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I-League 2017, Live Score: Shillong Lajong vs Gokulam Kerala FC, Live Match Updates Commentary

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 27, 2017 21:57 IST

Shillong Lajong 1-0 Gokulam Kerala (Deory 77') (Full Time)


21:57 (IST)27 NOV 2017

That's all from the live coverage of the 2nd I-League match that sees Shillong win in their first home. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all live updates from the sporting world. This is Gaurav Kadam for Sportskeeda Football, signing off. See you soon, Good Night!

21:55 (IST)27 NOV 2017

Ful Time:
Shillong Lajong FC 1 - Gokulam Kerala FC 0

The Reds open their account with a well-earned win owing to a composed attacking performance in the first home game. Alen Deory putting the home side late in the 77th minute. The young side dominated proceedings with possession and shots in favor of the Northeast side. Gokulam FC did reasonably well for a side making their debut in the league, but will hope their attack performs better in the future.

21:52 (IST)27 NOV 2017

90+4' - Substitution for Shillong Lajong FC

Alen Deory, the goal-scorer makes his way for S.Kharpan who will see just about a minute of action

21:51 (IST)27 NOV 2017

90+2' - Nongbri has gone down as we approach the end of the game with Shillong earning a freekick in the middle of the park.

21:49 (IST)27 NOV 2017

90' - Four minutes have been displayed by the fourth official as Shillong Lajong lead 1-0 thanks to the Deory goal at 78th minute.

21:46 (IST)27 NOV 2017

86' - Substitution for Gokulam Kerala FC

Sushanth Matthew comes off as youngster Usman Ashik, Kerala lad takes to the pitch.

21:45 (IST)27 NOV 2017

85' - Alen Deory has been adjudged the "Hero of the Match" for his goal giving Shillong Lajong the lead and industrious play throughout the evening.

21:43 (IST)27 NOV 2017

84' - About 10 minutes to go in the match as Shillong aim to hold on to the lead in the final stretch of the game as the coach organizes his defense to deal with the two Gokulam forwards Kamo and Mbele.

21:40 (IST)27 NOV 2017

81' - Shillong again break through along the left wing as Samuela lays it up for Rakesh Pradhan who crosses it in but Shinu deals with it and keeps it away from Deory who was lurking around in the box.

21:37 (IST)27 NOV 2017

77' - GOALL!!! Alan Deory has broken the deadlock as the crowd goes wild in celebration. A free-kick from the right comes in and Deory rises to head it but the effort hits the post and the rebound goes in after hitting the defender.

21:32 (IST)27 NOV 2017

72' - Substitution for Shillong Lajong FC:

K. Khongsit has played his final minute as he makes way for S.Kynshi

21:31 (IST)27 NOV 2017

72' - The resulting free-kick provides a chance for Shillong as the delivery isn't initially dealt well by the away side and the keeper collects to keep the goal intact.

21:31 (IST)27 NOV 2017

71' - Shinu S, the substitute has been booked for a tug on the Shillong captain Samuela on the left wing.

21:28 (IST)27 NOV 2017

67' - Shillong Lajong FC have tried to make inroads along the left wing and put in balls with crosses but the delivery has not been up to the mark; whereas Gokulam have struggled to get passes going along and mostly looking to catch the home side on the counter.

21:20 (IST)27 NOV 2017

60' - The hour mark of play has reached here in Shillong as the score still stands 0-0 with Shillong having looked better since the advent of the second half.

21:19 (IST)27 NOV 2017

59' - Substitution for Gokulam Kerala FC:

Emmanuel Chigozie makes way with his injury concern as Shinu S comes on for the former Aizawl defender.

21:16 (IST)27 NOV 2017

55' - The defender Emmanuel slid in with incredible pace and seems to have hurt himself in the process. The medical staff has stretchered him out of the pitch and he is being attended to currently.

21:15 (IST)27 NOV 2017

55' - A good break from Shillong striker Deory is through on goal but Gokulam defender Chigozie slides in to make a last-ditch tackle but the ref has awarded the free-kick to Shillong. Harsh call.

21:10 (IST)27 NOV 2017

51' - Substitution for Gokulam Kerala FC:

Arif Shaikh makes way for Meitei as George makes the first change for the away side.

21:08 (IST)27 NOV 2017

48' - CHANCE!!! Mbele comes close to scoring after the Lajong keeper was caught in a precarious position. He should have scored this. Gokulam might just rue this missed opportunity.

20:54 (IST)27 NOV 2017

20:50 (IST)27 NOV 2017

Half Time:
Shillong Lajong FC 0 Gokulam Kerala FC 0

An evenly contested half of action comes to an end with both sides going into the break on equal terms. There have been a couple of chances but the coaches will expect the attackers to be more decisive in the final third of the pitch. Stay tuned as we bring you all the live action of the second half action right here at Sportskeeda.

20:46 (IST)27 NOV 2017

45' - The score stands 0-0 at the half-time point as the referee has indicated two minutes of added time.

20:43 (IST)27 NOV 2017

40' - CHANCE!! Tlang gets through on the goal in a 1-v-1 chance but he takes a heavy touch and is unable to finish the chance. Should have buried it!

20:41 (IST)27 NOV 2017

37' - Good play from the away side. A low cross from the free-kick finds Addo in the box who isn't able to control the ball. Chance gone to waste.

20:39 (IST)27 NOV 2017

36' - Khongsit brings down Kamo in a position that brings about a good opportunity for Gokulam Kerala FC.

20:37 (IST)27 NOV 2017

35' - Sushant Matthew is down with a slight niggle as the Kerala skipper looks to be limping, but he has gotten up and will continue to play.

20:33 (IST)27 NOV 2017

31' - The 30 minutes mark has reached in the game as we have seen both sides going on the attack from the start with the action being pretty even with Lajong edging ahead in the possession with 53%.

20:30 (IST)27 NOV 2017

29' - CLOSE!! Deory comes close after receiving the ball in the box with his back to the goal, he turns and unleashes a left-footed effort but it goes wide off target.

20:29 (IST)27 NOV 2017

27' - H.Nongbri is taken down after a rough tackle from Lakra after the Shillong man tried to maneuver his way past the defender and was tackled.

20:25 (IST)27 NOV 2017

23' - Ghanian Addo is booked for a rash tackle as the yellow card makes an appearance for the first time.

20:24 (IST)27 NOV 2017

23' - The Shillong Lajong fans are making their presence felt as the voice of drums and cheers rings around the stadium as the young Lajong side have looked promising so far.

20:21 (IST)27 NOV 2017

18' - CHANCE!!! Gokulam Kerala come close after two successive corners as Lajong defense clears the ball off the line with a header after a great header from the rising Chigozie. Shillong Lajong escape!!

20:18 (IST)27 NOV 2017

15' - Early substitution for Shillong Lajong FC

N. Gurung comes on for Aiman al-Hagri

20:15 (IST)27 NOV 2017

13' - Shillong break on the counter as Samuel leads the charge on the left wing and releases the ball to the middle but the final shot is missed by Deory.

20:12 (IST)27 NOV 2017

9' - Both the teams have looked good on the counter with fast-paced passing moves but haven't been able to attack the opposition goals with the defense for both sides organized well.

20:08 (IST)27 NOV 2017

5' - Chigozie, former Aizawl FC fouls on the left edge of the box as Samuel gets ready to put in a set-piece for Shillong. His effort calls the Gokulam keeper Barnard into action as he palms it away for a corner.

20:06 (IST)27 NOV 2017

4' - Shillong, break on the counter and get a free-kick in a promising position that is taken by skipper Samuel. He curls in the effort but it is wide off the target as the teams re-organize with Gokulam's goal-kick.

20:04 (IST)27 NOV 2017

3' - Gokulam get a free-kick that is put in the Shillong box but Pradhan clears it to safety but Sushant Matthew latches on to it and delivers another cross but the keeper Lachengpa collects it with ease.

20:01 (IST)27 NOV 2017

1' - And we're off....Shillong kicks off proceedings as they play from left to right in red and Gokulam Kerala in green.

19:58 (IST)27 NOV 2017

We are just moments away from the kick-off here in Shillong as the ref readies the teams for the toss to decide who will start the proceedings in the first half.

19:56 (IST)27 NOV 2017

The teams make their way to the center of the pitch as the FIFA Anthem rings around the stadium with the skippers Matthew and Samuel leading their sides out on the pitch.

19:53 (IST)27 NOV 2017

The crowds have gathered in good numbers here on a chilly, cold evening in Meghalaya as we gear for the kick-off in 10 minutes at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Shillong.

19:38 (IST)27 NOV 2017

Key Players:

Shillong Lajong FC - Abdoulaye Koffi, Alan Deory

Gokulam Kerala FC - Sushant Matthew, Kamo Bayi

19:34 (IST)27 NOV 2017

We are just half an hour away from the action in Shillong as the new entrants in the I-League, Gokulam Kerala FC get set for their first match in a tough away fixture.

19:25 (IST)27 NOV 2017


Shillong Lajong FC - Gurung, Kharpan, Kharshong, Nidhinlal, Lalrohlua, Kynshi, Lyngdoh

Gokulam Kerala FC - Ashik, Khan, Meitei, Mirza, Shinu, Singh, Urunov

19:20 (IST)27 NOV 2017

The playing XIs for both the sides are out:

Shillong Lajong FC - Lachenpa (GK), Pradhan, Kynsailang, Odafin, Lalmuanpuia (C), Cliff, Hagri, Tlang, Juho, Deory, Doe

Gokulam Kerala FC - Nikhil (GK), Chigozie, Addo, Lakra, Irshad, Sushant (C), Mbele, Kamo, Khaled, Arif, Rashid

19:13 (IST)27 NOV 2017

19:13 (IST)27 NOV 2017

Welcome to the live coverage of tonight's Hero I-league action from Meghalaya as Shillong Lajong FC host league debutants Gokulam Kerala FC in the Reds' first home game.

18:42 (IST)27 NOV 2017

Shillong Lajong are all set to get their I-League 2017 campaign underway, as they welcome tournament debutants Gokulam Kerala FC to the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, in Shillong, today.
Lajong have been one of the most consistent teams in the I-League over the last few seasons under former manager Thangboi Shingto. However, they have decided to part ways with their manager ahead of this season. In his place, they have installed Bobby Nongbet as the manager for the upcoming season.
Meanwhile, these are new beginnings for Gokulam, who recently re-named themselves as Gokulam Kerala FC. Their inclusion opens another new chapter in the history of the I-League, as we will have a team from Kerala participating in the tournament after a long time. Under th leadership of coach Bino George, Gokulam will be looking to get off to this I-League campaign with a flying start.
Shillong Lajong squad:
: Phurba Tempa Lachenpa, Neithovilie Chalieu, Nidhinlal Moolaka Veedu.
Defenders: Aibankupar Dohling, Kenstar Kharshong, Allen Lyngdoh, Kynsailang Khongsit, Rakesh Pradhan, Novin Gurung, Juho Oh, Laurence Doe
Midfielders: Hardycliff Nongbri, Redeem Tlang, Samuel James Lyngdoh Kynshi, Donboklang Lyngdoh, F. Lalrohlua, Daniel Odafin, Sr. Kagaly Anal
Forwards: Lalrammuana, Shaiborlang Kharpan, Samuel Lalmuanpuia, Alen Deory, Abdoulaye Koffi, Aiman Saleh Al Hagri.

Gokulam Kerala FC squad:
:  Nikhil Bernard, Bilal Khan, Priyant Kumar, Ajmal PA
Defenders: Provat Lakra, Santu Singh, Shinu S, Sanju G, Sushanth Mathew, Daniel Addo, Emmanuel Chigozie, Mohammed Salah, Dibin M D.
Midfielders: Gulom Urunov, Muhammed Rashid, Irshad, Arjun Jayaraj, Mohamed Saukat.
Forwards: Khaled Alsaleh, Usman Ashik, Rohit Mirza, Jimshad, Vicky Meitei, Salman, Shoaib, Lalrameng Mawia, Lelo Mbele Blaise, Kamo Stephane Bayi, Arif Javed. 

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