HS Prannoy vs Parupalli Kashyap Live Score and Commentary US Open Badminton Final

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 24, 2017 04:21 IST

Prannoy beats Kashyap, 21-15, 20-22, 21-12 to win the US Open title.


04:21 (IST)24 JUL 2017

That wraps up our liveblog of the US Open. Hope you enjoyed it. Do join us for the live coverage of the New Zealand Open Grand Prix Gold which is scheduled from August 1-6.

03:55 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Hopefully he will be able to grab a Superseries title next.

03:51 (IST)24 JUL 2017

This is Prannoy's third career Grand Prix Gold title.

03:47 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Final score: 21-15, 20-22, 21-12

03:46 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Prannoy's shot lands on the baseline....21-12 it is

03:45 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Another slice drop helps save a second one

03:44 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Kashyap saves one

03:44 (IST)24 JUL 2017

10 match points!

03:43 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Prannoy can do no wrong now! Looking so confident. It is 19-10

03:42 (IST)24 JUL 2017

And 17-9 it is

03:40 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Prannoy is playing like a champion! What a display of defense!! 15-8

03:39 (IST)24 JUL 2017


03:38 (IST)24 JUL 2017

The gap in the score is widening more and more!! It is 13-7 for Prannoy

03:36 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Prannoy is up 11-7 at halftime

03:36 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Kashyap looks be short on energy now. Prannoy is doing everything right....10-6

03:35 (IST)24 JUL 2017

It's a four-point lead now. Prannoy up 9-5

03:33 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Prannoy sends the shuttle long...7-4

03:32 (IST)24 JUL 2017

And he looks to be in control of the proceedings....6-3

03:31 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Prannoy extends the lead to 5-3

03:30 (IST)24 JUL 2017


For a change, it is Prannoy who makes a good start to a game. He opens up a 3-1 lead.

03:26 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Kashyap does it! Takes the second game, 22-20

03:26 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Now Prannoy is left dumbfounded by a tight spinning net shot by Kashyap

03:25 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Kashyap makes errors in a hurry.... 20-20

03:24 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Reverse slice from Kashyap and he has game points at 20-18

03:23 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Again we are all level at 18-18

03:22 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Kashyap ahead at 18-16

03:21 (IST)24 JUL 2017


03:20 (IST)24 JUL 2017

It's level at 15-15

03:19 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Kashyap makes an error to see his big lead evaporate into just a solitary point lead

03:18 (IST)24 JUL 2017

What a reverse drop from Prannoy! This is badminton at its best!!!! Kashyap still leads 15-13

03:17 (IST)24 JUL 2017

What a game from Kashyap!!!! Perfect amalgamation of attack and defence!!!!!! He is up 15-12

03:14 (IST)24 JUL 2017

14-9 as Prannoy continues to struggle

03:14 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Now Kashyap is in control...13-9

03:14 (IST)24 JUL 2017

12-9 for Kashyap

03:12 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Kashyap leads 11-8 at the interval

03:11 (IST)24 JUL 2017

The senior player is still up 10-8

03:10 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Now Kashyap varying the height of the shuttle to rattle Prannoy. The former is up 9-7

03:08 (IST)24 JUL 2017

What a rally!! Prannoy makes an error on his concede a 6-8 advantage

03:07 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Now Kashyap giving Prannoy a taste of his own medicine.... Cross court smash and he takes a 7-6 lead

03:06 (IST)24 JUL 2017

The deadly crosscourt smash is taking the game away from Kashyap. 6-6

03:05 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Prannoy is making his way back.....crosscourt smash timed to perfection....5-5

03:04 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Poor judgement from Kashyap makes it a one-point advantage, 4-3

03:03 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Kashyap's down-the-line smash goes wide....he lets Prannoy in 2-3

03:01 (IST)24 JUL 2017


Once again, Kashyap makes the brighter start. Up 3-0

02:59 (IST)24 JUL 2017

HUGE crosscourt smash from Prannoy and the first game is in the bag....21-15

02:58 (IST)24 JUL 2017

19-15 it is for Prannoy

02:57 (IST)24 JUL 2017

A long rally finishes in a net error from Kashyap

02:56 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Prannoy pumping himself up as he manages to extract quite a few errors from Kashyap. The lead is 17-15

02:55 (IST)24 JUL 2017

Prannoy targeting Kashyap's backhand corner. It is paying rich dividends....15-14

02:54 (IST)24 JUL 2017

In a rush to finish points, Prannoy finds himself blocked by the net....14-13
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