Southampton vs Manchester United Live Score and Commentary, Premier League 2017-18 SOU vs MUN

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Southampton 0-1 Man United (Lukaku 20')


21:26 (IST)23 SEP 2017


And that's that. United squeeze through by the skin of their teeth - Southampton threw everything they had at the United goal, but a combination of poor finishing (HOW DID ROMEU MISS THAT CHANCE) and some hardy backs-to-the-wall defending meant that Lukaku's first half-goal was the decisive one. 

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21:23 (IST)23 SEP 2017


21:22 (IST)23 SEP 2017

94' The ref walks toward the fourth ref for a discussion with the fourth ref and Mourinho gets sent off! WHAT!

21:21 (IST)23 SEP 2017

93' Herrera punts it forward but Lukaku is brushed off the ball rather surprisingly by Hoedt... Southampton counter at pace and it's yet another corner. 

21:20 (IST)23 SEP 2017

92' Rashford is taken off for Blind as Jose Mourinho pulls down the shutters rather comprehensively - that's a six-man defence now. 

21:19 (IST)23 SEP 2017

91' Head tennis klaxon! Tadic - Austin - Smalling exchange headers but Fellaini does well to win yet another freekick,

21:18 (IST)23 SEP 2017


21:17 (IST)23 SEP 2017

89' What a fantastic ball in from James Ward-Prowse and an equally brilliant header out from Jones! Smalling, though, smashed into him and the hurt Englishman takes the opportunity to ease the sting out of the game. 

21:16 (IST)23 SEP 2017

88' Tadic does ever so well to irritate the living daylights out of Matic and Herrera and he forces the Serb to bundle it over - yellow for the ex-Chelsea man.  

21:15 (IST)23 SEP 2017

87' United haven't touched the ball with any measure of seriousness this half... Saints step up the pressure but Lemina's ball out to Ward-Prowse is loose. 

21:14 (IST)23 SEP 2017

86' Southampton step forward with calm confidence... they have been superb this half and much, much the superior side. 

21:13 (IST)23 SEP 2017

84' Ward-Prowse sends in a ball that's simply too deep for anyone but United just can't get away from their own area... Jones goes down comically under pressure from Redmond -  as he intercepts a pass to the Saints man, and he wins a freekick that brings a great deal of relief to the men in black

21:11 (IST)23 SEP 2017

82' Charlie Austin is on for Shane Long and James Ward-Prowse is on for Cedric Soares.... the home side can sense a point, and even three, here. 

21:10 (IST)23 SEP 2017

81' Once again Fellaini does simply superbly to intercept and clear the ball to Lukaku who runs at four Saints defenders - and ignores Fellaini's great run on the outside... he gets dispossessed and Lukaku gives away a cheap foul. Earns himself a yellow, too

21:08 (IST)23 SEP 2017

80' More concentrated Southampton pressure sees United's defence creak - but an aimless punt forward from Hoedt puts an end to that. 

21:07 (IST)23 SEP 2017

79' OH HERRERA! OH HERRERA! Lukaku does simply superbly to skip past two Saints defenders before laying the ball off to Herrera who's as free as a wild bird inside the Saints box.... from there, he pulls off a horrible shank of a finish that flies high and wide

21:06 (IST)23 SEP 2017

78' OH MY LORD! ORIEL ROMEU!!!! SHANE LONG!!! The Spaniard rips past Herrera and sends a pass/shot at the far corner where inexplicably doesn't make an attempt to get to it!

21:05 (IST)23 SEP 2017

77' OH! LUKAKU does superbly to hold off Hoedt and turn him before attempting a ball into the box that is just beyond Fellaini!

21:03 (IST)23 SEP 2017

76' Southampton are hogging the ball like they are Barcelona at the Camp Nou toying with Cultural Leonesa; untill Fellaini does ever so well to win a freekick off Tadic. 

21:02 (IST)23 SEP 2017

75' Mourinho is running a touch scared here and he wants to bolster that backline... Chris "Mike" Smalling is sent on for Henrikh Mkhitaryan. 

21:02 (IST)23 SEP 2017

74' Tadic tries to send one deep into the box where the new man is waiting but the ball sails over the Italian's head and into De Gea's arms. 

21:01 (IST)23 SEP 2017

72' Cedric sends the ball into the box twice - but the second time De Gea plucks it out of thin air. United simply can't get the ball at their feet! Southampton goes for the kill as Pellegrino throws on Gabbiadini for Davis

20:59 (IST)23 SEP 2017

72' OH MY! OH MY! SOUTHAMPTON ARE REALLY PUTTING THE SQUEEZE ON! Tadic receives the ball in the box but is crowded out just as he gets ready to pull the trigger. 

20:59 (IST)23 SEP 2017

71' Fellaini does ever so well to hold on to the ball in the Southampton half as he relieves pressure on his defence... but then he ends up giving away a foul after pressure from Romeu. 

20:57 (IST)23 SEP 2017

70' OUCH! Valencia comes screaming in, slips, and crashes into Davis. Yellow for the United captain and a world of pain for his Saints counterpart. 

20:57 (IST)23 SEP 2017

69' More intricate passing pushes United deeper and deeper... this allows Redmond to find some space from twenty-five yards out but his turn and shot is rather weak. No problem for De Gea. 

20:56 (IST)23 SEP 2017

68' United are being backed up against the ropes here... Redmond runs at Mkhitaryan and Valencia and beats them both but he can't get the better of Fellaini!

20:55 (IST)23 SEP 2017

67' Southampton are not to be held back, though.... and they win a corner... OH! MY! CHANCE!! The corner is sent in deep and Romeu sends it goalward but Fellaini does ever so well to head the ball away off the goalline. 

20:54 (IST)23 SEP 2017

66' OH! CHANCE! LUKAKU! Another United counter leaves the away side 3 v 3 and Mkhitaryan plays in Lukaku - who takes on the shot from a narrow-angle but Foster saves with his legs. 

20:53 (IST)23 SEP 2017

65' Lemina is running the show in the middle of the park and he skips past Matic once again... but this time his pass out to the wings is misplaced

20:52 (IST)23 SEP 2017

64' Herrera plays a weird-looking pass that trundles along perfectly to Lukaku's feet and the Belgian holds of Yoshida before feeding Mkhitaryan.. the Armenian attempts an ambitious shot that merely bounces off Hoedt and into Foster's relieved arms. 

20:50 (IST)23 SEP 2017

63' The ball is worked around with intent before Davis sends one into the stands... Mourinho reads the danger of his midfield getting overrun and brings on Ander Herrera for Juan Mata

20:50 (IST)23 SEP 2017

62' OH MY! WHAT A BALL CEDRIC! Tadic and his right back combine superbly to cut open United down their left channel, Young woefully exposed - but his ball into the box just misses a diving Shane Long!

20:48 (IST)23 SEP 2017

61' OH! CHANCE! Redmond does ever so well to jink away from Valencia before floating in a superb ball that Long just can't get enough purchase on. 

20:47 (IST)23 SEP 2017

60' Lemina gives away possession with a loose ball to De Gea but the Spaniard returns the favour with a terrible kick-out...

20:47 (IST)23 SEP 2017

59' A superb passing move from the home side allows Cedric to float in behind Young but Rashford does well to keep track of his run, and it's just another corner... from which nothing of note materialises. 

20:46 (IST)23 SEP 2017

58' United haven't come to grips with this half quite yet and Southampton are dominating possession - and are pinging the ball hither and htither with pleasing ease. 

20:45 (IST)23 SEP 2017

57' Redmond skips away from Rashford with absurd ease and motors into the box before arrowing a shot at the near post from a narrow angle - that's not beating De Gea

20:44 (IST)23 SEP 2017

56' Southampton can sense a goal here and Lemina and tries to play in Long with a lovely little jink that is acrobatically cut out by Valencia...

20:43 (IST)23 SEP 2017

55' OOO! A loose pass from Cedric there and Mata tries to dribble his way through Hoedt and Yoshida but the two have too much muscle for the little Spanish magician.

20:43 (IST)23 SEP 2017

54' AH! Pep Guardiola would have had tears seeing that... some lovely one-touch passing from United in their own half sees them work their way out of trouble... and Mkhitaryan does well to win a foul 

20:41 (IST)23 SEP 2017

53' Southampton's passing momentum is stopped in its tracks by a crunching Matic tackle - and Lukaku winning a smart foul - but the Saints regain possession soon enough with a crunching tackle of their own via Oriel Romeu

20:41 (IST)23 SEP 2017

52' Long is making life impossible for Bailly and he hassles, and harries, the Ivorian to play in Redmond who almost works his way into the box. 

20:40 (IST)23 SEP 2017

51' OH ROMEU! HOW DID HE MISS THAT! The corner pinballs around the six-yard area before falling to Romeu - all alone four yards from goal - and the Spaniard goes onto smash that a good five yards wide off goal! HORRENDOUS MISS!

20:39 (IST)23 SEP 2017

50' OH! Another incredibly simple long punt forward finds Tadic in space in the box and Jones has to come steaming in with a lovely tackle that makes sure it's just a corner...

20:38 (IST)23 SEP 2017

49' Redmond shakes off Valencia and plays in a high ball that is nicked off Long's forehead by Bailly.... Rashford counterattacks with extreme prejudice and tries to play in Lukaku... but the Belgian gets penalised for a slight push on Hoedt

20:37 (IST)23 SEP 2017

48' It's a good corner first time around but United scrap it away for another.. the second one is not great from Davis but Saints keep ahold of the ball and start a slow strangulation of United's box

20:36 (IST)23 SEP 2017

47' Yoshida plays in a simple ball in behind Young - who's lack of defensive nous is getting woefully exposed here - and Tadic does well to win the corner. 

20:34 (IST)23 SEP 2017

46' OH! Rashford tries to dummy his way past Cedric Soares but the Portuguese right-back does well to hold his ground

20:33 (IST)23 SEP 2017

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