I-League 2nd Division 2018, Final round: Ozone FC Bengaluru vs Hindustan FC, Live Match Updates

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Second half underway! Ozone 2-2 Hindustan


15:27 (IST)27 MAY 2018

Thank you for joining us! Hope to see you soon. 

15:27 (IST)27 MAY 2018

This is it! The referee blows the final whistle. Both the teams will be very disappointed with the result. The final score is Ozone 2-2 Hindustan. 

15:24 (IST)27 MAY 2018

The match is in its 98th minute now and still both the teams fighting hard to find a winner. 

15:22 (IST)27 MAY 2018

Ozone trying to mount one last attack. The goalkeeper sends everyone up. However, he takes too much time in kicking the ball and almost makes a horrible blunder. 

15:20 (IST)27 MAY 2018

Four minutes of stoppage time are up. Not much longer to go in the game now. 

15:17 (IST)27 MAY 2018

Hindustan's player is down on the ground. The medical team is immediately rushed in and he is stretchered off. 

15:16 (IST)27 MAY 2018

90 minutes are up! Stoppage time next. 

15:16 (IST)27 MAY 2018

Ozone FC has gone into full attacking mode. However, they have left themselves open to counter-attacks. Hindustan tries to exploit the situation but their striker is caught offside. 

15:15 (IST)27 MAY 2018

Ozone FC have shown some real determination today, coming back from behind twice. However, now is not the time for the team to rest on their laurels as the match heads to the final minute of normal time. 

15:12 (IST)27 MAY 2018

5 minutes plus stoppage time to go in the second half. Can any team find the winning goal?

15:11 (IST)27 MAY 2018

Penalty claims from Ozone after their man is brought down in the box. However, the referee waives off any appeals. 

15:11 (IST)27 MAY 2018

Hindustan tries to break but their man is caught offside. Interesting few minutes coming up. 

15:10 (IST)27 MAY 2018

GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! Ozone have their goal! A stunning freekick finds its way into the back of the net. Ozone have 7 minutes plus added time to save their promotion bid. 

15:09 (IST)27 MAY 2018

Another freekick for Ozone on the edge of the box. 

15:08 (IST)27 MAY 2018

WHAT A CHANCE! The balls fall to Ozone's player, after the goalkeeper made a save, with an empty net to aim at but he couldn't find the target with a diving header. The ball hits the side netting.

15:05 (IST)27 MAY 2018

Ozone starting to pile the pressure on Hindustan FC. It's all or nothing for the Bengaluru side now. 

15:03 (IST)27 MAY 2018

A couple of good crosses into the box yet again by Ozone but the end result is disappointing. 

15:03 (IST)27 MAY 2018

Hindustan doing all they can to restrict Ozone in the midfield. The Bengaluru side still managing to find the space and have played the striker in a couple of times. 

14:59 (IST)27 MAY 2018

A break in play as players refresh themselves. 

14:58 (IST)27 MAY 2018

A real sense of urgency in Ozone's play. Failure to overturn this deficit will end their promotion hopes. 

14:56 (IST)27 MAY 2018

70 minutes gone in the match. Ozone 1-2 Hindustan. 

14:56 (IST)27 MAY 2018

The freekick is taken as the ball deflects from the wall and falls to a Ozone player in a good position. A last ditch tackle saves him from equalizing. Good chance for Ozone. 

14:53 (IST)27 MAY 2018

Ozone FC get a freekick in a good position. 

14:50 (IST)27 MAY 2018

A brilliant long ball over the Ozone's defense puts the Hindustan striker in a good position. However, his touch lets him down as the ball rolls on to the goalkeeper. 

14:48 (IST)27 MAY 2018

Hindustan's players yet again open up the Ozone defense. A ball is played in the box. However, no one is at the end to apply a finishing touch. 

14:46 (IST)27 MAY 2018

An hour gone into the game. Hindustan leading by two goals to one. 

14:45 (IST)27 MAY 2018

The ball fell to the striker in the box and he had an open net to aim at. All of Ozone's hard work has led to nothing as they find themselves trailing in the game for the second time. 

14:44 (IST)27 MAY 2018

GOAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Hindustan FC retakes the lead! 2-1

14:42 (IST)27 MAY 2018

55 minutes gone. The score remains 1-1. 

14:39 (IST)27 MAY 2018

A lot of the game being played in the midfield for now. 

14:38 (IST)27 MAY 2018

This doesn't look good. Hindustan FC lose a player due to injury. He was stretchered out of the game. 

14:37 (IST)27 MAY 2018

There's a stop in play due to a couple of injuries. 

14:35 (IST)27 MAY 2018

A long played from their own half by Hindustan. However, nothing comes of it. 

14:34 (IST)27 MAY 2018

Early corner for HFC. Swung in, the goalkeeper completely misses it but the ball is dealt with. That could've been a costly error. 

14:33 (IST)27 MAY 2018

Second half is underway!

14:22 (IST)27 MAY 2018

Halftime. Ozone 1-1 Hindustan. Two early goals set us up for an eventful half. However, both teams weren't able to capitalize on the rest of their chances. All to play for in the second half. 

14:16 (IST)27 MAY 2018

The fourth official signals three minutes of stoppage time at the end of the first half. 

14:15 (IST)27 MAY 2018

One minute plus additional time to go!

14:15 (IST)27 MAY 2018

It's all Ozone FC now as the half heads into the final few minutes. Ozone will look to capitalize on all this momentum before the end of the first 45 minutes. 

14:10 (IST)27 MAY 2018

40 minutes gone in the match. OFA 1-1 HFC. 

14:09 (IST)27 MAY 2018

Ozone targeting Hindustan FC's fullbacks again-and-again. A real problematic area for HFC. Surely, the manager will make some adjustments. 

14:07 (IST)27 MAY 2018

Both the sides creating plenty of chances. It's just a matter of which team is able to convert them. 

14:07 (IST)27 MAY 2018

35 minutes gone. The score remains 1-1. 

14:06 (IST)27 MAY 2018

Chance for Ozone! Sathyan receives the ball and runs into the box. However, his attempt to cross is very weak and the ball falls to the goalkeeper. 

14:04 (IST)27 MAY 2018

In the other match of I-League 2nd Division, Final Round, Real Kashmir FC will take on TRAU. Kashmir stunned Ozone FC in their last match after coming from behind to win the game 3-2 in the closing minutes. TRAU, on the other hand, was given a reality check by Hindustan FC, as they were beaten by a solitary goal. 

13:58 (IST)27 MAY 2018

25 minutes gone in the match. The score remains 1-1. 

13:56 (IST)27 MAY 2018

THAT WAS CLOSE! Hindustan able to get the ball in the box with acres of space. The striker takes it on his chests and sends a scintillating volley towards the keeper. However, the goalkeeper is quick to get down and makes a save! 

13:54 (IST)27 MAY 2018

It doesn't look serious though. The player is good to go! 

13:52 (IST)27 MAY 2018

Early worry for Hindustan as they have a player down injured. 

13:50 (IST)27 MAY 2018

The game seems to have settled a bit after an exhilarating start. Both the teams careful in their approach at the moment. 
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