As it happened: Gaurav Bidhuri loses to Duke Ragan, seals bronze for India

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 31, 2017 22:37 IST

The match is expected to start in a few minutes.


22:37 (IST)31 AUG 2017

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We will back again with more thrilling boxing action. Till then, good bye and good night.

22:36 (IST)31 AUG 2017

The land of a billion has to remain contended with only a bronze.

22:36 (IST)31 AUG 2017

The 24-year-old Bidhuri has to contend himself with a bronze here. And that's it for India in the World Championship as well.

22:35 (IST)31 AUG 2017

And it is Ragan who takes the win with a unanimous win on points.

22:34 (IST)31 AUG 2017

The final bell rings. Both the pugilists have their arm up. But this one will be a tough one for Bidhuri to win.

22:34 (IST)31 AUG 2017

But this looks like game over. Bidhuri has, in fact, walked into a flurry of punches.

22:33 (IST)31 AUG 2017

The onus is on Bidhuri as we get into the final 30 seconds.

22:33 (IST)31 AUG 2017

Bidhuri looking to launch a finishing shot. But he really can't land one. Ragan has been too quick for him.

22:32 (IST)31 AUG 2017

Bidhuri going for it but Ragan controlling the tempo.

22:31 (IST)31 AUG 2017

He probably is behind and needs to get it on.

22:31 (IST)31 AUG 2017

Bidhuri really has to empty the tank here in the final round.

22:30 (IST)31 AUG 2017

Ragan using the jab beautifully. Difficult second round for the Indian.

22:29 (IST)31 AUG 2017

Aggressive from Bidhuri but he has been time and again been meeting with jabs from Ragan.

22:28 (IST)31 AUG 2017

A good one-two from Ragan. 

22:28 (IST)31 AUG 2017

Bidhuri tries to quicken up the attack. But met with a good counter.

22:27 (IST)31 AUG 2017

And now we are underway in the second round.

22:26 (IST)31 AUG 2017

A close affair so far. An explosive one too.

22:26 (IST)31 AUG 2017

A tangle of limbs and torsos and the referee has to separate them.

22:25 (IST)31 AUG 2017

Bidhuri so far is walking into Ragan. A flurry of punches and a flurry of misses there.

22:24 (IST)31 AUG 2017

A good right hand from Biduri. He has to be fast against the American who is a heavy puncher.

22:23 (IST)31 AUG 2017

This is the first World Championship for both of them.

22:23 (IST)31 AUG 2017

Cautious start to being with here in the first round.

22:22 (IST)31 AUG 2017

And we are away.

22:21 (IST)31 AUG 2017

And we are finally here. The boxers are walking out.

Gaurav Bidhuri is in the red corner tonight.

22:08 (IST)31 AUG 2017

The semifinals are underway in Hamburg and Gaurav's bout will start in a few minutes.

19:29 (IST)31 AUG 2017

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Gaurav Bidhuri's semifinal at the AIBA World Boxing Championships 2017 in Hamburg, Germany! 

Bidhuri entered the semifinal on Tuesday and assured India of atleast a bronze medal by defeating Tunisia's Bilel Mhamdi in the quarterfinal. Incidentally, he had failed to earn his spot at the World Championships and only made his entry as a wild card Bhutan refused a quota berth.

A quarterfinal at the Asian Games in 2014, he will become only the fourth Indian after Vijender Singh, Shiva Thapa and Vikas Krishan to win a medal at the World Championships and just the second after Vikas to do so on his debut. He will be hoping to enter tomorrow's final and will be USA's Duke Ragan in the semis, in what promises to be a real thriller.

Stay tuned as we bring to you the latest updates from the action!
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