HS Prannoy vs Son Wan Ho, Live Badminton Score and Updates, Denmark Open Super Series 2017 Quarter-finals

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 20, 2017 23:22 IST

Son Wan Ho defeated HS Prannoy 21-13, 21-18


23:22 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Srikanth Kidambi is now the last man standing at the 2017 Denmark Open. But he is currently trailing the world champion Viktor Axelsen by a game. You can follow his match LIVE HERE:

23:20 (IST)20 OCT 2017

After the Diwali high when three Indians won their respective matches, this has been a forgettable day for Indians so far at the 2017 Denmark Open. After Saina Nehwal's exit, Prannoy too crumbled to a straight-game defeat.

Prannoy had his moments but was not able to keep it going as errors reared their ugly head at the most inopportune moments. Especially towards the end, he looked to have wrested back control when he led 18-16 but conceded the advantage again due to a flurry of errors.

It still has been a confidence-boosting performance from the World No. 14. Here's hoping he takes the positives out of this and gears up well for the French Open in Paris next week.

23:11 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Final score: Son Wan Ho defeated HS Prannoy 21-13, 21-18 in 44 minutes.

23:09 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Son needed just one point to take the win as Prannoy sends the shuttle wide!

23:08 (IST)20 OCT 2017

2 match points for the Korean....20-18

23:08 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Prannoy making mistakes off his trails 18-19

23:07 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Prannoy stumbles at the net! 18-18

23:06 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Better netplay from the Korean to make it 17-18

23:06 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Wow! Son under pressure now....trails 16-18

23:05 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Prannoy targeting the corners smartly....leads 17-16 now

23:05 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Back to 16-16..can he continue this time?

23:05 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Currently, the top seed is 16-15 ahead.

23:04 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Prannoy is never able to keep it going after levelling the game...that might cost him badly if this trend persists.

23:03 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Once more Son snatches the momentum and inches ahead to 15-13

23:02 (IST)20 OCT 2017

We are back on level terms now..13-13

23:01 (IST)20 OCT 2017

13-11 is the lead for Son now....time running out for the Indian

22:59 (IST)20 OCT 2017

And it is 11-11

Pressure right back on Prannoy now.

22:58 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Son gets two fast points on resumption

22:57 (IST)20 OCT 2017

At the interval, it is Prannoy who has an 11-8 advantage.

22:56 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Son trails 8-10 now

22:56 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Son extending the rallies and trying to impose his game in an attempt to throw the Indian off his rhythm.

22:55 (IST)20 OCT 2017

It is a 10-7 lead for the US Open champion!!

22:54 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Prannoy has amped up the intensity of his attacks now...he is leading 8-6.

22:52 (IST)20 OCT 2017

This time, Prannoy takes two quick points to inch ahead to 6-4

22:50 (IST)20 OCT 2017

And 4-4...the pace of the match has slowed down.

22:49 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Once more, he has conceded the advantage to trail 3-4.

22:47 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Prannoy has now jumped to 3-2...can he maintain that slender lead?

22:46 (IST)20 OCT 2017


It's 1-1

22:43 (IST)20 OCT 2017

And Son makes no mistake! He needs just one game point to bag the opener, 21-13.

22:43 (IST)20 OCT 2017

7 game points for the Korean...20-13

22:42 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Prannoy trails 13-19 now.

22:41 (IST)20 OCT 2017

No! The Korean pulls away to 18-11

22:40 (IST)20 OCT 2017

2 points for Prannoy to reduce the deficit to 11-16....signs of a comeback?

22:39 (IST)20 OCT 2017

The Korean still in the driver's seat...16-9 he leads.

22:38 (IST)20 OCT 2017

It is 14-8 for the top seed.

22:36 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Son is still very much dictating the terms.

22:36 (IST)20 OCT 2017

The lead is currently 12-6 for the Korean.

22:36 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Prannoy can come back any time into this...just needs to cut down on his errors and keep being aggressive.

22:35 (IST)20 OCT 2017

At the half-time, the Indian trails 5-11.

22:34 (IST)20 OCT 2017

The Korean is looking pretty confident right now....has built a BIG LEAD OF 10-5

22:33 (IST)20 OCT 2017

The Korean halts the Indian's march and bags FOUR points on the trot to lead 8-5.

22:31 (IST)20 OCT 2017

2 points on the trot for the World No. 14....he leads 5-4

22:30 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Long rallies are the order of the day....Son leads 4-3

22:29 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Tight contest in the early stages...3-3

22:28 (IST)20 OCT 2017

It is all even...2-2

22:27 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Prannoy takes the first point

22:27 (IST)20 OCT 2017

It is under way!

22:27 (IST)20 OCT 2017

Can Prannoy bring a smile to the faces of Indian fans after the Saina Nehwal heartbreak?

22:26 (IST)20 OCT 2017

And the match is about to begin!
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