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I-League 2017 Live Score: Mohun Bagan vs Indian Arrows, Live Match Updates Commentary

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 29, 2017 15:58 IST

2nd Half : MB 1-1 ARW


15:58 (IST)29 DEC 2017

FULL TIME : Mohun Bagan 1-1 Indian Arrows

A frustrating day for the home side as they failed to overcome a 10-men Arrows side.

Bagan had their chances but credits to the resilient Arrows side to keep the Mariners at bay.

It was a historic night for Kolkata Maidan as an I-League Match took place for the first time.

That's it from us here at Sportskeeda. This is Sayak signing off.

15:55 (IST)29 DEC 2017

90+3' Frustration building over on the faces of the Mohun Bagan players. The fans too getting restless, as full time whistle is on the cusp of being blowed.

15:52 (IST)29 DEC 2017

90+2' Deepak Tangri comes on for Suresh Wangjam.

15:51 (IST)29 DEC 2017


15:50 (IST)29 DEC 2017

90' Freekick to Bagan as Dicka is heckled by Jitendra.

15:49 (IST)29 DEC 2017

89' Mariners pressing harder than ever for the lead. Dangerous Times for Arrows. 

15:47 (IST)29 DEC 2017

86' Dheeraj Singh announced as the Hero of the Match.

15:45 (IST)29 DEC 2017

83' Mohun Bagan pushing harder for the lead. Not much time left for the Mariners as the Arrows are defending on a high scale.

15:41 (IST)29 DEC 2017

82' Chelsterpaul Lyngdoh comes on for Nikhil Kadam.

15:41 (IST)29 DEC 2017

80' MISS! Dicka misses a header after another blissful Kadam cross.

15:39 (IST)29 DEC 2017

79' ANOTHER CHANCE! Manandeep turns, twists and shoots wide.

15:37 (IST)29 DEC 2017

77' Abhijit Sarkar comes in for injuree Asis Rai.

15:36 (IST)29 DEC 2017

75' WHAT A CHANCE! Manandeep misses the goal from point blank range after recieving a brilliant lofted ball from Kadam.

15:33 (IST)29 DEC 2017

73' Azharuddin Mallik comes on for Raynier Fernandes.

15:31 (IST)29 DEC 2017

72' Manandeep booked for a attempting a bicycle kick, but kicks Asis Rai's Face in the process. 

15:30 (IST)29 DEC 2017

69' Kadam down with an injury.

15:28 (IST)29 DEC 2017

67' Mohun Bagan piling up intense pressure. Series of Corners for the home side.

15:26 (IST)29 DEC 2017

66' Raynier Fernandes with a poor cross. Goalkick to Arrows.

15:26 (IST)29 DEC 2017

65' RED CARD! Amarjit Singh sent off for a second yellow.

15:24 (IST)29 DEC 2017

63' Ninthoi Meetei comes on for Nongdamba Naorem.

15:23 (IST)29 DEC 2017

62' Manandeep Singh comes on for Kinshuk Debnath.

15:17 (IST)29 DEC 2017

57' Faiaz's cross is sliced away for a goalkick to Arrows.

15:16 (IST)29 DEC 2017

54' Nothing much happening in the past few minutes as both teams are trying to gain midfield supremacy.

15:10 (IST)29 DEC 2017

50' Amarjit Singh booked for outmuscling Kadam. Freekick to Mohun Bagan.

15:10 (IST)29 DEC 2017

49' Arrows have slowed down the game significantly.

15:08 (IST)29 DEC 2017

48' Rahul with a long shot but way off target.

15:08 (IST)29 DEC 2017

47' Series of attacks from the Green and Maroons. Arrows are struggling to clear away the balls.

15:06 (IST)29 DEC 2017

46' Nikhil Kadam misses a easy chance from point blank range.

15:05 (IST)29 DEC 2017

45' Second half kicks-off!

14:53 (IST)29 DEC 2017

HALF TIME : Mohun Bagan 1-1 Indian Arrows

Dicka put Mariners ahead with a spot kick, but Rahim Ali's darting run allowed Rahul to retore parity. Bagan had couple of chances to go ahead, but thanks to Dheeraj's reflexes to deny the Mariners.

A brilliantly poised game is up on the cards in the second half in the a historic day for the Kolkata Maidan.

14:49 (IST)29 DEC 2017

45+1' WHAT A CHANCE! Dheeraj with a brilliant save as Kromah was on on one one with Dheeraj. Corner to Bagan.

14:47 (IST)29 DEC 2017


14:47 (IST)29 DEC 2017

44' Nikhil Kadam with a cross but Kromah is in two minds to pass or shoot, and the chance is gone in a whisker.

14:45 (IST)29 DEC 2017

44' Arrows defending in sixes and sevens.

14:43 (IST)29 DEC 2017

43' Stalin clears away the ball as Bagan continue to pile up pressure from the right side.

14:41 (IST)29 DEC 2017

41' Dicka with a big chance but the shot goes agonizingly wide.

14:41 (IST)29 DEC 2017

40' Rahul caught offside.

14:39 (IST)29 DEC 2017

38' Dheeraj collects the ball after Bagan try to score again.

14:38 (IST)29 DEC 2017

37' Arrows building on to confidence on the field with some quality play.

14:37 (IST)29 DEC 2017

36' Raynier catches Amarjit out as Arrows earn a freekick.

14:35 (IST)29 DEC 2017

34' GOAAAAAAAAAL! Rahul Connoly equalises for Arrows after a terrifying run from Ali with a peach of a low cross. Silence at the ground.

14:33 (IST)29 DEC 2017

32' Arrows slowly getting into the thick of things.

14:31 (IST)29 DEC 2017

28' Arrows earn a free kick.

14:28 (IST)29 DEC 2017

27' GOAAAAAAAAL! Dipanda's retaken penalty is deemed legit!

14:28 (IST)29 DEC 2017

26' Goal cancelled! Dicka's penalty to be retaken.

14:27 (IST)29 DEC 2017

24' PENALTY! Asis Rai trips Nikhil Kadam as the referee points to the spot. Bagan get the Penalty and the crowd goes wild.

14:22 (IST)29 DEC 2017

20' WHAT A CHANCE! It is Kromah again as Arrows were again caught off guard. Dheeraj stood stranded but the ball is wide.

14:20 (IST)29 DEC 2017

19' WHAT A CHANCE! Abhishek Das with a brilliant ball in but inches out of Kromah's reach as the balls goes out of touch. It was an empty goal.

14:19 (IST)29 DEC 2017

18' Seikh Faiaz tries to curl a cross in but Stalin is in the way.

14:18 (IST)29 DEC 2017

17' Rahim Ali with couple of threatening balls but Naorem could not capitalise.
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