass the ball in and around the final third looking to find a way in. But Murcia squeezes them out of possession and are trying to launch an attack of their own now.

02:18 (IST)25 OCT 2017

60'  Substitution- Fernando Llorente and Molinero and in comes Sanchez and Chamorro.

02:16 (IST)25 OCT 2017

58' Murcia who started with so much promise seem to have lost their grip on the match and are now sitting deep and letting Barcelona unleash their fury on them. Arnaiz with nimble feet almost creates something out of nothing from inside the box on the left flank. But it's 3 on 1 and the traffic gets the better of him.

02:13 (IST)25 OCT 2017


Denis Suarez slides it to Arnaiz on the left side. He cuts in and takes a couple of strides before slotting carving it into the right bottom corner. GOLAZO!

02:11 (IST)25 OCT 2017

54' Barcelona slowing it down a little bit here.

02:08 (IST)25 OCT 2017


Just as we were writing him off, Deulofeu nutmegs past one and drives past the next and slots it past Santome to the far corner. What pace, what control!

02:08 (IST)25 OCT 2017

50' Deulofeu lacking the final product. He has the pace, he has the technique but he just hasn't been able to provide the final ball. Meanwhile, yet another brilliant ball flighted into the box from the left flank by Lucas Digne. Denis Suarez can't get to it first and Murcia clears.

02:06 (IST)25 OCT 2017

49' PACE from Deulofeu!
Deulofeu goes past the first defender like a flash of lightning and gets past another before he's brought down. Freekick for Barcelona is headed out for a corner. The subsequent corner is rubbish.

02:05 (IST)25 OCT 2017

47' Molinero with a lovely through ball to Jordan and his cross is blocked away for a corner. Their first of the match. It's driven in near post but it's cleared away.

02:04 (IST)25 OCT 2017

46' Barcelona trying to work the left flank, but they can't get anything to happen. Murcia are defending well.

02:01 (IST)25 OCT 2017

PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Second half begins! 

01:46 (IST)25 OCT 2017

45' PEEEEEEP! No stoppage time. That's it here in the first half!

01:44 (IST)25 OCT 2017


Deulofeu cuts inside on the right flank and serves a lovely ball to Alcacer who sends the ball against its momentum and into the right corner. Murcia defenders are heartbroken.

01:43 (IST)25 OCT 2017

42' Deulofeu with a dangerous ball in but it's cleared away as Murcia hold their own.

01:42 (IST)25 OCT 2017

41' Alcacer hits the wall and the ball goes out for a corner.

01:42 (IST)25 OCT 2017

41' Carlos Alena subjected to a terrible tackle from behind. He gets wiped out and hits the deck with a thud. Freekick for Barcelona right outside the box. Looks like Paco is going to take it.

01:41 (IST)25 OCT 2017


Deulofeu with a spectacular ball into the box and Paco leaps into the air and tries to guide it home but he can't get the direction on it and Santome parries it before Alena strikes it into the sky.

01:39 (IST)25 OCT 2017

38' Murcia have spent less time on the ball but they have been effective on the counter and are certainly doing enough to have La Blaugrana worried right now. They are on with a neat spell of possession and the crowd is getting into the game as Murcia attack down the left. Molinero's cross almost finds the striker but Vermaelen intervenes brilliantly and it gets cleared away.

01:37 (IST)25 OCT 2017

35' Murcia win the ball and foray into the final third. It's 4 on 4 as they use their width to stretch Barcelona. But he decides to cut in and take a shot despite the striker crying out for a ball and it is deflected and plucked out of the air by Cillessen.

01:35 (IST)25 OCT 2017

34' Digne with a lovely ball into the box. Santome clears it out but he clashes head first with his defender. Both are up on their feet now.

01:34 (IST)25 OCT 2017

32' A little iffy from Barcelona at the back. Cillessen's hurried clearance is blocked and it flies into the area near the penalty spot but Deulofeu is first to it and clears it away.

01:32 (IST)25 OCT 2017

30' Mascherano picks out Semedo on the right flank. But he can't reach it in time to control it but kicks it out before it goes for a goalkick. 

01:31 (IST)25 OCT 2017

29' Murcia have had 3 shots and Barcelona have had only one. The minnows taking the game to the Catalan giants.

01:30 (IST)25 OCT 2017

Nadjib with a devastating run on the left side and he has the time to stop by the touchline and pickout the striker. But it's a terrible shot from him and it flies high above the crossbar.

01:27 (IST)25 OCT 2017

25' Murcia with no real possession so far. Barcelona are passing the ball around without much trouble. Their attack down the left flank comes to a stop after a foul is committed in the area by Alcacer.

01:24 (IST)25 OCT 2017

23' Denis Suarez is furious as the ref awards a goalkick. The ball looked to have went out off the Murcia player. Tough luck.

01:23 (IST)25 OCT 2017

21' OH OH! Barcelona come so close!
Barcelona win a corner and Vermaelen needed to just tap it in but he caught it too early and it is gobbled up by Santome.

01:21 (IST)25 OCT 2017

20' Freekick for Barcelona on the right flank. Deulofeu is brought down.

01:21 (IST)25 OCT 2017

19' Mascherano with yet another exquisitely timed tackle to win the ball back and Barcelona push ahead with more intent this time. Deulofeu with a lobbed ball into the box and Alcacer tries to bring it down from shoulder height but it's a little too difficult to pull off and it ends up in Santome's hands.
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