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Hero Tri-Nation Football Series 2017: India 1-1 St. Kitts & Nevis - As it happened

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 24, 2017 21:58 IST

India 1-1 St Kitts and Nevis, Full-time


21:58 (IST)24 AUG 2017

India failed to take their chances in the second half. Robin Singh, in particular, was had a couple of glaring opportunities. St Kitts played some good football midway through the second half and got a deserved equaliser. 

Thus, India's nine-match winning streak comes to an end. That's all from us here. Good bye and good night!

21:56 (IST)24 AUG 2017

FULL TIME. India 1-1 St Kitts and Nevis.

21:54 (IST)24 AUG 2017

90+5' One last chance for India. Corner as Robin Singh's cross is deflected out. Can they make it count?

No. Robin's flick at near post is cleared away.

21:54 (IST)24 AUG 2017

90+4' Brilliant play from Thapa, Manvir and Narzary. Narzary skips past a defender and tries to send in a cross but it is blocked for a corner. The corner comes to nothing.

21:53 (IST)24 AUG 2017

90+3' Another chance but Rafique can't keep his header on target.

21:51 (IST)24 AUG 2017

90+1' Chance for India as they break away yet again. Robin Singh shoots on the turn. The shot is deflected goalwards, the goalkeeper can't adjust in time and the ball hits the cross bar before he can collect. 

21:48 (IST)24 AUG 2017

88' Manvir Singh replaces Jeje.

21:47 (IST)24 AUG 2017

88' A brawl breaks out as Rafique gets into an argument with two of the St Kitts' players. The referee has it in control.

21:46 (IST)24 AUG 2017

85' Nikhil sprints down the right flank to earn a corner. The corner is poor and comes to nothing.

21:44 (IST)24 AUG 2017

83' Chance for St Kitts as they break on counter. Rogers and Carlos find themselves in a 2-0n-1 position but Rogers miscues the final pass.

21:40 (IST)24 AUG 2017

80' Change for India as the young Anirudh Thapa comes on for Rowlin Borges. Thapa makes his debut for the national team.

21:39 (IST)24 AUG 2017

79' A good spell of possession for India as they build by playing short passes. Jeje finally lays off the ball for Rafique to shoot. The shot is wide. Jjeje was flagged off-side already, anyway.

21:36 (IST)24 AUG 2017

77' SHOT!

After some good work,  Rogers finds space to shoot from distance. The effort is too weak to trouble Subrata.

21:35 (IST)24 AUG 2017

76' Suddenly the pressure is on India. The body language has changed after the equaliser and the St Kitts players are attacking with real intent.

21:34 (IST)24 AUG 2017

75' A crunching tackle from Sandesh Jhingan. St Kitts had a good chance there but the Indian captain was having none of it.

21:31 (IST)24 AUG 2017

72' GOAL! 1-1!

The corner is headed in by Hanley as Gvaune Amory gets to it just in time and finds the equaliser. Heartbreak for India.  Can they preserve and get a winner here?

21:31 (IST)24 AUG 2017

70' Chance for St Kitts as a deep free kick is headed goalwards.  Subrata Paul jumps high and fists it over. Corner.

21:26 (IST)24 AUG 2017

66' Opportunity for St Kitts but comes to nothing.

Rogers Kimaree does a few step-overs before setting up a teammate. But the shot is way over.

21:22 (IST)24 AUG 2017

63' Corner for St Kitts as Narayan Das prevents a cross from coming in. The corner is overhit and comes to nothing. Disappointing play from the visitors. 

21:21 (IST)24 AUG 2017

60' Double change for India. Mohammed Rafique and Nikhil come in for Jacki and Eugeneson.

21:20 (IST)24 AUG 2017

56' SHOT!

Eugeneson shoots but it goes into the second tier

21:15 (IST)24 AUG 2017

54' Narayan Das sends in a good ball from the left and Robin Singh jumps the highest to meet up. Can't get the connection right, though.

21:10 (IST)24 AUG 2017


The Blue Tigers counter as a long ball is brought down by Robin Sing for Jeje to chase. Jeje sets up Robin with a good pass, one on one with the 'keeper but a weak effort from the forward in the end. Should have been 2-0.

21:09 (IST)24 AUG 2017

49' SHOT!

Pritam Kotal gets in after a brilliant one-two with Jeje. However, he shoots wide and over.

21:07 (IST)24 AUG 2017

47' Good chance for India as Jacki finds acres of space on the right flank and sends in a deep cross. Narzary is there but before Robin can get to the end of the lay off the ball is cleared.

21:06 (IST)24 AUG 2017

45' Change for St Kitts as Clyde is replaced by Carlos. Robin Singh replaces Balwant.

21:05 (IST)24 AUG 2017

We are ready for the second half. 

20:50 (IST)24 AUG 2017

The referee blows the whistle for half-time. India have been the dominating side in the first half. St Kitts started brightly but the Indians gradually took control. Jackichand Singh gave India the lead late in the first half. St Kitts have a game to chase. We will be back with live action in 15 minutes.

20:48 (IST)24 AUG 2017

45+1' St Kitts trying hard to get the equaliser but the Indian defence is as strong as ever.

20:47 (IST)24 AUG 2017

45' Two minutes added on. 

20:45 (IST)24 AUG 2017

43' SHOT!

Narayan Das sends in a long ball into the box.  Jeje manages to bring it down and shoots on the turn. This time the goalie manages to get a hand to it. Another corner for India. Comes to nothing, though.

20:44 (IST)24 AUG 2017

42' Corner for India. Eugene goes across to take it. It is cleared convincingly.

20:40 (IST)24 AUG 2017

39' GOAL! 1-0 India!

Jacki scores! Rowlin Borges with a delicious cross from the right wing. Jacki jumps up and glances the header goalwards. The goalie can't reach it. Brilliant effort from Jacki!

20:38 (IST)24 AUG 2017

35' Balwant wins a free kick for India as Clyde brings him down. Narayan Das' delivery is cleared with conviction.

20:33 (IST)24 AUG 2017

32' Free kick for St Kitts now from the left-hand side.  Rogers with the ball but Subrata Paul collects with ease. 

20:32 (IST)24 AUG 2017

30' So much happening here in Mumbai.

Two consecutive corners for India with the first one almost resulting in a goal. St Kitts keep the scoreline to 0-0 for now.

20:28 (IST)24 AUG 2017

27' GOAL! No disallowed! 

It's a well worked free kick routine, the shot is deflected. The goalie makes a good save but the defenders can't quite clear it. The ball goes into the net but is disallowed.

20:27 (IST)24 AUG 2017

26' Free kick in a dangerous position for India as Jeje is brought down. Can India make this count?

20:27 (IST)24 AUG 2017


Joash finds the space to let fly and he shoots! Subrata Paul saves it comfortably.

20:24 (IST)24 AUG 2017

22' Rowlin Borges wins another corner for India. Eugene delivers deep into the box and Jhingan heads it down. The shot is sent up and over by Narzary.

20:23 (IST)24 AUG 2017

21' The corner is short this time but eventually comes to nothing.

20:21 (IST)24 AUG 2017


India break through the left as a good through ball finds the overlapping Narayan Das. Narayan sends in a good cross and Balwant meets it but the goalkeeper just gets a finger tip. Corner for India.

20:21 (IST)24 AUG 2017

18' A good spell of possession by India in the opposition half comes to nothing.  Jeje, Jacki and Balwant were all involved there but eventually, Jacki's cross is cleared.

20:18 (IST)24 AUG 2017

16' Beautiful piece of skill from Vinceroy has Edathodika in a spot of bother but the Indian manages to recover and clear just in the nick of time.

20:16 (IST)24 AUG 2017

14' St Kitts are pressing the Indians hard, not allowing them the luxury to play easy passes. It has been working so far. 

20:14 (IST)24 AUG 2017

13' Free kick for India deep inside their own half as Narayan Das is fouled by Vinceroy.

20:13 (IST)24 AUG 2017

11' Joash tries to get forward through the left with some fancy footwork but Pritam  Kotal is up to the task. No harm done.

20:11 (IST)24 AUG 2017

8' The corner comes to nothing but India are keeping the ball among themselves and trying to find a breach.

20:10 (IST)24 AUG 2017

7' India have a free kick inside their own half. The ball is floated into the opposition box as Jeje manages to lay it up for Jacki who gets a corner. 

First corner of the game.

20:07 (IST)24 AUG 2017

5' Anas Edathodika has hurt himself slightly. He went for the header but landed awkwardly. Back on his feet, though.
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