Olympics 2021: Fouaad Mirza makes history, becomes the first Indian to reach Equestrian Individual Eventing Final, finishes in 23rd place

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LIVE updates & commentary from Fouaad Mirza Equestrian Olympics 2021 Individual Eventing


18:18 (IST)2 AUG 2021

And that brings us to the end of the live coverage for this event. Send in your wishes for Fouaad Mirza and Seigneur Medicott for their brave performance and make sure you check out the live coverage of Kamalpreet Kaur's discuss final, which is currently underway!

It's Goodbye for now, stay safe and keeping cheering for Indian athletes at the 2021 Olympic Games!

18:15 (IST)2 AUG 2021

18:15 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Germany's Julia Krajewski has taken the Gold with an impeccable score of 26.00!

18:13 (IST)2 AUG 2021

The event has finally come to a close and the final standings have been released.
India's Fouaad Mirza has finished at no. 23 in the Final with a total score of 54.60 in his Olympic debut! Definitely a performance that he has his dark bay Seigneur Medicott can be very proud of.

17:55 (IST)2 AUG 2021

17:55 (IST)2 AUG 2021

An equestrian himself, film and theatre actor Randeep Hooda leading the applause for Fouaad Mirza and Seigneur Medicott.

17:53 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Fouuad Mirza is now ranked 15th out the 17 riders who have completed the run.

17:52 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Still quite a few riders to go, including medal favorites Amande de B'Neville, Toledo de Kerser and Ballaghmor Class!

17:42 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Mirza is now ranked at no. 10, ahead of two other riders from New Zealand's Tim Price and China's Alex Hua Tian. A top 20 finish is in sight!

17:38 (IST)2 AUG 2021

17:38 (IST)2 AUG 2021

It is a game of fine margins as Mirza would have known from the start. At the moment, we can see the medal contenders trot towards the Gold with one or two hurdle bars separating the top names.

17:32 (IST)2 AUG 2021

17:32 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Incredible visuals from Fouaad Mirza and Seigneur Medicott's run in the jumping qualification rounds above!

17:29 (IST)2 AUG 2021

17:29 (IST)2 AUG 2021

The plenty to be proud of and here are some of the early congratulatory messages for Fouaad Mirza, Seigneur Medicott and their brilliant team!

17:28 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Final scoresheet for Fouaad Mirza of India:
4th.PNG 29.26 KB

17:27 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Good showing from the Indian and even though he will be not be contending for a medal in the Jumping final, Fouaad Mirza can walk away with a lot of fond memories and experiences that will only help him going further!

17:25 (IST)2 AUG 2021

And it is all over for Fouaad Mirza and Seigneur Medicott as they have slipped to no.4 in the standings and are out of the medal race.

17:22 (IST)2 AUG 2021

But immediately taken over by Jesse Campbell and Felix Vogg! Now in 3rd position.

17:21 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Mirza and Seigneur scored a 12.40 penalty on the final jump.

17:21 (IST)2 AUG 2021

That is unlikely to be enough for a medal, but the Indian can still be proud of his stellar showing!

17:20 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Mirza ends up with a 59.60!

17:20 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Awaiting final scores.

17:19 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Mirza and Seigneur end the race with a bit of a wobble. They should be expecting a few penalties here.

17:19 (IST)2 AUG 2021

The 29 year old makes a strong start clearing the opening hurdles!

17:18 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Mirza is on the course!!

17:17 (IST)2 AUG 2021

17:17 (IST)2 AUG 2021

The course is set for the yet another Olympic final. Look at the stunning images above!

17:16 (IST)2 AUG 2021

17:13 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Mirza and his dark bay Seigneur Medicott will be opening the finals of the Individual Eventing. Here's what they are expected to do:
Riders are expected to complete jumps on a 375m-long obstacle course in the allotted time of 60 seconds. Penalties are awarded for hitting the hurdles or exceeding the time. At the end, riders with the lowest penalty scores walk away with the medals.

17:08 (IST)2 AUG 2021

The final rounds should start in the next 7 minutes!

17:04 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Riders should be arriving at the Equestrian Park in a few moments. It's pouring heavily in Tokyo at the moment, which has led to the disruption of some of the events including the Women's Discuss throw final featuring India's Kamalpreet Kaur.

16:56 (IST)2 AUG 2021

16:55 (IST)2 AUG 2021

16:54 (IST)2 AUG 2021

16:51 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Twitter is flooded with congratulatory messages for Fouaad Mirza, who is the just the third Indian Equestrian at the Olympics and will be the first to compete in a jumping final!

16:44 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Fouaad Mirza will be the one to get the action going in the finals as he is listed at the of the event's starting lineup.

16:43 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Final Start List:
<Insert Caption>

16:40 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Welcome back to our continued coverage of Equestrian action at the 2021 Olympics. India's Fouaad Mirza came up with an impressive performance in the Qualification Rounds, closing with a score 47.20 - just enough to secure him a spot in the finals lineup.

The Jumping Final is scheduled to start at 5.15 pm and will feature a total of 25 riders with the highest combined scores. Stay tuned for live action as we take you through the proceedings!

15:34 (IST)2 AUG 2021

15:32 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Irrespective of the results yet to come, the Indian should be on the Start List of the Individual Eventing Final. Make sure you join us for the medal rounds, set to get underway at 5.15 IST today
It's goodbye for now, stay safe and continue following Sportskeeda for latest updates!

15:27 (IST)2 AUG 2021

The Indian is through to the final round of the Individual Eventing discipline. A historic moment for India as we'll see more of the 29 year old in the Medal rounds later in the evening! 

15:23 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Fouaad Mirza QUALIFIES ranked no. 19th!!!

15:22 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Vittoria Panizzon knocks off two bars to get an 8 point penalty. Should be out of contention and Mirza will be able to hold on to his spot.

15:20 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Ireland's Austin O'Conner avoid a last minute clash with the final hurdle. Finishes with a clean 0.00 score to go through. Mirza now ranked 19th.  

15:18 (IST)2 AUG 2021

Hua Tian still manages to go through off the back of strong runs in Dressage and Cross Country. He completely missed a take-off but kept a solid score of 44.70 to qualify at no. 14. Mirza is now ranked 18th.

15:16 (IST)2 AUG 2021

A poor run by China's Alex Hua Tian as he completely misses his jump. This should help Mirza stay ahead of things.

15:14 (IST)2 AUG 2021

The three riders following Kaminski had either scored time or execution penalties and that has helped Mirza hold on his spot at no. 16. The top 15 have already qualified and Mirza is fairly close himself!
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