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French Open 2018, Men's Singles, Round 1: Rafael Nadal vs Simone Bolelli, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 29, 2018 14:14 GMT

Nadal def Simone Bolelli 6-4,6-3, 7-6(11-9) to enter Round 2.


14:14 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

That's all from us at Sportskeeda! It was a pleasure to bring you this riveting encounter between Nadal and Bolelli, stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more updates from the Roland Garros! Until next time, Au revoir!

14:12 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Sometimes, all it needs is a small break for a top-flight player to return to form and that is exactly what transpired on court as the World No.1 Nadal clawed his way from behind in the third set to keep his nerve and come out on top against the Italian Simone Bolelli, who kept himself in the game until the very end with a scintillating combination of exquisite drop shots and powerful smashes. 

However, the net played antagonist to Bolelli's plans all through the set and in the end, Nadal made optimum use of the unforced errors to move into a next round with a thrilling 6-4, 6-3, 7-6 (11-9) victory in the end. 

14:07 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Nadal clinches the match 6-4,6-3, 7-6 (11-9). 

A dominating display of some skillful tennis from both Nadal and Bolelli, the former in particular played commmendably well to claw back from a 3-game deficit to finish victorious in the end. 

14:06 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Third match point for Nadal! 

Quick serve from the Spaniard, Bolelli returns it well but is caught in the middle as Nadal finishes with a forehand. 

14:05 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Rafael Nadal to serve. 

14:05 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Players switch ends, score is tied on 9-9.

14:05 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Bolelli is doing fabulously well to stay in the hunt here! Another sizzling forehand return, 168kmph and stays in the game with that point. 

14:04 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Savage from Nadal! Sees Bolelli moving forward, sends a strong forehand which falls inches inside. 

Second matchpoint for Nadal. 

14:03 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Bolelli is certainly not done yet. A strong serve followed by a strong forehand and the score is back on level. 

14:02 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Now Nadal has regained the lead. Matchpoint for the Spaniard!

14:01 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Bolelli has found the net with a backhand. In other news, the sky is blue.

Scores level on 7-7.

14:00 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

My word! That drop shot should be captured and kept in the museum. Shake of the head from Nadal and even he knew that he could do nothing about that. Bolelli leads 7-6. 

13:59 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Players to switch sides yet again. A small drink for both of them and we are off! Bolelli to serve. 

13:58 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Fabulous from Nadal! Three points in a row and now Nadal has leveled scores on 6-6. 

13:58 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Nadal making a strong comeback here. Sends in a strong forehand and follows it up with a good cross-court forehand to collect a point. Bolelli leads 6-5.

13:57 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Ace from the Spaniard! Score now is 6-4 in favour of Bolelli. 

13:56 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Set point for Bolelli. 

13:56 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Is that a drop shot or a magic spell? Second time in a row, Bolelli drops it and picks another point! Excellent execution.

13:55 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Exquisite thinking from Bolelli! Nadal sent in a strong backhand, Bolelli calmly drops it down and collects yet another point. 

13:53 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Nadal and Bolelli will now switch ends. 

13:53 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Nadal collects yet another point on his serve. Bolelli 4-2 Nadal. 

13:52 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Three points in a row and Bolelli is running away with the game. Leads 4-1. 

13:52 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Fantastic application from Bolelli! Sees Nadal playing a little deep, runs forward to the net and drops it away from Nadal. Now enjoys a 3-1 lead. 

13:51 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Another powerful backhand from Bolelli as he regains the lead. Bolelli 2-1 Nadal. 

13:50 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Nadal claims one back and the score is now leveled on 1-1. 

13:49 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

First point goes to Bolelli as Nadal misjudges the pace on the ball and hits it way out. 

13:49 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

We will now have a tiebreaker. 

13:48 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

An ace to end the set on a high! Third ace of the game and Nadal holds on to level scores. 

Nadal leads 6-4, 6-3, 6-6. 

13:48 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Balollei and the net. A love story for sure? Nadal leads 40-0. 

13:47 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Two points in a row for the burly Spaniard. Leads 30-0. 

13:46 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Nadal now has the uphill task of retaining his serve to stay in this set. Can Bolelli wrap the set with this game?

13:45 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Bolelli claims the game! Nadal finds the net on his return and Bolelli has a 6-5 lead in this set. 

Nadal leads 6-4, 6-3, 5-6. 

13:44 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Smooth from the Italian! Bolelli advances, skips around and smashes a strong forehand to take the advantage!

13:43 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

The net has played antagonist to Bolelli all through this set and it has again. Second deuce!

13:42 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Fantastic skill from Bolelli, a drop shot and Nadal pushes to get to the ball but it was too much for him to handle. Advantage Bolelli!

13:42 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Nadal steals a point with another strong forehand. First deuce!

13:41 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Premeditation is not part of Bolelli's strategy as he now has the lead, score on 40-30. 

13:40 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Ace! Bolelli sends a powerful smash down the line to reduce the deficit. 

13:39 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Strong start for Nadal as he enjoys a 30-0 lead in the game. 

13:37 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

That was it! Nadal claims the game and the score is now leveled on 5-5 in this set. 

Nadal leads 6-4, 6-3, 5-5. 

13:37 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Nadal hits the ball ever so slightly outside to gift a point to Bolelli. 

13:36 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Two points in a row for Nadal as he now leads 40-15 in this game. Only a point away from leveling scores. 

13:34 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

One point each to start off the game. 

13:33 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Nadal to serve now. Will Bolelli break his serve to win the set or does Nadal have a trick or two up his sleeve?

13:32 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Two games in a row for Bolelli and he's clawing his way back in this competition! Leads 5-4 in the set. 

Nadal leads 6-4, 6-3, 4-5. 

13:31 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Bolelli slowly finding his feet. Two powerful forehands and all Nadal could do was lob the ball back to Bolelli, who smashed it away from Nadal to collect a point. 

13:30 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Bolelli has enjoyed playing the backhand shots, which has also served him well. Score tied on 30-30. 

13:29 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Bolelli snatches one back. Score stands on 30-15 in favour of Nadal. 

13:29 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

Two points in a row for Nadal and he leads 30-0 in the game. 

13:28 (GMT)29 MAY 2018

There it is! Bolelli finally gets some form back and clinches the game. 

Nadal leads 6-4, 6-3, 4-4. 
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