Huddersfield vs Manchester United Live Score and Commentary, EPL 2017-18 HUD vs MUN

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Huddersfield 2-1 Man United (Mooy 28', Depoitre 33'; Rashford 78')


21:26 (IST)21 OCT 2017


The Terriers were brilliant on the night, and thoroughly deserved the win - United weren't as poor as many would make you think, but individual mistakes in defence and some sloppy passing in midfield (and down the flanks) mean the Huddersfield consign them to their first defeat of the season. 

That's all from me Anirudh Menon, that was a proper belter of a Premier League match. Thank you for reading


21:23 (IST)21 OCT 2017

94' OH YOU! CHRIS SMALLING YOU MUPPET! The big man gets the ball all to himself inside the six yard box, controls it, takes his time to sip a cup of tea and read the newspaper, allows Jorgensen to slide in... and smashes it into the Dane

21:22 (IST)21 OCT 2017

93' More intricate passing, more crossing... more blocking

21:20 (IST)21 OCT 2017

92' Wagner eats off a few seconds as Tom Ince is taken off for left back Scott Malone

21:20 (IST)21 OCT 2017

91' Rashford tries to flick on one to Smalling but a prone Schindler does supremely well to get his body in the way. 

21:19 (IST)21 OCT 2017

90' Four minutes of additional time. Van La Parra runs rings around Young and then Matic before winning a corner. The Huddersfield winger has been absolutely brilliant since coming on 

21:18 (IST)21 OCT 2017

89' Van la parra does supremely well to win a freekick off Mkhitaryan

21:17 (IST)21 OCT 2017

88' OH MY HEAVENS ON FIRE WHAT WAS THAT! Ashley Young cushions the ball onto van La Parra's path who outstrips De Gea to the ball, but he just can't get his body to bend toward the ball but at that speed just cant. Valencia joins in the party to scramble it clear

21:15 (IST)21 OCT 2017

87' Young has been utterly disappointing today, and ends up giving the ball away in a promising posiiton. 

21:15 (IST)21 OCT 2017

86' OH! LOSSL! Lukaku and Lossl go for the ball at Huddersfield's near post - and the goalkeeper is supremely relieved to see the ref's whistle go.... for what, I will never understand. 

21:13 (IST)21 OCT 2017

85' United win a corner... and Young's delivery is absolutely rubbish. Lingard thumps one at Rashford but his chest down to Lukaku is off target

21:12 (IST)21 OCT 2017

84' Lingard does well to work himself out of a tight space... but he overruns it at the crucial last moment. Huddersfield counter at pace, Lindelof makes a mistake but Mounie's ball into Ince is cut out by the relieved Swede... 

21:11 (IST)21 OCT 2017

83' Rashford tries to whip a low ball into the box for Lukaku but Lossl has got the entirety of his being behind the ball 

21:10 (IST)21 OCT 2017

82' WOAH! Lukaku gets outmuscled by Schindler as they compete for an inswinging Young cross - not something you see everyday - and the Huddersfield centre-back wins a goalkick

21:09 (IST)21 OCT 2017

81' UFF! Lingard, Mkhitaryan and Lukaku exchange swift one-touch passes that almooost cuts open the defence but the last ball is just a touch awry

21:08 (IST)21 OCT 2017

80' Lukaku dawdles in the ball and Mooy steals the ball away from him... but his attempt to find van la Parra can't get it under control

21:07 (IST)21 OCT 2017

Absolutely smashing work from Lukaku... utterly fed up with the service he's been offered all night long, he drifts out wide, powers down the touchline and curls an absolutely delightful ball in that Rashford thumps home with a superb header

21:05 (IST)21 OCT 2017


21:04 (IST)21 OCT 2017

76' OH! WHAT A CHANCE! WHAT A SAVE! Young swings one in inviting the faintest of touches - which Herrera provides with a glancing header - that Lossl does supremely well to parry away from danger. WOOF!

21:04 (IST)21 OCT 2017

75' Ince inadvertently facilitates Lingard countering at pace - but Smith does superbly to stop him

21:03 (IST)21 OCT 2017

74' A nice little move seemed to have opened up Huddersfield down the right, but with the kind of complacent laziness that has marked United's afternoon - their captain has simply wandered offside. 

21:01 (IST)21 OCT 2017

72' Some lovely interpassing again from United but that solid wall of white and blue simply refuses to budge... Rashford then ends up giving away a silly foul on experience ol' Tommy Smith

20:59 (IST)21 OCT 2017

71' OH! OH! CHANCE! Rashford plays in Lukaku with a lovely little ball that the big Belgian juuuuust can't get to. That was so painfully close for United

20:58 (IST)21 OCT 2017

70' Laurent Depoitre walks off to a standing ovation - the Belgian overshadowing his more illustrious compatriot at the other end - and pacy Steve Mounie comes on in his stead. Smart move that from Mr. Wagner

20:57 (IST)21 OCT 2017

69' Matic tries a cute reverse ball that Lingard simply fails to read... United come haring back nonetheless....  before Young sends a hopeless ball into the corner flag

20:56 (IST)21 OCT 2017

68' Tom Ince gets a talking to as he slides into Mkhitaryan - on a United counter... but Ince got what he wanted and all eleven men are behind in their own half

20:55 (IST)21 OCT 2017

67' Huddersfield counter another lacklustre United attack and Depoitre and Van la Parra combine to win another corner, that is well cleared by Young

20:54 (IST)21 OCT 2017

65' Yellow for Mooy as he slid into Valencia in the middle of the United counter... 

20:53 (IST)21 OCT 2017

64' OH MY WORDS!!! Huddersfield stream forward and van La Parra squeezes the ball into the box where Depoitre, Smalling, and Valencia all converge only for the United captain to emerge with it.... Lingard breaks for United but his pass - aiming to find Rashford - is hopelessly misplaced

20:51 (IST)21 OCT 2017

63' OOO LA LA! Finally a move of some note from United as Rashford and Mkhitaryan combine inside the box but the Englishman's delivery is a touch late and the Armenian has wandered a foot and a half offside

20:50 (IST)21 OCT 2017

62' Valencia wins a throw-in off Lowe - United are finding the white and blue door firmly bolted shut at the moment. Excellent defending from the the home side

20:49 (IST)21 OCT 2017

61' Van la Parra bombs down the right flank and forces a hopelessly outpaced Young to pull him down... yellow for the Englishman and a dangerous freekick on the wing.... from which panic ensues but United somehow scramble it clear

20:48 (IST)21 OCT 2017

60' OH LORD! Rashford works a superb ball out to Herrera who sidefoots it handsomely high and wide under no pressure. The ref had signalled for offside, but if it had gone in, there'd have been some story - the Spaniard was a foot ONSIDE!

20:47 (IST)21 OCT 2017

59'... and Rashford nutmegs Jorgensen on the way to being fouled. It's only a warning for the Dane, but United have a freekick in a threatening position out wide

20:46 (IST)21 OCT 2017

58' Young goes route one aiming for Rashford but Jorgensen does superbly to head the ball away. United come back.... 

20:45 (IST)21 OCT 2017

57' Some quick feet from Lingard and Lukaku opens up space for Rashford - one on one Smith stands no chance, but his shot at the near post is awfully emblematic of United's struggles at the moment and settles itself in row Z

20:44 (IST)21 OCT 2017

56' This is a real test of United's title credentials... it' these kind of games that Champions end up winning

20:44 (IST)21 OCT 2017

55' Ok, United are playing with two defenders... end of as the men in Red try to scream forward in volume... but Van la Parra's quick feet wins a superb freekick for the Terriers at the halfway line... from which they win a throw deep, deep in United territory

20:42 (IST)21 OCT 2017

54' OH! CHANCE! The ball breaks free at the edge of the United box, and Young steals it from Matic's left-foot before sending a wild shot screaming wide.

20:41 (IST)21 OCT 2017

53' ... which is confidently punched away by lossl, just ahead of Lindelof. 

20:41 (IST)21 OCT 2017

52' United are pegging Huddersfield back all the way into their third - to a man - but are finding it tough to penetrate the wall of white and blue... Lingard does what he can and wins a corner... 

20:40 (IST)21 OCT 2017

51' Its all as scrappy as a Sunday League muckabout 

20:39 (IST)21 OCT 2017

50' United have moved into a 3-at-the-back formation with Herrera the third at the back. United's passing, though hasn't improved one bit and Huddersfield are running the show here at their home... Van la Parra tries to play in Smith on the underlap but his pass has too much oomph about it

20:37 (IST)21 OCT 2017

48'  Van La Parra runs at Matic and the Serb has to use every drop of his vast experience to keep the hungry Huddersfield winger at bay

20:36 (IST)21 OCT 2017

47' Lingard and Mkhitaryan try to work an intricate passing rhythm inside the opposition box but Smith reads it and smashes it clear with the minimum of fuss. Depoitre does supremely well to make Lindelof concede a throw  in

20:35 (IST)21 OCT 2017

46' Rashford seems to have gone straight up the middle alongside Lukaku, as the Red Devils throw everything at it

20:34 (IST)21 OCT 2017


Would have Jose Mourinho's hairdryer have any effect.... or would his substitutions? He's thrown Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Marcus Rashford on, and taken off Juan Mata and Anthony Martial. 

20:20 (IST)21 OCT 2017


MY MY, HUDDERSFIELD TOWN LEAD MANCHESTER UNITED 2-0, the first lead they've held over the Reds in SEVENTY-FIVE years... and they have been great value for it. 

United have looked lazy, complacent, and utterly devoid of purpose  - to a man. Mourinho's head has probably spontaneously combusted many times over already. 

20:19 (IST)21 OCT 2017

49' The corner is useless, the pass back into the box is worse... Young and Herrera the culprits

20:18 (IST)21 OCT 2017

48' Herrera and Lingard combine well to win a corner off Schindler... the corner drops to Matic and he smashes a shot at goal that deflects out for a corner... 
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