HS Prannoy vs Lee Cheuk Yiu, Live Badminton Score and Updates, China Open Super Series 2017 Round 2

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 16, 2017 10:59 IST

Lee def Prannoy 21-19, 21-17 in 42 minutes to enter the quarter-finals.


10:59 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Saina Nehwal is currently in action on another court. Follow her match LIVE here:

10:57 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Clearly, Prannoy did not have much left in the tank after yesterday's marathon match that lasted 90 minutes. Lee grabbed his chances well and never let Prannoy settle into the match.

10:52 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Lee def Prannoy, 21-19, 21-17 in 42 minutes to enter the quarter-finals.

10:51 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Prannoy cannot as Lee converts the first of his match points.

10:49 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Can Prannoy fight back?

10:49 (IST)16 NOV 2017

And Lee races to match points by taking two crucial points.


10:48 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Lee bags a couple of points for an 18-16 lead.

10:46 (IST)16 NOV 2017

16-16 currently

10:44 (IST)16 NOV 2017

And he makes it 16-14.

Time is running out for Prannoy now.

10:44 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Prannoy fought back to 14-14 but Lee again goes up to 15-14

10:42 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Lee soars to 14-12

10:42 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Could it be an effect of Prannoy's marathon last night that finished at 11.30pm? He did not get much time to rest and could be feeling fatigued.

10:41 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Lee makes the most of his opportunity.

13-11 he leads

10:39 (IST)16 NOV 2017

And it is back to being even.


10:39 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Prannoy has an 11-10 advantage at the mid-game interval.

10:38 (IST)16 NOV 2017

It's 10-10

10:37 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Prannoy up 10-9

10:37 (IST)16 NOV 2017

And it is 9-9

10:36 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Tight game it is.

Prannoy now barely leads...9-8

10:35 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Prannoy now up 8-6

10:34 (IST)16 NOV 2017

And he levels.


10:34 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Some fightback going on from the Indian national champion as he now comes back to 5-6.

10:33 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Lee maintains his lead....6-4

10:31 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Lee up 4-2

10:29 (IST)16 NOV 2017


Lee up 2-1

10:30 (IST)16 NOV 2017

And Lee bags the opener, 21-19

10:30 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Game point for Lee.


10:30 (IST)16 NOV 2017

It's all level once again.


10:28 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Lee now grabs 2 points to advance to 19-17

10:27 (IST)16 NOV 2017

And Prannoy fights back!


10:26 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Lee up 17-14

10:25 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Another momentum shift.

Lee now storms back and leads 15-13

10:24 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Now Prannoy grabs a couple of points and goes up to 13-12

10:22 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Lee still has a slim lead.


10:21 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Prannoy takes 3 points on the trot and reduces the deficit to 1 point.

10-11 he trails now

10:19 (IST)16 NOV 2017

At the break, Lee leads 11-7

10:19 (IST)16 NOV 2017

And the gap is widening further.

Lee up 10-7

10:18 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Prannoy now trailing 7-9

10:18 (IST)16 NOV 2017

There is still a two-point gap.

Lee up 8-6

10:17 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Lee now advances to 7-5

10:16 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Prannoy is coming back but Lee still has an advantage. 5-4 he leads

10:15 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Lee adds two points and jumps to a 4-2 lead

10:14 (IST)16 NOV 2017

The two are locked at 2-2 currently

10:13 (IST)16 NOV 2017

We are under way!


10:11 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Good morning. The players are on court and the match is about to begin.

02:26 (IST)16 NOV 2017

Welcome to the Sportskeeda liveblog of the China Open 2017 second round. Indian national champion HS Prannoy faces Lee Cheuk Yiu of Hong Kong for a place in the quarter-finals.

While Prannoy is World No. 11, Lee is placed at 53 in the world rankings. This is their first meeting.

Prannoy played a marathon first round match that took 1.5 hours to finish. The Indian national champion was 18-21, 8-11 down from where he stormed back to level and held his nerves for an 18-21, 21-16, 21-19 win despite Lee Dong Keun saving two match points.

That match ended at nearly 11.30pm on Wednesday and Prannoy's next match is at 12.30pm on Thursday. So, the schedule is not in his favour, something which he complained about on social media and it might result in Prannoy not getting enough rest.

It remains to be seen if it really has any effect on Prannoy when he takes the court for his second round match.

But it also should be remembered that Prannoy is in the middle of his career-best season. He has reached two Superseries semi-finals, won the National Championships and climbed to a career-high No. 11 in the world rankings.

He believes in himself more and is thus playing more freely these days. With the kind of attitude he has now, Prannoy might just will himself to the finish line, no matter how tired he feels.
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