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I-League 2017, Live Score: East Bengal vs Shillong Lajong, Live Match Updates Commentary

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 09, 2017 19:26 IST

KEB 5-1 SLFC (Al-Amna 14', Ferreira 19', Ralte 52', 65', Yusa 78', Samuela 87') (Full Time)


19:26 (IST)9 DEC 2017

That's all from the live coverage of tonight's I-League action as East Bengal run away with the three points against Shillong Lajong who are unable to climb to the top of the standings. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all sporting updates from around the world. This is Gaurav Kadam, signing off. See you soon.

19:24 (IST)9 DEC 2017

Full Time:
East Bengal 5 - 1 Shillong Lajong FC

A dominating performance from the home side brings in a massive 5-1 win for Khalid Jamil's side who were on the front foot from the start. Shillong committed a couple of mistakes in the defense and gave away too many chances for the Red and Golds. Laldanmawia Ralte grabbed a brace along with goals from Yusa, Ferreira and Al-Amna completing the rout of the Reds.

19:22 (IST)9 DEC 2017

93' - Odafin finds Kharpan on the right side who controls the ball well with his chest but his cross is a poor one and goes way over for a goal-kick.

19:20 (IST)9 DEC 2017

90'+1' - Mohd. Rafique takes an effort out of nowhere but Odafin clears with his head and the ball goes out for a throw-in for the home side.

19:19 (IST)9 DEC 2017

90' - Substitution for Shillong Lajong FC:
Rakesh Pradhan comes off for A. Lyngdoh as the fourth official displays four added minutes.

19:18 (IST)9 DEC 2017

89' - Another mistake by Lajong defence lets Katsumi Yusa free on the left, who cuts the ball back and tries to find Al-Amna but Doe clears the ball away from the danger.

19:16 (IST)9 DEC 2017

87' - GOAL!! Shillong get a consolation goal as their skipper Samuela scores a beautiful free-kick beating the diving Mirshad on the left side. Well-taken by the young Shillong captain!

19:15 (IST)9 DEC 2017

85' - Prakash Sarkar has been booked for his challenge outside the box as Samuel stands over the dead-ball in hopes of getting a consolation goal.

19:13 (IST)9 DEC 2017

84' - Substitution for East Bengal FC:
The brace scorer Laldanmawia Ralte comes off to loud cheers as Surabuddin Mollick comes on for the final 10 minutes.

19:12 (IST)9 DEC 2017

83' - Substitution for Shillong Lajong FC:

Alen Deory who had a poor night tonight makes way for Shaiborlang Kharpan 

19:11 (IST)9 DEC 2017

82' - Yellow card has been shown to Daniel Odafin for a rash challenge on Mahmoud Al-Amna as frustrations run ragged in the Shillong players.

19:08 (IST)9 DEC 2017

78' - GOAL!! Yusa takes the spot-kick and scores past Lachenpa who almost saved it but his touch is not enough to keep the ball out. Khalid Jamil goes down in prayers at the touchline as KEB take a 5-goal lead.

19:07 (IST)9 DEC 2017

77' - PENALTY!!! Laldanmawia Ralte comes rushing into the box and Tlang brings him down with a push from the back. The ref quickly awards the spot-kick. Will Ralte get his hat-trick or Yusa will take it?

19:06 (IST)9 DEC 2017

75' - Substitution for East Bengal
Willis Plaza, who had another forgetful night is taken off as Charles de Souza comes on

19:05 (IST)9 DEC 2017

75' - Substitution for Shillong Lajong FC
Hardy Nongbri makes way for Samuel Kynshi as we enter the last 15 minutes of play in Kolkata

19:03 (IST)9 DEC 2017

73' - Plaza shows his determination and chases down a ball on the right and eventually wins a foul after being brought down by Doe. Free-kick for East Bengal as Yusa delivers a short free-kick to Amna but the Syrian's effort is cleared by the Lajong defense.

18:59 (IST)9 DEC 2017

71' - Substitution for Kingfisher East Bengal FC:

First change of the night made by Khalid Jamil as Cavin Lobo makes way for Mohd. Rafique comes on for the final 20 minutes.

18:57 (IST)9 DEC 2017

68 ' - A rare attack from the Lajong side as Deory finds himself in space but his shot is too weak to cause any trouble for Mirshad in the KEB goal.

18:54 (IST)9 DEC 2017

64' - ANOTHER ONE!! Ralte makes the most of a mistake by the Shillong defence as Doe and Juho fumble in front of the box and Ralte pounced quickly to come in and finish it past the rushing Lachenpa for his second and KEB's fourth of the night. Utter domination from the Red & Golds now.

18:51 (IST)9 DEC 2017

62' - A mistake by Doe in the Shillong defence almost allows Plaza to capitalise but the defence clears the ball away for a throw-in.

18:48 (IST)9 DEC 2017

58' - Cavin Lobo is down on the ground as the KEB players crowd the referee accusing Shillong players of intentionally hurting the midfielder. Even Khalid Jamil is seen complaining to the fourth official.

18:46 (IST)9 DEC 2017

56' - Laurence Doe manages to slide and clear the ball as Shillong were almost caught again as Yusa tried to play Al-Amna and Plaza through on goal. Great defending by the Liberian defender.

18:43 (IST)9 DEC 2017

54' - East Bengal have begun the second half in pretty much the same fashion as the first with control in the midfield and the hunger to find chances for goals. Khalid Jamil has managed to inspire the Red & Golds well after two poor games in the league so far.

18:42 (IST)9 DEC 2017

51' - AND IT's THREE!! East Bengal grab their third as Al-Amna finds Ralte who had made a great run from the right. The youngster calmly rounds the keeper and slots it into the open as two diving Shillong defenders are unable to keep the ball out.

18:40 (IST)9 DEC 2017

50' - The ref awards a free-kick in the middle of the park to Shillong as Bazzou Armand fouls Samuela and Lajong get the ball.

18:38 (IST)9 DEC 2017

47' - Early chance for KEB!! Plaza is unable to control the ball in the box and the ball falls to Brandon V but his effort is dealt with by Shillong custodian Lachenpa. Will the second half also be along the same lines as the first...?

18:36 (IST)9 DEC 2017

45' - And the second half action starts here at the Barasat Stadium in Kolkata as East Bengal are 2-0 up ahead against Shillong Lajong FC.

18:18 (IST)9 DEC 2017

Half Time:
Kingfisher East Bengal FC 2 - 0 Shillong Lajong FC

The first half comes to an end as it has been all East Bengal so far in the game. The home side have been heavily dominant in their attacking play as Shillong Lajong struggled to contain Katsumi Yusa and Al-Amna in the midfield. Stay tuned as we bring the second half action live in 15 minutes.

18:16 (IST)9 DEC 2017

45' - Two minutes of added time has been indicated by the fourth official as the score stands 2-0 in favor of the home side.

18:15 (IST)9 DEC 2017

44' - Sarkar recovers well in the KEB box after initially missing the header as Samuela was lurking in the box. The right back clears the ball to safety as we reach the 45th minute mark.

18:14 (IST)9 DEC 2017

43' - Arnab Mondal clears the ball away to safety after Nongbri's cross into the box was missed by Ferreira but the skipper is alert and up to the task. Corner for the Reds from Northeast India.

18:12 (IST)9 DEC 2017

42' - We near the end of the first half as East Bengal lead 2-0 owing to goals in the first twenty minutes and their dominant play in the pitch.

18:09 (IST)9 DEC 2017

38' - Katsumi Yusa puts in a good cross from the left and Plaza rises to head it but misses the target as he continues his search for the elusive goal.

18:04 (IST)9 DEC 2017

33' - A cross from Yusa from the left is headed back towards the box by Ralte and it falls nicely for Prakash Sarkar who runs in and absolutely batters the effort but the shot goes a bit wide to the right of the Shillong goal. Good move by the home side.

18:03 (IST)9 DEC 2017

31' - Tempers flying high here at the Barasat as the ref succeeds in controlling the players who almost got into a scuffle. 

17:58 (IST)9 DEC 2017

26' - PENALTY SHOUT!! Yusa comes in from the left and is brought down by a Shillong defender and the KEB playmaker goes down and appeals for a spot-kick but the referee denies much to the surprise of the Japanese midfielder.

17:54 (IST)9 DEC 2017

22' - MIRSHAD ALMOST MESSED THAT UP!! Samuela takes a long-range free-kick and Mirshad came out but misjudged the flight and somehow managed to palm it away to safety. The ball is again put in by the Lajong side and Mirshad saves to palm the ball over for a corner.

17:50 (IST)9 DEC 2017

18' - AND IT's TWO!! Eduardo Ferreira heads in Yusa's corner from the left side and the Shillong Lajong keeper has no chance of saving the powerful effort. The crowd goes wild as KEB have started on a strong note asserting their control within twenty minutes.

17:48 (IST)9 DEC 2017

16' - Shillong Lajong's corner put in by Samuela comes in a dangerous spot and Juho almost heads it in but it loops over and Mirshad comes out to catch it and keeps his goal safe.

17:45 (IST)9 DEC 2017

13' - GOAL!! The Red & Golds have taken the lead here at the Barasat...Al-Amna receives a long ball on the right and manages to outfox two defenders and unleashes his low effort and it goes past the Lajong keeper into the bottom right corner. EAST BENGAL 1 SHILLONG LAJONG 0

17:42 (IST)9 DEC 2017

10' - OH SO CLOSE!! Al-Amna breaks through from the right dodging past a couple of Lajong defenders and squares it in for Plaza who wastes a good chance as he takes too much time to unleash the shot and Odafin reaches it before the effort. The Kolkata crowd express their disappointment in the striker.

17:39 (IST)9 DEC 2017

8' - First corner won by Al-Amna for East Bengal. Yusa puts it in but somehow Shillong manage to clear the danger away for another corner kick as Cavin Lobo runs to take it.

17:38 (IST)9 DEC 2017

5' - The initial exchanges have been scrappy as the two sides try to get momentum going into the match. Both the defences are standing tall and not allowing any attacks to develop.

17:32 (IST)9 DEC 2017

1' - An early free-kick for Shillong as Arnab Mondal gives it away. Samuela takes a speculative shot and did well but Mirshad saw it through over the goal. Goal-kick for the home side.

17:31 (IST)9 DEC 2017

1' - We're off !! Shillong Lajong get the ball rolling in Kolkata as we are underway here in Kolkata in today's second match in the Hero I-League.

17:27 (IST)9 DEC 2017

And we're just 5 minutes away from the kickoff in Kolkata as the referee readies the skippers for pre-match formalities. Arnab Mondal wins the toss and chooses the side. Shillong Lajong will kick off the match.

17:20 (IST)9 DEC 2017

In the I-League table, East Bengal are currently in the bottom half and lie on the 7th position with just 1 point from their 2 games. Meanwhile, Shillong Lajong are in the second position with two wins out of two games and will go atop the table if they win today evening.

17:14 (IST)9 DEC 2017

17:09 (IST)9 DEC 2017

Khalid Jamil, the East Bengal coach will be gunning for a win against Lajong today evening as he faced a lot of backlash from the Red & Golds fans with chants of 'Go Back' at their first training session after the loss in Kolkata Derby.

17:05 (IST)9 DEC 2017

After a bit of controversy around East Bengal striker Willis Plaza, coach Khalid Jamil looks to have placed his trust in the Trinidadian as he starts again. Read more about it here.
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