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Four Nation Tour 2018: India U19 vs France U19, Live Score, Updates, and Commentary

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 09, 2018 22:22 IST

The match is set to get underway at 8.30 pm, IST!


22:22 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Till next time .... It's Good-Bye !!!

22:22 (IST)9 SEP 2018

That's all folks !!! Hope all of you have enjoyed the coverage !!!

22:21 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Final Score: India U19 0-2 France U19

22:21 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Its over !! India lose to France 0-2 !!!

22:20 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Gill makes another save

22:17 (IST)9 SEP 2018

85' After a string of passes in the midfield .. France goes for the kill via a long ranger, but Gill was in control to put the ball away !!!

22:12 (IST)9 SEP 2018

It has been a lackluster performance from the Indians in this game. Even though France is a superior outfit, Amarajit and his boys were never in the game

22:06 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Score update: India 0-2 France

22:06 (IST)9 SEP 2018

73' GOAL !!!! France double the lead !!!

22:04 (IST)9 SEP 2018

70' France get a corner, but the Indian defenders stood tall in front of the goal !!!

22:03 (IST)9 SEP 2018

An Indian player is shown a yellow card !!!

22:00 (IST)9 SEP 2018

65' Aniket's shot sails over the net .... India trying to equalize

21:57 (IST)9 SEP 2018

61' Gill makes a good save, he has been excellent today

21:54 (IST)9 SEP 2018

France looking dangerous as usual .... they are taking several shots at the target but somehow the Indian defenders are denying them to double the lead !!!

21:47 (IST)9 SEP 2018

It will be interesting to see if the Indians manage to check their opponents' lead any further

21:44 (IST)9 SEP 2018

The sides have changed ... but the story remains the same ... France dominating throughout !!!

21:40 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Second half kick-off !!!

21:22 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Stay tuned for the second half !!!!

21:22 (IST)9 SEP 2018

End of the first half: India U19 0-1 France U19

21:21 (IST)9 SEP 2018

42' France get a corner ... it was cleared by Jitendra !!!

21:20 (IST)9 SEP 2018

The Indians were trying to build-up an attack ... but they give away the possession mid-way !!!

21:16 (IST)9 SEP 2018

We are approaching the end of the first half, it has been a one-sided affair !!!

21:15 (IST)9 SEP 2018

37' India get a corner, but the French defense was alert, it was cleared easily !!!!

21:05 (IST)9 SEP 2018

France U19 players pressing hard for the second goal .... India need to pass along the ground instead of just long passes 

21:00 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Not a single shot at the goal for India so far ... Floyd Pinto's men should get out of their shell and go out for an attack 

20:56 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Score update: India 0-1 France !!!

20:55 (IST)9 SEP 2018

GOAL !!! France take the lead ....

20:53 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Boris Singh and his other compatriots are very busy guarding the goal .... France U19 desperate to get the lead !!!

20:50 (IST)9 SEP 2018

The Indian team is trying to make constructive moves, after complete dominance from the French in the opening minutes !!!

20:48 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Indian's living dangerously at the moment .... the ball could have easily pieced through the net !!! The defenders had no clue !!!

20:46 (IST)9 SEP 2018

8' France U19 players comes up with a lethal attack, but Parabsukhan does well to put the ball away !!!

20:41 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Suresh clears the ball, averts a potential attack from the Europeans

20:40 (IST)9 SEP 2018

3' France get a corner, but no danger created 

20:39 (IST)9 SEP 2018

3' France looking for some space from the right, couldn't make the cross ... The Indian defenders does the needful

20:36 (IST)9 SEP 2018

It's kick-off !!!!

20:33 (IST)9 SEP 2018

We are moments away from the kick-off !!!

20:30 (IST)9 SEP 2018

<Insert Caption>

20:30 (IST)9 SEP 2018

The starting XI for India 

20:30 (IST)9 SEP 2018

Welcome to our live coverage !!! 

19:49 (IST)9 SEP 2018

After a forgetful opening match against Croatia U19 in which the Indian’s lost 0-5, Floyd Pinto’s side put up a much improved show in their fixture with Slovenia U19 where the Indian colts lost by a solitary goal. The ‘Men in Blue’ will be against the boys from France U19 in the final match of the four nation’s tour, which promises to be the toughest 90 minutes for the young boys from Asia!

The India U19 team was blanked the first game against Croatia U19, conceding 4 goals in the first half itself. Apart from a few positive moves early in the first, Amarjit and Co. produced nothing to be true. In the second game, Aniket Jadhav and Suresh Singh had clear chances to convert but were denied. This will be the last chance for the Indian team to good use of the opportunity of playing against quality outfits in alien conditions!

The Indian team has been in Europe as a part of AIFF’s exposure tour. They will travel to Serbia following the match against France U19 for a couple of friendlies against the Serbian U19 team.
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