HS Prannoy vs Lee Dong Keun, Live Badminton Score and Updates, China Open Super Series 2017 Round 1

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Prannoy def Lee, 18-21, 21-16, 21-19 in 90 minutes to enter the second round


20:41 (IST)15 NOV 2017

What a match that was! What an effort from both the players! Prannoy held his nerves for the marathon win.

But now let's shift our focus to PV Sindhu's match. You can follow it LIVE here:

20:38 (IST)15 NOV 2017

Final score: Prannoy def Lee, 18-21, 21-16, 21-19 in 90 minutes to enter the second round.

20:36 (IST)15 NOV 2017

AND PRANNOY WINS!!!!!! 21-19

20:35 (IST)15 NOV 2017

Lee does it again! He saves a second one...19-20

20:34 (IST)15 NOV 2017

A resilient Lee saves one..18-20

20:33 (IST)15 NOV 2017


20:33 (IST)15 NOV 2017

Prannoy adds another crucial point to his kitty....19-17

20:32 (IST)15 NOV 2017

Lee says "Not so easy"....and he comes back to 17-18

20:32 (IST)15 NOV 2017

18-15...the gap is's a question of nerves now

20:31 (IST)15 NOV 2017

A long rally goes in favour of the Gopichand protege...17-15

20:29 (IST)15 NOV 2017

Three points in a row for the Kerala shuttler...16-15 he leads

20:28 (IST)15 NOV 2017

Can he keep it going? What a tight match this is!

20:28 (IST)15 NOV 2017

And Prannoy fights back to 15-15

20:26 (IST)15 NOV 2017

Now it's Prannoy's turn to claw his way back...13-14 he trails

20:25 (IST)15 NOV 2017

14-11 to the Korean..he has won six points in a row now!!!!

20:24 (IST)15 NOV 2017

Lee does not stop there...he takes two more points to snatch the lead back from Prannoy. 12-11 to Lee now.

20:23 (IST)15 NOV 2017

Lee makes a better start after the break....two points on the trot and he now trails by just one point at 10-11

20:21 (IST)15 NOV 2017

At half-time, the Indian has an 11-8 advantage.

20:20 (IST)15 NOV 2017

Prannoy soars to 10-8 now

20:19 (IST)15 NOV 2017

How long can the Indian hold on to it?

20:19 (IST)15 NOV 2017

Things are heating up here...Lee takes a couple of points but Prannoy still ahead at 9-8

20:17 (IST)15 NOV 2017

Now Prannoy lets his racquet do the is an 8-6 lead for the India No. 2 shuttler.

20:15 (IST)15 NOV 2017

6-6 currently

20:13 (IST)15 NOV 2017

it is 5-5 now

20:12 (IST)15 NOV 2017

It is once again a hard-fought affair....Lee is barely ahead. 5-4

20:10 (IST)15 NOV 2017

Now Lee advances to 4-2

20:08 (IST)15 NOV 2017



20:04 (IST)15 NOV 2017

What a fightback that was! Can he keep it going in the decider?

20:04 (IST)15 NOV 2017

And Prannoy needs just one game point to convert! 21-16 it is

20:03 (IST)15 NOV 2017

Prannoy reaches game points....20-16 to the World No. 11

20:02 (IST)15 NOV 2017

18-16 now..can he take two more points and force a decider?

20:00 (IST)15 NOV 2017

And Prannoy is pulling away now...17-15

19:59 (IST)15 NOV 2017

It is Prannoy who has made his mark now....taking three points on the trot, he has jumped to 16-15

19:58 (IST)15 NOV 2017

It is Lee who grabs the next two points for a 15-13 lead

19:56 (IST)15 NOV 2017

Long rallies are the order of the day now...13-13

19:54 (IST)15 NOV 2017

12-12....can Prannoy break away and build a lead of his own?

19:53 (IST)15 NOV 2017

And we are back to level terms..11-11

19:52 (IST)15 NOV 2017

After the break, the aggression in Prannoy shows up and he gets two points on the trot....10-11

19:50 (IST)15 NOV 2017

Prannoy pulled one point back but could not prevent Lee from going up to 11-8 at half-time.

19:49 (IST)15 NOV 2017

10-7 to the World No. 51 now

19:48 (IST)15 NOV 2017

No change in the margin of deficit....Prannoy trailing by 3 points even now...6-9

19:46 (IST)15 NOV 2017

8-5 in Lee's favour

19:45 (IST)15 NOV 2017

It's still a three-point lead for the Korean...7-4

19:43 (IST)15 NOV 2017

And the World No. 51 builds a 6-3 lead....can Prannoy bring forth his fighting skills?

19:41 (IST)15 NOV 2017

Lee surges to a 4-2 lead.

19:38 (IST)15 NOV 2017

And it is competitive once more..2-2

19:37 (IST)15 NOV 2017


Lee takes the opening point.

19:35 (IST)15 NOV 2017

Lee halts his comeback and grabs the opening game, 21-18.

19:33 (IST)15 NOV 2017

A resilient Prannoy now saves a couple of game points to get to 18-20

19:32 (IST)15 NOV 2017

Lee goes up to game points...20-16
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