I League 2021 Live: Gokulam Kerala vs Chennai City Live Score, Commentary & Updates

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FT| (2' Dennis Antwi) Gokulam Kerala 1-2 Chennai City FC (26' Elvedin Skrijelj, 50' Vijan Nagappan)


20:56 (IST)9 JAN 2021

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20:55 (IST)9 JAN 2021

90+6' PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! There goes the whistle and the match has ended 2-1 in favour of Chennai City FC. Gokulam Kerala took the lead through Dennis Antwi early in the game, but Elvedin Skrijelj equalized later by converting his penalty. Vijay Nagappan scored the winner for Chennai City FC with a thunderous strike. 

20:53 (IST)9 JAN 2021

90+5' OFFSIDE! Phillip Adjah fails to time his run and the referee should blow his full-time whistle anytime now. 

20:51 (IST)9 JAN 2021

90+3' Chennai City FC goalkeeper Kabir Taufiq pulls his hamstring and is down in the field receiving treatment. 

20:51 (IST)9 JAN 2021

90+2' MISS! How did Phillip Adjah fail to equalize for Gokulam Kerala from that?

Dennis Antwi drops in the left flank and whips in a high cross. Adjah is left unmarked and meets it. However, his first-time header from a hand-shaking distance ends up wide. 

20:48 (IST)9 JAN 2021

90' Five minutes added on. 

20:47 (IST)9 JAN 2021

88' SHOT! Chennai City FC's Mohammed Iqbal lobs a long ball from the centre and it finds Demir Avdic. The Serbian acts selfish by shooting for goal from a narrow-angle and it trickles wide. He should have laid it off for Rajesh S for whom it would have been a simple tap in. 

20:44 (IST)9 JAN 2021

86' Gokulam Kerala make another change.

OFF- Alex Saji
ON- Emil Benny 

20:41 (IST)9 JAN 2021

83' Pravitto Raju takes a shot, but it takes a deflection off a Gokulam Kerala defender and Chennai City FC win a corner. 

20:39 (IST)9 JAN 2021

81' Gokulam Kerala's Mayakkannan punts a long ball, trying to find Dennis Antwi. However, Chennai City FC goalkeeper reads it and comes out of his line to catch the ball. 

20:38 (IST)9 JAN 2021

80' Gokulam Kerala's Dennis Antwi goes for glory and takes a wild shot. He should have laid it off for Phillip Adjah who was waiting for the pass inside the box. 

20:37 (IST)9 JAN 2021

79' Chennai City FC make another change. The goalscorer comes off.

ON- Pravitto Raju
OFF- Vijay Nagappan

20:34 (IST)9 JAN 2021

77' Chennai City FC makes a change.

ON- Rajesh S
OFF- Jockson Dhas

20:34 (IST)9 JAN 2021

72' Gokulam Kerala has made a triple substitution.

ON - Jithin MS, Salman Kalliyath, Mohammed Rashid
OFF- Lalromawia, Vincy Barretto, Thahir Zaman

20:28 (IST)9 JAN 2021

69' SHOT! Gokulam Kerala defense is caught napping in a corner-kick as Elvedin gets a free header. However, his effort is inches high. Chennai City FC had a glorious opportunity to score the insurance goal and put the game to bed. 

20:25 (IST)9 JAN 2021

66' SHOT! Phillip Adjah receives a threaded through pass and finds himself one-on-one with the Chennai City FC goalkeeper. He goes for the near post, but Kabir Taufiq palms it away. 

20:22 (IST)9 JAN 2021

64' SHOT! Phillip Adjah takes two shots from outside the box, but fails to score a goal for Gokulam Kerala. His first attempt is blocked by Shankar Sampingiraj. The rebound falls to him and the resultant shot from it sails over the crossbar. 

20:17 (IST)9 JAN 2021

59' Shankar Sampingiraj gets a yellow card for a studs-up challenge on Thahir Zaman. The Chennai City FC centre-back has been horrible in his debut so far. 

20:15 (IST)9 JAN 2021

56' CHANCE! Naocha Singh delivers a delightful ball from the left flank but Dennis Antwi fails to connect his shot properly. However, the rebound fell to Vincy Barretto. But, his shot lacks power and ends up safely in the hands of Chennai City FC goalkeeper Kabir Taufiq. Gokulam Kerala had a brilliant chance to equalize. 

20:13 (IST)9 JAN 2021

54' The duo of Vijay Nagappan and Demir Avdic combines to almost score another goal for Chennai City FC. This time it is the former who feeds a pass to the latter. However, the Gokulam Kerala's goalkeeper Ajmal catches the ball as Avdic had taken a heavy touch. 

20:08 (IST)9 JAN 2021

50' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Vijay Nagappan gives Chennai City FC the lead.

He plays a brilliant one-two pass with Demir Avdic and finds himself one-on-one with the Gokulam Kerala goalkeeper. Making up for his miss earlier, he smashes the ball past him. 

20:04 (IST)9 JAN 2021

46' Gokulam Kerala FC have made one change. Their right-back who conceded the penalty is off.

OFF- Sebastian Thangmuansang
ON- Thahir Zaman

20:03 (IST)9 JAN 2021

46' PEEP! We are back underway as Chennai City FC gets us through from right to left of our screen. 

19:49 (IST)9 JAN 2021

45+2' PEEP! PEEP! There is the half-time whistle as the scoreline reads 1-1. Dennis Antwi gave Gokulam Kerala an early lead but it was canceled by Elvedin Skrijelj's penalty later on. 

19:47 (IST)9 JAN 2021

45+1' Gokulam Kerala's Mohammed Awal goes in the book now for a foul on Vijay Nagappan. Both of them went for the ball, and Vijay went down rather cheaply. 

19:46 (IST)9 JAN 2021

45' Two Minutes added on. 

19:46 (IST)9 JAN 2021

44' Dennis Antwi gets a yellow card. He looks surprised. 

19:43 (IST)9 JAN 2021

42' CHANCE! Vincy Barreto lodges a dangerous high cross from the left flank and Dennis Antwi gets at the end of it. He was left unmarked but his effort skies away. Gokulam Kerala almost restored the lead there. 

19:39 (IST)9 JAN 2021

38' Dennis Antwi appeals for a penalty as he gets a push on his chest from Shankar Sampingiraj. However, the referee disappoints the Gokulam Kerala striker. 

19:36 (IST)9 JAN 2021

35' Naocha Singh of Gokulam Kerala FC and Iqbal Hussain of Chennai City FC gets a yellow card each for arguing with each other. 

19:35 (IST)9 JAN 2021

34' The game has been scrappy since the game has resumed. Both Gokulam Kerala and Chennai City FC are conceding possession in the final third. 

19:30 (IST)9 JAN 2021

30' The referee signals for a drinks break. 

19:28 (IST)9 JAN 2021

26' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLL! Chennai City FC's Elvedin Skrijelj takes the spot-kick and buries the ball into the back of the net. The keeper goes one way and the Serbian shoots the ball in the other. 

19:26 (IST)9 JAN 2021

25' PENALTY to Chennai City FC! Sebastian brings down Molerovic inside the box with a challenge from behind. Let's see whether they can equalize. 

19:25 (IST)9 JAN 2021

24' Charles Anandraj lobs a long ball from the midfield, but it ends safely in the hands of Gokulam Kerala FC goalkeeper. 

19:22 (IST)9 JAN 2021

19' MISS! How did Vijay Nagappan miss this one?

Shankar receives a pass inside the penalty box and lays it off for Vijay to take a shot. But, the Tamil Nadu lad balloons his shot from seven yards out. 

19:20 (IST)9 JAN 2021

18' Vincy Barreto goes past Sriram B but clatters into Vladimir Molerovic. The referee stops play for the Chennai City FC center-back to receive treatment. 

19:18 (IST)9 JAN 2021

17' HIGH! Iqbal Hussain goes for glory, but his shot sails inches high. Gokulam Kerala breathes another sigh of relief.

19:17 (IST)9 JAN 2021

16' They win another free-kick as Charles falls just outside the penalty box. 

19:16 (IST)9 JAN 2021

15' Charles Anandraj wins a free-kick from a dangerous position for Chennai City FC. Let's see what they can do from this one.

19:15 (IST)9 JAN 2021

14' SHOT! Vincy Barreto plays a brilliant one-two with Phillip Adjah and the latter has a free run in the left flank. He drills a low cross and finds Adjah. But, the latter's shot trickles out wide. Gokulam Kerala had a golden opportunity to double the lead. 

19:12 (IST)9 JAN 2021

11' Jockson Dhas releases Iqbal Hussain on the right flank. But, the latter's cross is wayward and lets down Chennai City FC. 

19:10 (IST)9 JAN 2021

10' OFFSIDE! Phillip Adjah tries to sneak through from a quickly taken free-kick, but he mistimes his run and the linesman raises his flag. 

19:09 (IST)9 JAN 2021

8' SHOT! Iqbal Hussain tries to curl his free-kick into the goal, but it sails high. Wasted opportunity by Chennai City FC. 

19:08 (IST)9 JAN 2021

7' Naocha Singh brings down Demir Avdic and Chennai City FC win a free-kick from a dangerous situation. 

19:07 (IST)9 JAN 2021

6' Chennai City FC's Elvedin Skrijelj gets a yellow card for a mistimed challenge on Muthu Mayakannan. Nothing going right in the favour of Chennai City FC so far. 

19:03 (IST)9 JAN 2021

2' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Gokulam Kerala takes the lead through Dennis Antwi.

Naocha Singh collects a pass from Lalromawia from the corner and drills a low cross into the penalty box. No one checks Antwi's run and the Ghanian punishes them by slotting the ball home. 

19:01 (IST)9 JAN 2021

1' PEEP! We are underway here at the Kalyani Municipal Stadium. 

18:59 (IST)9 JAN 2021

Both the sides are out on the field. Gokulam Kerala FC are wearing all maroons with golden sleeves. Chennai City FC, on the other hand, are spotting their away grey colors. 

18:48 (IST)9 JAN 2021

Gokulam Kerala vs Chennai City FC preview:

I-League sides Gokulam Kerala and Chennai City FC will lock horns with each other in the third match of the 2020-21 season of I-League at the Kalyani Municipal Stadium.

Gokulam Kerala FC will be led by Vincenzo Alberto Annese, while Satyasagara has been named as the head coach of Chennai City FC. The latter, however, will not be in the dugout as he picked up a suspension last season.

“We should not rush to win the game and should play with patience. We have to be defensively focused and I believe that if you have a strong defence you can score in the 90 minutes," said Gokulam Kerala FC coach Vincenzo Annese ahead of the encounter.

Mohamed Awal has been named as the captain of Gokulam Kerala. Phillip Adjah, Denny Antwi, and Sharif Mukhammad are the other foreign players for the Malabarians.

“Gokulam are a good team and traditionally Chennai City FC and Gokulam FC have played a lot of high-intensity matches. It is going to be a very interesting match. A positive result will give us a lot of boost in morale,” said Chennai City FC coach Satyasagara.

Charles Anandraj will be donning the captain's armband for Chennai City FC. Iqbal Hussain, Elvedin Skrijelj, Demir Avdic, and Vladimir Molerovic are the four foreign players registered by the former I-League champions.

Gokulam Kerala Starting XI: Ajmal PA (GK), Awal Mohammed, Huidrom Naocha Singh, Alex Saji, Sebastian Thangmuansang, Muthu Mayakkannan, Lalromawia, Ngangom Ronald Singh, Dennis Antwi, Vincy Barretto, Philip Adjah

Subs: Ubaid CK, Mohammed Jasim, Emil Benny, Muhammad Rashid, Zodingliana, Salman Kalliyath, Thahir Zaman, Jithin MS, Shibil Muhammed, Deepak Devrani

Chennai City FC Starting XI:
Kabir Toufik (GK), Shankar Sampingiraj, Vladimir Molerovic, Demir Avdic, Charles Anandraj, Vijay Nagappan, Harikrashna AU, Jockson Dhas, Sriram B, Elvedin Skrijelj, Iqbal Hussain

Prateek Kumar Singh, Shaji Antony, Ahmed Shabib, Vijay T, Umasankar M, Pravitto Raju, Ameerudeen Mohaideen, Pradison Mariyadasan, Varun Mathur, Rajesh S

Viewers can watch the match live on 1Sports' Facebook page and 1Sports channel. 
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