Fouaad Mirza Equestrian Olympics 2021 Individual Cross-Country: India loses place in top 10 after Eventing

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06:04 (IST)1 AUG 2021

That's all for today.

Mirza has one more event to go which is the jumping event. All he has to do is finish in the top 25 to qualify for the Eventing Individual Jumping final.

It will be a slow day for fans as there will not be many Indian athletes in action today. Next up will be Satish Kumar who faces the defending champion Bakhodir Jalolov at 9:36 am.

So until then, take care and goodbye.

05:53 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Fouaad Mirza takes 13th place

Mirza has moved down to 13th place as finish the cross country. His total is now 39.20.

05:52 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Mirza is down on time, so he might lose his place in the top 10 rank. The stipulated time to complete the jump is 7:45. But he is already in the seventh minute and there is a lot of jumping to do.

05:49 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Mirza comes to the four-minute mark as he and Medicott continue to cross the obstacles.

05:47 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Fouaad Mirza talks about his aim for Olympics

Mirza scored a double silver with Seigneur at the most recent Asian Games in Team and Individual, and having worked under Germany’s Sandra Auffarth, he’s looking to make a significant impact. 

“I’m a competitive person,” he told “I’m not interested in just making up the numbers. I came here to do well. My horse is in really good form. 

“Everyone wants to finish No.1. We’ll try our very, very best and who knows what we can achieve. It might just be enough to finish among the top few.”

05:45 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Mirza begins his exercise

05:43 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Laura Collett and London 52 take the bronze medal position after a  brilliant run in the course. She finishes the course in less than eight minutes.

05:28 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Participants in action

05:17 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Three more participants before Fouaad Mirza takes the course.

05:16 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Still Confused about Equestrian?

Dont worry we got you covered. Watch this one minute explainer about the sport by Olympics.

05:15 (IST)1 AUG 2021

05:13 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Explaining Eventing:

Eventing consists of dressage, jumping and a cross country component that requires horses and riders to navigate a 6-kilometre obstacle course of fences, water jumps and hedges as fast as possible.

05:12 (IST)1 AUG 2021


05:12 (IST)1 AUG 2021

05:12 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Explaining Jumping: 

Jumping requires riders and their horses to jump a variety of obstacles with points deducted for any obstacles knocked down or if a horse refuses to jump an obstacle.

05:11 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Explaining Dressage:

Just like the component of figure skating, dressage sees riders perform a series of predetermined movements. Judges award points on the quality of the execution of each movement with zero awarded for an incomplete execution, while 10 for an "excellent" execution.

05:04 (IST)1 AUG 2021

What is Equestrian?

Equestrian became part of the Olympics programme in 1912. There are three components to it: dressage, jumping and eventing with individual and team competitions in each.

05:03 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Good Morning and welcome to Sportskeeda's Equestrian live blog.

India's Fouaad Mirza will be in action in the second event of the sport -- The Cross-Country. Seigneur Medicott end dressage placed ninth and would like to finish in the top 10 once again to inch closer to the final round.

The aim is to finish in top 25 after the end of three events -- Dressage, Cross-Country and Jumping.

He will be in action soon, so take a seat and enjoy.
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