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Hero Super Cup Live | Kerala Blasters v Indian Arrows Live | Score, Result, Commentary, Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 15, 2019 22:25 IST

FT| Kerala Blasters 0-2 Indian Arrows (38', 73' Amarjit Singh Kiyam)


22:25 (IST)15 MAR 2019

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22:24 (IST)15 MAR 2019

90+5' PEEEP! PEEEP! PEEEP! And, it has finished Kerala Blasters 0-2 Indian Arrows here at the Kalinga Stadium. Bye-bye Kerala Blasters as Indian Arrows face FC Goa on 30th March. 

22:23 (IST)15 MAR 2019

90+4' Lakic-Pesic bobs in a aerial ball from inside the box but Poplatnik's header is out for a goal-kick. No threat from that whatsoever. 

22:22 (IST)15 MAR 2019

90+3' Indian Arrows are going full defensive in the dying minutes of the game as Ashish Rai lunges in a sliding tackle on Sandesh Jhingan

22:21 (IST)15 MAR 2019

90+1' And, Prabhsukhan Singh Gill is adjudged the 'Hero of the Match'. He did enough to keep the clean sheet. Nothing out from Amarjit Singh who scored two goals but the keeper was too good for the day. 

22:19 (IST)15 MAR 2019

90' 5 Minutes added and Indian Arrows with their final substitution.

OFF- Rahul KP
ON- Sanjeev Stalin

22:19 (IST)15 MAR 2019

90' Sahal Abdul Samad with a high boot on Amarjit Singh Kiyam in the center of the park. Lucky not to get another yellow card as he would have been out. 

22:17 (IST)15 MAR 2019

89' It is total football here as both the sides are down to 10 men. 

22:16 (IST)15 MAR 2019

87' We see an angry Nelo Vingada and concerned Thongboi Singto as their side stares at another defeat in the 2018-19 season of Indian football. 

22:14 (IST)15 MAR 2019

86' Indian Arrows with the second substitution. Bringing on a defender for a winger.  

ON- Narender
OFF- Ninthoingamba Singh

22:13 (IST)15 MAR 2019

85' CORNER! Deflected for a corner-kick. 

22:13 (IST)15 MAR 2019

83' FOUL! And, Kerala Blasters have a foul just outside the box. Jeetendra is shown the red card for bringing down Jhingan who was also the last man. But the bigger question still looms. Was it inside the box? No, the replays show it was inches outside.  

22:11 (IST)15 MAR 2019

82' Kerala Blasters with their third substitution.

OFF- Seiminlen Doungel
ON- Mohammed Rakip

22:10 (IST)15 MAR 2019

81' Amarjit Singh is down. Hope nothing serious happens to him as we see a shirtless Anas Edathodika on the balcony. He has hands on his head because he knows his side are going out of the competition.  

22:09 (IST)15 MAR 2019

80' SAVE! Poplatnik is one-on-one with the goalkeeper on the counter but Prabhsukhan comes off his line and clears the ball with his feet. 

22:08 (IST)15 MAR 2019

79' Rahul KP is through on the counter but his cross is poor and Sandesh Jhingan clears it out for a corner-kick. 

22:08 (IST)15 MAR 2019

78' SAVE! Prabhsukhan with a brilliant save to keep intact the two goal lead. Krcameravic takes a first time shot after pouncing on the rebound from a fumbled clearance from a corner kick. But, Prabhsukhan was spot on to save the day. 

22:06 (IST)15 MAR 2019

77' GOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL! And, it is Amarjit Singh Kiyam who makes it 2-0. Dheeraj dives to his left but Amarjit has slotted it in his bottom right corner. Kerala Blasters are two goals and a man down.  

22:05 (IST)15 MAR 2019

76' PENALTY! And, a red card to Anas. Indian Arrows' with a brilliant corner and Anas has to palm it away to save the goal. 

22:04 (IST)15 MAR 2019

75' Fifteen minutes left. Can Indian Arrows get another one? Or, will Kerala Blasters spoil their party?

22:03 (IST)15 MAR 2019

74' Boris with a brilliant mazy run, draws defenders and gives it back to Amarjit Singh. The captain takes a shot but it is deflected off for a corner-kick after it hits Sandesh Jhingan' foot. 

22:01 (IST)15 MAR 2019

73' Indian Arrows' players are getting tired here. Kerala Blasters are commiting more men forward in the attack but can they get a goal? So far, they are getting out of ideas and wayward shots have saved the day for Indian Arrows. 

21:59 (IST)15 MAR 2019

70' Brilliant spell of passing in the attacking third by the Indian Arrows' player but Rahim Ali fails to control the ball and the danger is averted. 

21:58 (IST)15 MAR 2019

69' Poplatnik has acres of space on the left wing but the Arrows' defenders are quick and he has to switch flanks to Sahal Abdul Samad. The 21-year-old curls in a cross which is wayward to say the least. 

21:57 (IST)15 MAR 2019

68' CHANCE! Sandesh Jhingan with a brilliant cross from the right wing but Poplatnik can put neither power nor direction and the ball rolls away for a goal-kick. 

21:55 (IST)15 MAR 2019

66' Krcameravic with a chip forward looking for Len Doungel but Prabhsukhan comes off the line to come and catch the ball. 

21:54 (IST)15 MAR 2019

66' Indian Arrows make their first change. And, that's an attacking one from Floyd Pinto. Indian Arrows want to get another goal.

ON- Rahim Ali
OFF- Lalengmawia

21:53 (IST)15 MAR 2019

65' Kerala Blasters make their second substitution.

OFF- Slavisa Stojanovic
ON- Prasanth K

21:52 (IST)15 MAR 2019

64' Sandesh Jhingan goes on the overlap in the right wing but Rahul KP chases it all the way down to concede only a throw-in. 

21:51 (IST)15 MAR 2019

62' Sahal Abdul Samad gets the first yellow card of the game. Rahul KP gets past him in the center of the park but the Kerala Blasters' man pulls him down. 

21:50 (IST)15 MAR 2019

61' SHOT! Suresh tries to go through Sandesh Jhingan but can't and instead passes it backwards for Anwar Ali. The 19-year-old takes a shot from distance which is inches wide. 

21:49 (IST)15 MAR 2019

60' ON THE COUNTER! Amarjit Singh Kiyam converts defense into attack with one move and tries to find Rahul KP with a long ball. But, Sandesh Jhingan heads it away for a corner-kick.

21:45 (IST)15 MAR 2019

56' SAVE! Prabhsukhan Singh again saves the for Indian Arrows. Sahal Abdul Samad finds space in the far right side of the penalty box. He cuts it in and puts all the pace in the shot but the grounder is parried away by the goalkeeper. 

21:43 (IST)15 MAR 2019

55' And, now Indian Arrows trying to slow down the pace of the game. 

21:42 (IST)15 MAR 2019

54' WASTED! No one attacks it despite a beautiful curler from Poplatnik. Dealt with easily by the Arrows' defenders. 

21:41 (IST)15 MAR 2019

53' Kerala Blasters have another corner-kick. They have plenty of long players. Let's see if they can find luck from set-pieces.  

21:40 (IST)15 MAR 2019

51' Matej Poplatnik with a deadly corner kick and Sandesh Jhingan heads it in the air. Prabhsukhan punches it away and the follow-through shot from outside the box is yards wide. 

21:39 (IST)15 MAR 2019

50' Kerala Blasters have come with intent as another shot from outside the box is held comfortably by Prabhsukhan. Now, Kerala Blasters have a corner-kick. Let's see what happens. 

21:38 (IST)15 MAR 2019

49' SAVE! Sahal Abdul Samad again dribbles through three defenders and Poplatnik gets the ball who shoots it on target. However, Prabhsukhan has positioned himself perfectly to hold the ball. 

21:35 (IST)15 MAR 2019

Kerala Blasters have made a change in the half-time.

ON- Nikola Krcameravic
OFF- Zakeer Mundampara

21:34 (IST)15 MAR 2019

46' PEEEEP! We are underway here for the second half here at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar as Rahul KP gets the ball rolling. 

21:19 (IST)15 MAR 2019

45+2' PEEEEEEP! PEEEEP! And, that's it for the first half. It is Indian Arrows 1-0 Kerala Blasters here at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar courtesy of Amarjit Singh Kiyam's goal. 

21:18 (IST)15 MAR 2019

45+1' Doungel is offside after trying to collect Sahal Abdul Samad's long ball. 

21:17 (IST)15 MAR 2019

45' 2 Minutes added

21:16 (IST)15 MAR 2019

44' Len Doungel again gets the better of Ashish Rai and swings in a cross but Anwar Ali backheels it away for safety as there was no Kerala Blasters' man in the rebound. That's what you call confidence. Backheeling the ball for safety!

21:15 (IST)15 MAR 2019

43' CLEARANCE! Kerala Blasters go in the final third but Amarjit Singh wins the ball and after a neat spell of seven to eight passes in the defensive third the ball is cleared away. It goes all the way back to Anas. Confidence beaming in the Indian Arrows's side. 

21:10 (IST)15 MAR 2019

38' GOAAAAAALLLLLLL! And, who better than the captain Amarjit Singh Kiyam to put the young Indian Arrows side ahead. Ninthoingamba Singh gets away from Anas' clutches and Rahul KP does a dummy taking out Lakic-Pesic. Amarjit Singh has acres of space ahead but smothers it past the diving Dheeraj with a first time effort. 

21:08 (IST)15 MAR 2019

37' SHOT! Doungel swings in a cross from right wing and Stojanovic takes a first time shot which flies away. 

21:06 (IST)15 MAR 2019

34' Nothing comes from it. Amarjit Singh's inswinging corner kick meets Jeetendra in the first post but he can't keep his shot on target. 

21:05 (IST)15 MAR 2019

33' Great ball from Deepak Tangri towards Rahul KP but Sandesh Jhingan puts his body in the line to concede a corner-kick. 
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