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Gymnastics World Cup 2018, Final: Ashish Kumar, Rakesh Kumar Patra, Aruna Budda Reddy carry India's hopes, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 25, 2018 12:35 IST

Gymnastics World Cup finals.


12:35 (IST)25 FEB 2018

That brings an end to today's live coverage. Have a good day ahead!

12:35 (IST)25 FEB 2018

Women's (WAG) Floor Results:-
Alexandra Eade AUS 13.333 - GOLD 
Isabel Barbosa BRA 12.600 - SILVER
Tjasa Kysselef SLO 12.366 - BRONZE

12:19 (IST)25 FEB 2018

Meanwhile, here are the winners from Men's  High Bar:

Hidetaka Miyachi JPN 14.600 - GOLD
Mitchell Morgans AUS 13.766 - SILVER
Michael Mercieca AUS 13.700 - BRONZE 

12:16 (IST)25 FEB 2018

Isabel Barbosa finishes well with 12.600

12:06 (IST)25 FEB 2018

12:03 (IST)25 FEB 2018

Fara Ann Abdul Hadi does well to score 11.900 but it is not enough for a medal spot.

11:59 (IST)25 FEB 2018

Slovenia's Tjasa Kysselef scores a brilliant 12.366 on the Floor, should be enough for a medal.

11:55 (IST)25 FEB 2018

New Zealand's Estella Matthewson finishes with a score of 12.033, to be placed second for the moment.

11:53 (IST)25 FEB 2018

It is Alexandra Eade who sits on top currently with a score of 13.333.

11:53 (IST)25 FEB 2018

Qiyan Zeng from China scores 10.466 on the Floor.

11:45 (IST)25 FEB 2018

Aruna Budda Reddy finishes with a score of 10.833. She will be a tad disappointed with that.

11:41 (IST)25 FEB 2018

11:41 (IST)25 FEB 2018

It's Aruna Reddy up next!

11:37 (IST)25 FEB 2018

Brent gets it underway with a score of 12.000

11:36 (IST)25 FEB 2018

11:36 (IST)25 FEB 2018

The next event is Women's Floor finals were yesterday's bronze-medallist Aruna Reddy will be competing. Can she add to her kitty? Stay tuned.

11:28 (IST)25 FEB 2018

Here are the final results of Men's Parallel Bars:-

Xiaoming Wu - 14.833 - GOLD
Di Tan - 14.500 - SILVER
Michael Mercieca - 13.866 - BRONZE

11:22 (IST)25 FEB 2018

Patra closes off with a decent score of 13.433. This doesn't put him in a medal spot, but a good performance by the Indian gymnast.

11:20 (IST)25 FEB 2018

11:18 (IST)25 FEB 2018

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for....India's Rakesh Patra is all set to have a go!!

He has a decent run on the parallel bars, but stumbled, as he tried to land with the double flip in the end.

11:17 (IST)25 FEB 2018

Chih Kai Lee of the Chinese Taipei is up next...a decent score by him. Notches up 13.8 points.

11:15 (IST)25 FEB 2018

11:15 (IST)25 FEB 2018

Mitchell Morris of Australia comes up with a decent score of 13.433 for home side Australia. However, he this is not enough to put him in a medal's spot.

11:10 (IST)25 FEB 2018

And with that superb routine, Tan Di goes right to the top of the leaderboards. He finishes off with a score of 14.500. Looks like we already have our winner here.

11:06 (IST)25 FEB 2018

11:05 (IST)25 FEB 2018

Japan's Hidetaka Miyachi finishes his routine on the P-Bars. He gets a score of 13.466.

11:03 (IST)25 FEB 2018

Kazuyuki Takeda of Japan performs decently on the P-Bars and finishes with a score of 13.500. It's good but compared to his usual standards, it's not exceptional. 

11:00 (IST)25 FEB 2018

The local boy Michael Mercieca put together a great routine on P-Bars to score 13.86.

10:58 (IST)25 FEB 2018

10:56 (IST)25 FEB 2018

The next event of the day is Men's Parallel Bars where India's Rakesh Kumar Patra is vying for a medal.

10:49 (IST)25 FEB 2018

In Woman's Beam, where no Indian had qualified, Yile Chen, with a score of 14.466, won the gold medal. 

10:46 (IST)25 FEB 2018

Carlos Edriel Yulo, with a score of 14.233, won the bronze medal.

10:46 (IST)25 FEB 2018

After two clean vaults, Chinese Taipei's Chih Kai Lee bagged the silver medal with a score of 14.450.

10:44 (IST)25 FEB 2018

10:44 (IST)25 FEB 2018

Meanwhile, Ashish Kumar finished with a score of 13.583 to cap off a consistently high scoring final.

10:43 (IST)25 FEB 2018

Australia's Christopher Remkes has bagged the gold in Men's Vault by sticking a big 14.616!

10:42 (IST)25 FEB 2018

The first event of the day is Men's Vault finals where India's Ashish Kumar is taking part in. 

10:41 (IST)25 FEB 2018

The events have already started at the Hisense Arena, Melbourne. We were facing some technical difficulties which caused a little delay. Apologies for the same.

10:40 (IST)25 FEB 2018

Good morning! Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the World Cup.

10:39 (IST)25 FEB 2018

The Gymnastics World Cup in Melbourne, Australia has come to the attention of all Indian sports lovers, after Aruna Budda Reddy created history by becoming the first gymnast from the country to clinch a medal at the World Cup. 
Aruna, who hails from Hyderabad, now shares the same limelight on the world stage as the other top gymnast from the country, Dipa Karmakar, who had won medals at both the Commonwealth and the Asian Games in 2014, and finished fourth at the 2016 Rio Olympics. 
The 22-year-old earned praise from all quarters for her performance, and now she has become a real medal prospect for India at the upcoming 2018 Commonwealth Games, which is set to be held in Gold Coast, Australia, later this year. 
In today’s final, three Indians will be on show, as Ashish Kumar (men’s vault), Rakesh Kumar Patra (parallel bars), and Aruna Reddy (floor) take the centre stage. Let's hope for more medals today. 

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