I-League 2nd Division 2018, Final round: Real Kashmir FC vs Hindustan FC, Live match updates

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Real Kashmir FC (RKFC) - 3 Hindustan FC (HFC) - 2 FT


19:44 (IST)30 MAY 2018

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19:42 (IST)30 MAY 2018

Hindustan FC fought well in the second half, getting a goal back, but Real Kashmir FC already had two goals to the good by then. On the day, Real Kashmir FC were definitely the better team and deserved the win. The final score stands 3-2, in favour of Real Kashmir. 

19:39 (IST)30 MAY 2018

And that's it ! It's all over. We finish the game, Real Kashmir FC winning the contest with Hindustan FC, with 3 goals to 2. 

19:37 (IST)30 MAY 2018

90+4' All the HFC players are far up the pitch and with the huge spaces that they have left free, RKFC hit them on the counter. The winger darts down the left and with a one-on-one with the keeper, takes the shot which is however wide. Will they stand to rue this missed chance?

19:32 (IST)30 MAY 2018

90' There's just stoppage time left to play, as HFC get a free-kick in the opposition half, but they cannot convert the chance.  

19:29 (IST)30 MAY 2018

85' HFC with another throw-in. It is taken short this time and then the ball is put into the box. They get a shot away, but there are simply too many bodies between ball and goal and it's easily blocked. Credit to RKFC for making sure that the penalty box was completely congested. 

19:26 (IST)30 MAY 2018

HFC have pulled one back. RKFC will be ruing their missed chance now. With ten minutes to go we are st up for a nail-biting finish. It will be interesting to see if RKFC still stick to just sitting back and defending their slender lead, as if they make even one small error, they could very likely be severely punished. 

19:23 (IST)30 MAY 2018

79' HFC take their time in building up a play right outside the RKFC box. They play a lot of passes, but the final one is straight to an RKFC foot and RKFC are on the counter. They dart down the left flank and the ball is put into the box. But the shot is put wide of the post. They could have easily put the game to bed, but they have missed the chance. 

19:18 (IST)30 MAY 2018

75' The big RKFC striker playing a very lonesome game at the moment. He is almost the only RKFC player in the HFC half. His hold-up play is definitely being put to the test. 

19:15 (IST)30 MAY 2018

71' it is really coming down hard on the pitch, as the teams battle on through the rain. The extra moisture on the pitch will definitely play a part now, with the ball more than often just skidding on in front. Sliding challenges will definitely be the order of the day. 

19:12 (IST)30 MAY 2018

RKFC have conjured up another goal, through the substitute Bhutia, doubling their lead and making it a stiff chase now for HFC, to get anything out of the game. 

19:10 (IST)30 MAY 2018

66' It's HFC with a long throw-in deep inside the opposition half. The ball is put into the box and gets cleared, but not very far. It is put straight back in, but the HFC cannot meet it with his foot and a big chance for HFC goes begging.  

19:07 (IST)30 MAY 2018

61' It's HFC with most of the possession and attack in this half. RKFC seem to be content in just dropping back and allowing HFC more time on the ball. This might backfire on them as there is still around a half hour left in the game and HFC with more time on the ball are going on attacking the RKFC defence. 

19:01 (IST)30 MAY 2018

58' HFC are trying a lot of overhead passes, which are landing in front of the RKFC backline, making it easier for them to clear the ball. HFC have to link up more and string together a few quick short passes. 

18:58 (IST)30 MAY 2018

53' RKFC almost doubling their lead. Their player pulls of a Rabona in the middle of the pitch to send the ball through for his winger to chase. The winger does so and shoots, forcing the keeper to make a save.

18:54 (IST)30 MAY 2018

50' Big chance missed by HFC. Their forward, gets the ball just outside the RKFC penalty box. He slides past one and tries to slot it into the right bottom corner. The ball however rolls past the post.

18:52 (IST)30 MAY 2018

47' HFC with a free-kick in the opposition half, but they cannot reap any rewards from it.

18:51 (IST)30 MAY 2018

And we're off with the second half, as the referee blows his whistle.

18:36 (IST)30 MAY 2018

HFC are in no way out of the contest. RKFC were content in just sitting back and wait out the rest of the half, without conceding after they scored the second time. They are quite wary of the threat that the HFC attack possesses. From a neutral point of view, this is shaping up to be a really thrilling second half. Stay tuned. 

18:34 (IST)30 MAY 2018

There's the whistle, signifying the end of a high octane first half, with three goals. Real Kashmir FC lead Hindustan FC by 2 goals to 1. 

18:31 (IST)30 MAY 2018

43' HFC seem to have been stung by the second goal. They cannot find their players with their passes and are continually losing possession.

18:27 (IST)30 MAY 2018

Real Kashmir FC
with a second goal in the first half, through Danish's effort, and now HFC are really under pressure. 

18:22 (IST)30 MAY 2018

Hindustan FC are back on level terms. They get a free-kick in the opposition half. The ball is put straight into the box. The keeper comes to meet it, but cannot deal with it. It falls for the HFC forward, waiting there who can just tap the ball past the keeper. 

18:19 (IST)30 MAY 2018

33' RKFC miss a good chance. The ball is launched over everyone, for the RKFC striker to chase. He has two HFC defenders on his heels. He takes it down well, but then instead of waiting foe the onrushing support, he goes for glory, with a shot that's way wide of the post. 

18:15 (IST)30 MAY 2018

28' HFC having some keeper woes at the moment. He tries to be a little too clever in the face of an onrushing RKFC striker, when the ball is passed back to him and almost gets caught in giving away possession in the box. Fortunately, for him, the ball bounces off the striker's feet and he can collect. 

18:12 (IST)30 MAY 2018

26' HFC still very much with their foot on the gas pedal. They are still working hard and trying to create good chances. They have a penalty claim turned down, as one of their players darts into the box and tumbles over under a challenge. 

18:10 (IST)30 MAY 2018

Real Kashmir have broken the deadlock in the 23rd minute, through a well-crafted goal, scored by Tariq Mir. HFC are playing well at the moment and cannot get bogged down by this. Let's see if they can bounce back. 

18:06 (IST)30 MAY 2018

21' RKFC take a long throw-in, deep inside the opposition half. The ball is cleared, but it is sent back into the danger area. However, this time RKFC have a man offside. 

18:03 (IST)30 MAY 2018

18' The pace of the game is still quite high, with neither team willing to make it easy for the other. HFC conjure up another attack, forcing the RKFC backline to concede a corner. But, RKFC deal with the corner quite easily. 

18:01 (IST)30 MAY 2018

14' HFC with a good spell of possession. They dangerously play the ball around, in the opposition half, trying to break the deadlock. The ball out wide to the winger , however has too much on it and goes out for a goal-kick. 

17:57 (IST)30 MAY 2018

10' RKFC have the ball launched forward, with their striker chasing it. The HFC keeper almost makes a hash of the situation by being to make an early decision to deal with the threat, allowing the opposition striker to almost snatch the ball from him. Fortunately, for him, his defender is nearby and aids him in clearing the ball. 

17:54 (IST)30 MAY 2018

6' HFC getting more on the ball in attacking positions, trying to put more pressure on the RKFC defence. 

17:53 (IST)30 MAY 2018

4' RKFC with a free-kick, in the opposition half. But the ball goes straight to a HFC head and is cleared well. 

17:49 (IST)30 MAY 2018

3' It's very early the game, but both keepers have already been called into action. It's a lot of attacking from both teams.

17:47 (IST)30 MAY 2018

There's the whistle and we are off.

17:32 (IST)30 MAY 2018

Good Evening , and welcome to today's live coverage of the match between Real Kashmir FC(RKFC) and Hindustan FC(HFC). We are poised for the kickoff of an encounter, that looks to be very entertaining.  

15:44 (IST)30 MAY 2018

Welcome to's live coverage of Real Kashmir vs Hindustan. 

15:43 (IST)30 MAY 2018

Real Kashmir FC will take on Hindustan FC in a winner takes all clash at the FSV Arena in Bengaluru today. 
Both Real Kashmir and Hindustan currently stand on 4 points with same goal difference after two matches each. However, Kashmir currently occupies the top spot due to more goals scored. 
One of the teams will be able to make it to the 2018-19 season of I-League today. Both Real Kashmir and Hindustan were drawn in group A of the second division and have been in great form throughout the season. 
Real Kashmir couldn't take advantage of Hindustan slipping up in their second match. The Delhi-based team was pegged back twice in a thrilling 2-2 draw against Ozone FC. Kashmir would later go on to draw their match against Tiddim Road Athletic United by the same scoreline.
With a lot on the line here, both the teams go into the match hoping to win. 

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